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5 hours ago

This is an wonderful trail with just the right amount of challenge and truly breathtaking views. My dog and I had a blast. It just became my favorite hike!

Beautiful at the top- so worth the effort. We hiked with our schnoodle (who I think is part mountain goat) and my 70yr old mother in law. Took us a little longer than expected so we skipped Porter. It was very rocky so where good shoes or hiking boots.

Hiked up in the dark watched the sunrise . Deer flies were horrible . Other then that a nice hike with good views for the amount of effort you put in

I hiked the full loop in 7/19/18. Really beautiful trail with great views all along the way. It’s long and you definitely need some stamina to get through the whole loop but there were only a few real spots where the incline was dauntingly steep. Definitely bring twice as much water as you might think you need. I’d say I’m a moderate level hiker and I had 3 liters and really wish I’d had more than that. I started with the range and ended with the trail along the beach. Definitely going to be sore tomorrow!! Also, four miles in I did encounter one of the timber rattlesnakes on the trail. It rattled and spooked me but then was on its merry way. Definitely be careful and be on the lookout. First Peak had the best views in my opinion, and once you get to Montcalm Point you’ve done your descent and just walk a trail along the beach all the way back to the start. It’s very beautiful but it feels like a long way. Took me around 6 hours but after the rattlesnake encounter I spent the next three miles a little freaked out and going way slower than I normally would.

Pharaoh was challenging but so fun! Great views from beginning to end. When we went it was nice & dry but it would be a lot trickier when wet - it gets marshy at the bottom and the rocks at the top get slippery.

Hiked them both on 7/11/18. Beautiful day. Was busy but a Wednesday so not as bad as the weekend stories. I did Porter first and spent more time on the top of Cascade (more impressive with 360 views). took me 5.5 hrs with a 20 min stop on Porter and 30 on Cascade. Good hike for the dog too!

Really good workout, and awesome mix of terrain. Few stops on the way- but very scenic from this approach. Top was strep but worth it

The views from Giant are amazing. It is the 12th highest peak in the range. Some of the best views in the Dacks!

Beautiful hike. My wife and kids (ages 9,8,8 and 6 years old) enjoyed the hike to Cascade and Porter. We were hoping to hike Porter first but couldn’t find the trailhead, so we started with Cascade, which is hard to miss with full parking lots on the side of the road. Porter was underwhelming compared to Cascade, which had breathtaking views. The trail to Porter from Cascade was also not well marked aside from a sign indicating the start of the trail. If you’re looking to complete the ADK 46 high peaks then I’d recommend the 30 minute hike to Porter mountain, otherwise it might not be worth it. The hike itself was moderately challenging, but every step was worth the view!

We drove up from CNY early in the morning and arrived around 11. The trail was quieter than I expected (which was nice). Definitely do Porter before Cascade.

I've never climbed a mountain in my life, and it took me about 4 hours round trip, starting at 7:30 today (Saturday). I stopped a lot and took lots of breaks on the way up but the way down was a breeze in comparison. didn't go to porter because the weather was getting horrible, extremely windy and rainy and potential thunderstorms in the forecast. the views on Cascade were well worth the climb, and even the views from the false peak were absolutely amazing. I'm terrified of heights and the trail and rock scramble up to the summit did not bother me at all. 10/10 would recommend. I saw lots of people starting later who didn't have proper shoes, water, or bug spray, so please please please bring water and bug spray and at least wear tennis shoes! also the summit is insanely windy and cold so bring a jacket. I'm going to be very sore in the morning but again, the views were totally worth it.

Get an early start! We started right around 7 on a Thursday and we're lucky enough to have Porter all to ourselves and have only one other group with us on the summit of cascade. By the time we were coming down however the trail was packed! It felt like we had to stop every 30 feet for someone to climb past us. Views from cascade were impressive but I don't feel Porter gets its due credit. Great view of a bunch of other high peaks and a more desolate feel than cascades.

Demanding hike but offer great view.

These were our two first peaks of the Adirondacks. This was an easy/moderate hike IMO, not very strenuous except on maybe 3 occasions. I was with an inexperienced hiker and roundtrip took us 5h30, including 1 hour for breaks. I highly recommend starting off with Porter and finishing off with Cascade! Views on top of Cascade are incredible! The route to Porter was really fun, even though the view at the summit is not as spectacular as Cascade.

Great hike with the family. Wife and 10 year old son. Bring plenty of water as there is next to none to filter along the way. We found the trail very steep and unforgiving on the legs on the way down. Pretty much climb 3,000 feet in 3 miles. True Adirondack High Peaks fashion. I made the side trail to RPR in under 2 hours and was able to catch up with the family before they made it back to the car. Sore Legs for us afterwards.

