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Great trail, started at the beehive, took the bowl to Gorham Mtn trail ended on beach trail back to beehive trailhead. 3.6 mi loop. Very few hikers this time of year. Was perfect day to hike.

A very enjoyable walk. There is a bit of climbing, but most climbing sections have stairs, many stairs. The day we went was quite foggy and damp but the forest was dense with lots of moss and beautiful. The tide was in so there was no beach just big rocks. We did see a seal frolicking about.

28 days ago

I’d definitely do it again! The fire-tower at the summit is unexpected but provides good views.

Great views!

This was a great hike. We took the loop counter clockwise and got all the difficult section of the trail out of the way first. The last part of the trail is very flat and easy and includes thunder hole (which you want to visit 2 hours before high tide). I am glad we had the flat section last at dusk. For my novice experience as a hiker, I would not want to be on the mountain part after dark. Beautiful views of the ocean and fall leaves.

1 month ago

Great view for a moderate and short ascent. Nice ending near the beach. Loop style. High reward to effort ratio.

accidentally decended and had to go back up. beautiful both ways. best views.

Rained the whole time, actually enjoyed it. The east trail is basically a stream at that point. Some rock scrambling made a little tricker because of the water. A long stretch of this trail is actually a road to connect the east trail and the anvil trail. Amazing views when I had visibility.

I second the going counter clockwise. We started the trail on the stone steps at the far end of sand beach scrambling up the rocks. The views from the head are stunning! A great hike.

My favorite! So much fun, so rewarding

Pretty moderate- first part is basically a walk on the road, but the views at the summit are incredible. Pretty well populated, but crowds taper off after thunder hole.

nice trail but not one of the best

Great hike! The first half (going counter-clockwise) may be challenging for a novice as it can get steep with lots of steps but the views are amazing. I do recommend starting on this side though, that way you can just relax during the last 0.5 miles after the beach - which is super flat and easy. I hiked with my 8 yr old dog who is not used to hikes and she did great. I did have to help her on some of the boulders but she loved it, especially the beach!

Moderate loop trail, added Bowl and Beehive to make it about a 2 hour hike, some up hill and boulder climbing, Beehive has ladders and not for everyone. Really busy October 5th, does have good views. Not a secluded hike at all if that's what your looking for.

Beautiful views as you approach the summit!

This is a very nice hike and dog friendly. I’d start clockwise also and finish by the water. The first two miles have the incline and there are a fair amount of rocks but very manageable. It’s very enjoyable for a 5 mile hike.

Ventured down to MDI to try a combo of trails/loops. This loop is weak and mad easy unless you tie it into a 12 mile figure 8. We were going at an easy- moderate pace and up top in 14 minutes and that was with my older dog. If you re trying to bag all the hills in Acadia then using this loop will provide you time to hit numerous others in a day like Acadia Mtn which takes maybe 22 minutes.

Beautiful loop hike combining seaside walk with lovely mountain top panoramas. We extended the hike by adding the bowl and the beehive.

Beautiful views and overall fun to hike over the rocks. It was a perfect day with no clouds and blue sky. We took lots of pictures.

Beautiful hike! A bit crowded

Loved this hike. Beautiful views!

This was our first hike at Acadia and it was so much fun! We parked at Sand Beach (probably about 9am-easily found a parking space) and started out on the Beehive trail, but stayed straight (didn't want to do the iron rungs). We did come up the back side of the Beehive to see the views from the top, then back down to the Bowl. From the Bowl we took the Gorham Mtn trail. Fantastic views! When we were there the trees were just starting to change color. I imagine this is a spectacular hike when the trees are at their peak. Then we finished up by taking the Ocean path back to Sand Beach. The advantage to this is that you can visit all the little stops along the way, including Thunder Hole, without having to find parking again.

This was a fun trail with some great views. If you take the full loop there is also some diversity of trail - a few stretches with somewhat challenging rock scrambling and some downright wide, easy paths to relax a bit. I would recommend going counter-clockwise so that you are scrambling up the rocks instead of picking your way down. Then you get the easygoing portion at the end.

We absolutely loved this hike! We went up Perpendicular, not down, so it was some Spiderman stair climbing from this one who is terrified of heights. Razorback was my guy's favorite part of this hike. The views at the top we're stunning (posting pics). This hike kicked my butt. While short compared to what we normally do, the steepness and rock faces took a steadier step. Loved the changes in terrain, the views, and that we saw no one else until the very end. Beautiful!

So fun. A lot of traversing over granite rocks and spectacular views!

Nice fairly easy trail, good for all ages. Check the tide schedule as the trail goes right by Thunderhole.
Very dog friendly trail.
Great views!

We added a little extra distance and a little more craggy climbing by starting on the Alder Trail and picking up the Anvil off the service road. Seeing the USGS mapmaking medallion from 1860 at Schoodic Head was cool. So was sunning ourselves on the rocks at the shore when we finished.

Amazing views at every turn! A great, relatively easy hike. I’d definitely do it again.

1 month ago

We hiked only the lake portion and only a bit. We were looking for easy end of day lake scenery hike. Definitely great for that. Stopped once the rock walking got heavier. We are over 70. FYI.

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