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3 days ago

I climbed this trail with my bro, both equipped with snowshoes! In winter, this trail is beautiful! We took some amazing pictures! The view from the fire tower is phenomenal! It was really cold and windy up there, but it is so worth it!

Great view from the tower and a nice little cabin at the top to read up on its history! Just a few days after the storm (3-11-18 hiked) so snowshoes were a must. First time snowshoeing and I’m glad it was done on Goodnow! A couple little icy streams along the way. There was another cabin of sorts about 3/4 of the way at the top but it appeared to have mostly collapsed under the weight of recently accumulated snow.

I LOVE this mountain. Absolutely wonderful Winter hike. I used microspikes but probably didn't need them. 45 degree day which was awesome. However, it was super windy & cold at the Summit. That was fine. This was my third Summit in under 24 hours (Rattlesnake & Poke-O before it). Amazing way to wrap up things up!

Great hike!!! Easy, but fairly long trail. views on top r stunning!!!

Nice hike during winter, didn’t need snowshoes or spikes. Although on our way down, it was slippery. There was few spots with ice, be careful. Great view and it’s not a long hike, took us about 3 hours.

1 month ago

Have hiked this trail at least 20 times starting as a youngster. It never disappoints and views from the fire tower will are amazing!! If it’s a windy day, the tower does shake. Climb anyway!!!

This was a great first snowshoe hike. Took exactly 4 hours. Stunning views.

3 months ago

fantastic views.

3 months ago

Hiked with family (3 kids aged 14,12 & 9). 2:45 round trip. Great views up top. Good bang for buck.

Beautiful hike today up Goodnow! Great views from the tower, with hardly any ice on the trail (I was fine without micro spikes, just wore my trail runners). What a great day to get outside.

Awesome trail with awesome views...was alittle icy but nothing you couldn't get through. I'd say this trail is a strong moderate.

nice easier hike, beautiful area, i would go again .

4 months ago

Great view from the tower!

4 months ago

Great hike with beautiful views from the top. The bottom 2/3 has a gentile grade. The top gets quite steep. It was quite muddy, but all in all, a really nice hike and for someone who is in good shape but doesn’t do that much hiking, a very manageable and enjoyable trail.

4 months ago

One of my all time favorite hikes! Beautiful scenery on the way up and the views from the fire tower are amazing. I agree with the moderate ranking but well worth the hike.

So our group did all 3 peaks. blueberry Porter and Cascade. we started from the air field parking lot. let me tell you getting to blueberry summit was no joke!!! this was relatively challenging, even for 20 something year olds.very steep in a short distance. after blueberry getting to Porter wasn't too bad. and Cascade is easy. ended up being a pretty long hike 10am-5pm ish. amazing veiws tho and would definitely do it again! also nice cause there were very few people.


Gorgeous views

we went yesterday. ..quite muddy in spots towards the top...I was worried about coming down but it was better than I expected. ...we are not experienced hikers...but a great challenge. ..over cast at the top....very windy, but beautiful. ..definitely going again next year

We went for sunset and sunrise in mid October.. Took 2 hrs round trip. The view is beautiful , totally worth it. Mind you it is muddy so bring water-resistant hiking boots. Bring extra clothing for the top of tower as well since it is very windy .

Great hike with beautiful views! Pay attention to trail markers because it can be easy to get off trail if you aren't paying attention. Recommend this hike!

Just gorgeous and very well maintained trail.

5 months ago

very very steep climb, but short and quick. The little caves and rocks at the top are cool and the views are breath taking ! Worth the climb , took about 35 min to get up the Mtn and lightly jogged it down in 20min. My dog enjoyed this hike as well, def wear good shoes as it is slippery.

Great hike. Lousy weather but the view is suppose to awesome.

A great hike. Secluded. Remote feeling. Fairly typical hike, the closer you are to the summit, the steeper the trail gets. 4 hours round trip with half an hour on the summit.

Awesome hike , fantastic views was 2.0 miles to tower

A 4 mile round trip this hike is considered moderate. We thought it was a bit over moderate. Lots of rocky uphills and mud. The view was amazing!

5 months ago

Difficulty is rated about right. A gradual but continual incline up the mountain with quite a bit of steepness. It is a great workout on the calves (at least for me) and it was enjoyable to look back and see partial views from the clearings as my DH and I made our way up! Pleasant views are the reward for this hike...not to mention the climbing options my DH liked exploring. Took us 45 minutes to hike up and 40 to hike down. It is unlike any other summit I've ever hiked but only rating it a two because this type of summit just isn't my favorite. A few things worth mentioning: you will need $2 to park, BYOTP (toilet paper) for the port-a-potties by the trailhead, and don't forget your flashlight if you plan to explore. :-)

I love this hike, it's short but you get a workout in! The top is beautiful, the chimney's are formidable and fun to explore.

St Regis - 6th and final mountain - Day 3 of the Saranac Lake 6er Challenge - I'm glad I saved this one for last. Very enjoyable and fairly easy trek to the summit. Trail head to summit 1 hr 30 minutes - moderate pace. Trail is well marked, rolling hills, forest and lush canopy and one steep section as you approach the top, but nothing like the boulder staircase at Apersand Mtn. Nice views at the top especially from the restored fire tower. Thank you Friends of the St Regis Fire Tower for all your labor and time to restore the fire tower for others to enjoy - www.friendsofstregis.org/ - Yahoo!!!!! 6 mountains in 3 days and the Saranac Lake 6ers Challenge is complete -time to head back into town to ring the bell at Berkeley Green, drop off my paperwork and money to the Village Clerk's office to have mailed to me my certificate and registration number, patch and sticker - www.saranaclake6er.com Thank you Saranac Lake for being such a nice host city during my 3 day stay.

The trail was great, a little thin at some point where we had to walk ourselves and our dogs in a line. A touch muddy at some point but mostly solid with tracks around the mud pits. The view from the top is amazing and well worth the quick hike!

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