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Enjoyed this winter hike, fresh snow and great views. It was a bout a 4 hour up and back. Rock was icy at the top, spikes would have been helpful. Completed on nov 11th

Awesome winter hike

My honey and I hiked this trail and enjoyed it. Very well maintained trail with a few fun rock scrambles. We will definitely hike it again in spring.

Hiked this in the misting rain about two weeks ago. My sister’s pastor recommended. A bit muddy and foggy on the way up but great scenery in spite of the fog. Made it up to the Adirondacks to catch peak leaf changes. Sat in the very humbling clouds one we reached the top. Very kind hikers along the way. Challenge, but worth it for any view.

29 days ago

This has to be one of the best hikes in the Adirondacks. It has it all, good trails, great views, some tricky rock scrambles and a great ridge line hike. When we started the day, we thought we were only going to get rained on, however at around 3000 feet we got snowed on. The weather cleared, then snowed again some more. The trail is well worn and easy to follow, there are also cairns as well. The hike was listed as 6.9 miles, our gpsr had us at 8.4 miles to Jay and back, so for what it's worth if it feels longer, it might just be. Again though, a great hike, way better than many of the 46ers I've done.

what A great little challenge lots of rock scrambling ,the was socked in with clouds we waited a bit and it cleared reward us with a beautiful view.

So. Much. Mud! Highly recommend bringing your gaiters. Also bring your microspikes. Half way up the Tabletop trail is already very icy! (Hiked on October 14th) Made for difficulty navigating on the ascent and descent as I didn’t even think to pack my microspikes and it tacked on a lot of time to the hike. But it was still so much fun which is how I would describe this hike-fun! It is a wooded summit but still beautiful views. If you can tackle Phelps the same day I would recommend that as well. Very very busy parking lot at the Loj so be sure to get there early to secure spot. Lots of camping areas at Marcy Dam as well. Would definitely do this hike again. I would rate this trail as moderate if just doing Tabletop. (GPS mapped trail as 11.1 miles)

Great 360 views all around!

Love this trail, definitely difficult though!

The first 2/3 were a fun hike with the last bit steep and challenging but worth the view for sure.

This was my first experience in the Adirondacs and I absolutely loved it! The trail is very nice and requires some skill when closer to the top. The view at the top is spectacular. It does get muddy when it rains. Our ascent was dry but it started raining as we begun our hike back.

Our scout Troop 60 from Victor, NY hiked with Billy & Judy (and Milo) along a muddy and difficult McKenzie trail. Wish the weather had cooperated so we could have enjoyed the view, but had a great hike regardless. Boys did Baker Saturday and McKenzie and Haystack thru herd trail on Sunday. Looking forward to completing the other three and getting a patch.

This old guy made it to the top and what a veiw! Just push through it,had my son with me that was inspiration!

1 month ago

Fairly easy and straightforward hike. We had two beginners and two advanced hikers, and they all enjoyed this hike. The views from the viewpoint are simply incredible especially during fall when the trees have changed colours.

What an amazing hike! Definitely challenging but absolutely well worth it! The 360 views are spectacular at the top! Do not underestimate it! You will definitely get a great workout! It took me a hour and a half to get to the top and a little over an hour to get back to the bottom and that's movin!

I love this kind of hiking. It took us 1 hour to get tho the turn off for McKenzie. It took us 2 hours to summit from there. You definitely have to pay attention to your footing and it is an uphill workout. The last hour is rock scrambling and climbing. I would absolutely do this hike again to see the views at the top as this was a cloudy day. It took 2 hours to get back to the split. From there we turned R and went to the Haystack herd trail which was .4 miles up on the L. Haystack was a quick easy hike after McKenzie and we were back to our car in 7 hours total time with 2 of the sixers completed. The trail was very wet after a night of rain. I really believe we could have done it faster in better conditions. It is definitely challenging but not as dangerous as other reviews would lead you to believe. I was nervous because of the reviews and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this hike even with no views and our dog summited too.

The trail is only for advanced hikers because of the steepness and lack of maintenance of this trail. You will need sticks and prepare to be on all fours occasionally. Hugging trees and grabbing roots is necessary on the steep spots. We hiked after a rain and the trail was also slippery. The view at the top is worth the effort for a view of fall colors. There is much erosion of the trail and a very few places have only a very narrow remaining trail. Hug the mountain or a tree in that situation.

