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Great views from the top! Nice, quick ascent for a great view payoff!

Beautiful hike! Nice slow start winding through the woods. We kept waiting for it to get steep, and when it finally does and doesn’t stop. Absolutely beautiful views as you ascend. The fire tower was out of commission when we went up in the beginning of April.
Can’t wait to get back up there in the summer time and check out those views on a warm day!

It's not the most exciting hike in the Adirondacks but it's pretty. Living nearby, this a great way to get out and stretch my legs for an hour or two.

You do need to climb up the fire tower a ways though to get a view.

first mile and half was easy, then butt kicking the last part. nice view well worth the effort. butt sliding was great down in no time.

Easy 600 vertical over a mile up to a refurbished fire towel. Easy parking some ice and an inch of fresh snow made an enjoyable couple of hours. Cabin is open and blocks the wind for views of northern NYS

18 days ago

Would rate it easy to moderate. Partially covered in snow and winter runoff, hiked this for the first time yesterday. A bit muddy and slippery on the downhill with leaves and snow. No ice. Wore yak trax which were mostly useless- poles would have been helpful on the way down. Beautiful sunny day- sometimes the trail was hard to follow but it was a lovely short hike.

The views at the top were gorgeous ! First two miles are definitely easy but the last mile is challenging for anyone without experience hiking. Rather steep incline especially after the first false peak. Snow shoes highly recommended. Took us about 3 hours round trip with conditions

Definitely a walk in the woods. Can be done in regular sneakers ! Trail is mostly melted .. beautiful views from the tower ! Took up less than 20 minutes up and down

Easy to follow trail. Need crampons and poles if you don't want o slip.

It was great hiking on snowy trails and very beautiful view along the trail and on the top from which you can see high peak regions and snow lakes.

1 month ago

This trail is relatively short and easy compared to most other ADK towers. It was worth the hike. Check out my full write up along with pictures and things to look out for.

Hiked this today in the snow and it was a good hike. It gets steep at some spots but not too bad, definitely need micro spikes. Due to the snow, there was no visibility at the top but beautiful snow and ice crystals on the trees and fire tower. Definitely recommend.

1 month ago

Did as part of the Tupper Lake Triad today. All 3 little mountains is just under 8 miles. Fun to do all 3 in one day. Very short hike 2.2 miles total. Great views from summit. There is a fire tower but if you do not like them you do not need to climb it to have good views. Look for the little benches to see great views.

1 month ago

The last of three for the day. Great climb. need spikes. There is a fire tower on top.

1 month ago

I did Rattlesnake just before Poke-O. It ended up being tougher than my previous hikes here. I had to navigate up a huge wall of ice in my microspikes. I hit the Summit right at sunset. I headlamped it out and bushwhacked around the ice wall on my way down (no problem). A nice day of elevation gain.

This is a nice quick local hike that’s nice and easygoing. This was a great winter hike that I enjoyed. There were a lot of animal tracks that we saw while hiking.

Trail is in pretty great condition but spikes are a must ! With the warm temperatures there were some very slippery spots !

2 months ago

Easy walk, as prior reviewers said. If you are doing the fire tower challenge, it is the easiest trip. Nice view of the High Peaks to the west and a bit of Lake Champlain to the east

Easy walk, it wasn’t too icy today. Beautiful view from the tower.

A very busy trail, but worth the crowds!! A steep climb here and there which makes it a fun challenge. Climb the fire tower and enjoy the wild flowers at the summit.

3 months ago

Great little trail to start off snowshoeing in the ADK mountains. Had to break the trail today starting halfway up due to the recent snowfall. Pretty good traction though with the fresh snow. Very little ice to deal with. Sunny today so there was a great view at the top!

Locals were very friendly. Well marked trail. Beautiful with snow. Great adventure crossing all the frozen creeks and the two lean to’s were durable and helped keep out the wind. Outhouses were there too!

We had a nice hike where we had to break the trail out right from the road to the summit. The summit was socked in but it was a nice snowshoe hike.

Great Day in the woods. Saw a few other hikers. However I Left my snowshoes in my vehicle and I should have taken them. Would have made the trip much easier. I did use poles and Yak Traks(ya ya I know they are crap but they do the trick on a budget and not in a High Peak!) which were great and got the job done. This is easy but should be more low moderate with the added winter conditions.

Note: Don’t go unprepared as that is not safe even on this trail and if you’re venturing unprepared at the very least sign in at the trailhead.

Happy Hiking!

A nice hike to start firetower challenge, not hard but a continue climb to top, view from tower only
Trail was just reopened from hunting season and has lots on leaves covering trail need to pay attention to markers

4 months ago

Great little walk or short run along a dirt road. However Very rewarding views from the Fire Tower Cab for the short distance. Stopped here after Poke-O-Moonshine and was not disappointed.

4 months ago

The New Trail offers several great views to keep you motivated to press on. The work they did to the trail is really amazing. I never went up the old trail but several locals enjoying the Tower truly agree the trail they placed now is great. Keep a note round trip does change to 3.6 miles. Also Someone has however removed the sticks that were placed to keep you from taking the old trial. So when you come to the Y with red trail placards going two opposite directions note that the one that is brighter and newer is the one to follow. When you come up to this section don’t take the trail to that cuts off to your right keep moving straight ahead. You will soon step across a stream and even though it seems to be taking you in the opposite direction of the Fire Tower it will wrap around and be well worth it. Great rewarding Views from the Summit with no need to climb the tower.

Cute hike in the snow. Short n sweet with great view. Did as part of triad on Thanksgiving

4 months ago

Great Thanksgiving hike with my daughter and husband. Really lovely views from the fire tower. Wonderful way to spend a morning. ~ 1 hour round trip + 30 enjoying the views. A little ice and some wet spots, but mostly packed snow.

Very well kept trail. Had a lot of fun out there on Thanksgiving day. Saw many others as well. I brought nothing but wished I had brought the spikes. Bring spikes, winter is here for sure.

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