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NEED microspikes to scramble too top but worth it for 360 mountain views. Also, Garmin pedometer clocked at 5.5 miles.

6 days ago

Hiked 3/12/2018. Spikes were not needed, but would have been nice leading up to and during the scramble. The dog and I made it up fine.

Perfect day hike. Good distance with some nice elevation gain. Had to go back down to grab the crampons we forgot but it’s doable with out them and some hiking boots. Great view of Coors and even saw about 10 deer. Parking lot was full and plenty of people on the trail but it was still enjoyable.

Pretty easy, but great view!

This trail used to be much more pleasant but it has become over-travelled. The mountainside is being destroyed by people creating their own trails going straight down the fall line at every possible switchback on the hill. It’s eroding quickly, plants are being trampled, and nobody seems to care for it.

Nice, quick workout close to Denver! I agree with the review before me...The trail is mostly dirt, but the sections where there is ice it's super slippery!! I had to put my Yaktrax on because I could barely get traction without them. I also went super early in the morning so the icy sections might be softer later in the day. Happy hiking!

if you're afraid of slipping down a steep hill perhaps this isn't the one for you till all the snow melts :)

It’s a beautiful hike but quite treacherous if there is snow and ice on the trail. We saw a ton of people not wearing proper footwear that I hoped wouldn’t fall off the mountain. Definitely want to go back in summer when there is no ice.

11 days ago

I loved this hike! One of my new favorites that isn’t far from town. We went early before everyone arrived and it was so peaceful and beautiful. Highly recommend this loop!

Great hike with beautiful panoramic views of Golden. Tricky to follow the trail last weekend (3/4) due to snow coverage. The entire trail you will be on and off of ice, so bring crampons! They are easy enough to stick in your bag and you will be happy to have them. Saw lots of people falling without, and was so grateful to be able to grip into the ice as needed.

This is a short loop with little elevation change. Great for taking dogs or kids, or those new to hiking. There is plenty of parking and decent restrooms. Watch out for ice during the winter season. There are several drainage areas that stay icy for long periods of time. If this hike is moderate, it is barely so.

It was really great hike. Short and kind of easy

Trail was icy, muddy, and borderline not enjoyable to many. this trail is amazing normally but good god people leave the locals alone and hike elsewhere. parking was near impossible 2pm on Saturday.

Love this trail! Today’s conditions were perfect. Clear blue skies the whole hike. Some areas were super muddy. Crampons were definitely favorable in other spots along the way!!! Most of the hike was dry though. Fun times with my sissy!!

Would be a great hike without the snowy patches! It was way too slick without any kind of grip on my hiking boot- at several slick points I had to slide down on my heels. And it was way too crowded for my liking (maybe better during the week)- otherwise an enjoyable trail!

Still my favorite front range trail! Went out at 10 am on 2.25, could not believe the parking lot was full in February. The expansive switchbacks make you feel way further from Denver than you are. Affords great views eastbound & westbound. Some sections snowpacked & icy, others rocky & muddy. Microspikes were perfect for a quick pace, although I saw many with just hiking boots who were doing fine!

I'd classify the hike as "Easy" rather than moderate. Not much of a challenge, not super captivating views, not many options to extend the hike to make it more fun. Still a fun way to stretch the legs though! Got by easily without spikes today, though I saw people with them!

went up on 2/24 wind turn us away from the summit due to snow covering the trail. good climb around the mountain

Easy hiking once on top of the Mesa. Definitely go to Golden Summit trail/stairs. Wonderful views from this point!

Nice, moderate hike. Definitely bring microspikes or yak tracks, most of the trail is icy.

Loved this trail! Steep at times for a challenge, but quick enough for a half day trip. Views at the top of short scramble were incredible. Off the beaten path and super quiet (not much parking at the trailhead, plan accordingly). Snowpack was melting so it made the trip out a little slippery, but doable in just boots.

1 month ago

Fantastic trail with incredible views all the way to the top. Covered in snow on 2/4, but was fine in boots, didn't even use spikes. My 10 year old daughter made it to the summit, so can you. Worth it.

1 month ago

Great views for such a short hike. A couple inches of snow made trail finding tricky at times but didn’t need spikes. Incredibly windy at the top.

Unfortunately the trail is washed out post-snow melt. I’m sure lovely when it’s warmer but we couldn’t get very far with ankle deep mud & two pups.

Dog friendly, not actually in the national park. Have to walk down 7 to get to the trailhead. Parking at Lily Lake. Lily Lake not dog friendly as it is in national park.

Great views!

Nice spot. A little crowded and pretty icey. Recommend yak traks for the middle of January.

It’s minutes from my house and a good workout.

Gorgeous views and well paved trails! Would say it’s more on the easy side of moderate.

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