Completed today very wet and very windy at the summit.

I absolutely love this trail! I find it a bit of a challenge but the incredible views from the summit more than make up for it. I’ve hiked it multiple times and always find something new, like the small field of pink lady’s slipper I saw last time. I tend to make the hike in early summer because there’s pools of water on the summit that add a lot to photos. Definitely bring your camera.

I’ve hiked Haystack three times, one of which was a winter snowshoe using the Jack Rabbit trail - my favorite way to come in. I don’t know the mileage but it seems a much shorter trail. Fall is also great, summer my least favorite due to bugs and wet areas. The last push to the summit, a steep but short run, coming from NYS 86 in Ray Brook was a surprise considering the trail is overall pretty easy. A great hike!

We are by far not experts at hiking, but decided to give this one a go today because we were feeling adventurous and Saranac was near peak for leaves. For those who are in the same place as we are as moderate hikers looking for a challenge, I’d suggest a few things:

1. Be prepared, bring water, snacks, hiking poles, warmer clothes for the summit and wear appropriate footware, this hike has a lot of rocks and steep sections that you will regret wearing sneakers.

2. Start your ascent with enough time to enjoy the summit and enough time to come back down. We hiked this starting at 1145 am, and by the time we got back down it was 445pm, and it was starting to get dark in the wooded sections. I can’t imagine traversing the steep sections with little eyesight.

First 1/3 section was by far “easy” beautiful walk through the woods, gentle gradient and a few cool features including some bridges and downed trees.

The next portion, the gradient increases and once you start at the “stone staircase” the gradient is steady and moderate. After a long portion of climbing you will reach the “bouldering” section. There are a few options here, 1.) ascend as you see fit, 2.) stick to the trees/roots to the left side, along with the mud and water, 3.) cross the large rock and “boulder” up the far right side.

We ascended doing #3, descended doing #2. From this portion there are some very physical sections mixed with ascent and wet/mud.

The view at the top was phenomenal, 360 degrees of view and it was very breezy and cold for us. We packed coats and were thankful we did.

The decent was long and the first portion with the bouldering was difficult. Hard to find places to step going down feet first. We took our time and after this portion, we seemed to be able to go down easily.

All in all, no matter what level you are you can complete this mountain. Just a question of how long it will take and how much help you will need.

1 month ago

Wonderful views, no crowds. The push to the top of the first summit feels lengthy for the last .5 mile. I did not get to experience the ridge line but I imagine the hike should be longer than ~7 miles. Out and back from parking lot to first summit was 5.2 miles via my garmin so if you plan to do both summits anticipate it being longer than you might think. I would absolutely do this one again!

Awesome walk through the woods :) so many mushrooms! The views from the bald summit are well worth this small trip, got out around 10am and had plenty of time to hang out on top.

The peak is mostly wooded but offers an amazing view of Mt Marcy. The Tabletop Trail was very challenging and we made slow go of it. It was very narrow, wet, and extremely muddy. There are wonderful views of the Macintyre Range and Mt Colden on the way up.

nice trail, great summit but tough to follow after dark, we did haystack first then to McKenzie via the herd path...if I knew then what I know now we would have used the jack rabbit trail heard path to summit instead of the rt86 trail head, would have saved several hours

our second summit of the day after Haystack, trail is in horrible shape, very wet and barely marked- definitely not a trail to do in the dark or if you're out of shape


1 month ago

Beautiful hike!

belle ascension 1h45 avec escaliers en pierre naturel a plusieurs endroit un peut plus difficile vers la fin et un retour agréable sur les 2 derniers kilometre qui sont plus plat!

Easy to start off. Then goes into a rocky, consistent incline with several rock scrambles. About 3/4 of the way up you come to a steep, narrow cut out in the rocks, just big enough for one person to fit straight up. After that is another steep climb up rocks. To the left is a smooth rock and to the right is a space so narrow I had to take my pack pack off and go up sideways. If you are terrified of heights like myself I do not recommend this. I had to turn back because it was a straight drop to my right. There is a nice false summit a little before this part with beautiful views and plenty of places to sit and eat.

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