Hiked this with my niece, her husband, and their two kids, aged 8 and 7 years old. The trail is short, but steadily steep to the summit of Meade Mountain. Maybe too steep for younger children and/or those not in decent physical shape. There are three viewpoints, each with approximately a 180-degree field of view. Meade affords views to the northwest to include Hadley, Crane, and Gore mountains. The main Beckman viewpoint looks towards Loon Lake, and the secondary Beckman viewpoint looks towards the northeast and features views of Schroon Lake and Pharaoh Mountain. As of this date, there is a resident grouse on the summit of Meade Mountain. S/he is not shy and will follow you as you walk around the summit area. This hike is part of the Chester Challenge: https://www.townofchesterny.org/chester-challenge.html

Cascade is an awesome hike. Porter was not worth it to me...it's very buggy and swampy and the view from the summit is much more impressive from Cascade. However, you can see the Cascade peak from the Porter peak which is kind of cool. It took us 6 hours to do both, but we stopped for many breaks and lunch.

Definitely worth doing if you're looking to ease into the High Peaks as it's a pretty easy hike considering the terrain. It happens to be a top choice with a lot of people with little to no hiking experience; it's great that so many people get outside and I don't mind busy trails, but it means a lot of people who are either inconsiderate or ignorant of hiking etiquette. Very few people heading down observed the "rule" to yield to people ascending and would often barge right through the trail while descending without acknowledgement of any sort. Also lots of very slow ascenders would not move out of the way for faster hikers, creating bottlenecks that were pretty unpleasant (honestly, if you're hiking with a five-year-old, you're not going to be faster than a fit twenty-something, so why not let this person pass?). These were minor aggravations that didn't detract significantly from the experience, but they were quite annoying at times. The view from the top is spectacular.

13 days ago

This hike is a big one but offers so much. I completed this today in 10 hours on the dot with 5-10 minutes on each peak and 20 on Dix. We started up Macomb (I recommend this way because traveling up Dix via the beckhorn trail is insanely steep and unforgiving and going down the macomb slide seems super dangerous due to the steep slide and loose rock/dirt). After walking in via the hunters pass trail (45 mins from trailhead), the slide brook trail starts by going through a campsite (which was awkward so we just quickly walked through the site to the cairn and trail). The slide is not to be taken lightly, definitely easier going up the side, it’s a real gasser. Got to the top of Macomb (wooden summit sign) in exactly 2 hours from sign-in. 30 minutes over to South Dix (summit- “ X- S Dix” carved in a tree). Another 30 over to East Dix (no summit sign, big high Boulder is summit). Then back to South Dix up to Hough which was a little longer and more challenging (summit- yellow trailmarker “hough”). From hough to Dix (summit cap in rock) was the most challenging as far as going peak to peak (I felt getting up the slide and to macomb was the bulk of the hard work for the day...until the Dix descent). Dix summit is one of the best in the Adirondacks. After Dix we went down the beckhorn trail which is one of the steepest trails I’ve ever descended. It’s comically steep. Once getting to the bottom we hit the 4.3 mile hunters pass trail back to the trailhead. The ascent up macomb and the descent were the hardest part of this hike. But each peak has an awesome view and great spots to hang out and it’s fun going to peak to peak here because you often have a view throughout the hike. An excellent hike if you’re looking for a long day, just be prepared!

Did Cascade today with wife and Eric (a neighbor), and two dogs. 500+ people on the trail today and 21 dogs. Nothing bad to say, unless you don't like it busy. Views were spectacular. Some muddy spots. Hike was relatively easy. We were counseled to not bother with Porter. Views not as good and pretty muddy. So we took that advice and the day turned out great!

We were a two-family group with kids ages 5, 6, and 7 (and a 1 year old in tow) and we all loved this hike. We took it only to the first brother, about 1.5 miles, and the view from there was fantastic. It was moderately difficult, especially with kids - some short sections of steel scramble - but definitely doable. All around great little hike!

A lot of rock scrambling but great views! The top was really windy!

My favorite hike (so far) in the Adirondacks, period. Round trip it took about 3.5 hours with 30 minutes up top. This new trail is insanely well marked and includes lots of different terrains from woods, rocks, marshes, meadows, and a bald summit with 360° views and a fire tower. I can’t say enough good things about this hike as you’re getting a great hike, views, trail, and it only takes a few hours. One of the best bangs for your buck

A super popular hike for good reason. A moderate hike and getting two peaks in a short day is always fun. There’s roughly 3 climbs on the hike with flatter sections breaking it up. Cascade has an amazing summit. Once at the trail split I recommend going over to Porter first then come back and enjoy and hang out on cascade. Porter summit has great views and cascade has different but great views and is much bigger. Fun hike

Hiked this July 4th hot and humid 2 pm start. passed 2 people coming back had entire summit to myself and wow what a summit I encourage any hiker to do this 1

Great views for a moderate hike!

Hiked big slide via brothers but did NOT make it up to big slide. This trail says it is dog friendly but unfortunately, we went during a heat advisory and my one dog who is 6 months could not complete the full trail. He did great other wise, we got to all three brothers. Great views even with out going to peak ! I will be back to complete! Maybe when my dog is a little older next time.

The views from Cascade Mountain are breathtaking! This hike is challenging but certainly doable! Coming big down the mountain was difficult. There are a lot of rocks to step down from and it’s not easy on your knees.

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