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We loved this trail. The view at the top was amazing!

This is a really beautiful and manageable cliff side hike in Acadia. We did it our last morning in the park around 8AM — it was pretty foggy but lovely views down to the rocks anyway. Some scrambling and some stairs but otherwise a pretty easy hike. We brought our dog and she loved it. No dogs allowed on the Sand Beach so instead you can park on Schooner Head Road and access the trail from there.

Just arrived to the summit which took about an hour. I hike with my dog and we move fast. Started at 630 am and have not seen a single person and it was wonderful. Lots of wildlife and wonderful views while the run was rising. Heading south to Penobscot mt. , Jordan Pond via Jordan Ridge and finally across to Cadillac Mountain. Parked at the Parkman mt. trail head and will bus back there from the nature center.

This was a nice, lovely hike. It was as our first hike on our trip to Acadia National Park. It was not difficult, but it was a bit strenuous ascending. I had to stop to catch my breath a time or two. Also a very sunny hike. We took the path that led us to Sandy Beach, and the kids enjoyed getting their feet wet in the cold water:

Surprise beach access. Easy and fun hike.

Nice hike. Cold and cloudy at top, so could be nicer on different day. Gotham Mountain Trail has a little side hike called Cadillac Cliffs Trail - Highly recommended!

Fun hike! A good bit of rocky stepping, which was fun. Breath taking views! We were the only ones on the trail at 7am. We came across this trail from Ocean Path and decided to go for it! So glad we did! It takes you up to the back side of the Beehive. If you’re not into the climbing aspect of Beehive, you get the same summit without the “fear of heights” challenge.

10 days ago

Very nice trail. Recommend doing later in the day so that the sun is shining across the water from behind you. Nice beach access ~halfway through the hike as well.

11 days ago

Love this short hike- as it provides some of your best Acadia "wow moment" views of the entire Newport Cove and coast all the way to Otter Cliffs. Most guides tell you to park at Sand Beach lot (yeah, good luck with that ...), but there is another option: drive out of Bar Harbor on Schooner Head Road (basically to the end) where you find a small parking lot (usually not full) at another Great Head Trailhead. I find that clockwise is the better way to take this loop (go left when trail splits soon after the parking lot), and you then have the best views over Sand Beach and the coast toward the end of this hike. Great places to sit and picnic on the flat ledges overlooking the beach. This trail is always rated as easy - but the sections directly over sand beach are actually a bit difficult for many as you must climb and navigate some climbs over high rock faces. We often see many hikers coming from beach deciding to turn back when they first confront this tricky section.

excellent views!

An all-time favorite which we hike every year (20yrs) and bring guests and those reluctant about hiking. If you have time for only 1 hike - consider Gorham. We always hike clockwise from trailhead, and then combine with either Beehive or down to Sand Beach returning on Ocean Path. Note that the trail will split- for hardier hikes take the spur to the right cliffs trail. Not really hiking "cliffs" but lots of scrambling and stone steps and not recommended for kids or weaker hikers, it looks short but it's strenuous. For others - take the Left for a smoother ascent. Both will merge back together, and that's where the awesome views really start to open for you. An excellent picnic spot. Also note that during rain, the first part of trail basically becomes a mountain stream for all rain coming off the granite surfaces and you're hiking in water that quickly rises to about 8-10" (which is also pretty cool). Despite all the crowds below on Ocean Path - Gorham never seems very crowded. An excellent introductory trail to Acadia.

We hiked this trail clockwise starting at the Gorham Mt. trailhead and it was amazing. The views from the summit were stunning. We were able to see people climbing the beehive which was close enough to doing that for me! Also, loved stopping at sand beach and thunder hole on our way back.

I parked at the trailhead parking this morning. I watched the sun rise at 4:50. Then I started the trail. Nice views around the top of Gorham Mtn. It is good trail for the family with kids.

Pretty! You can go in the water too. Watch out for jellyfish!

Awesome trail and views. We hiked Beehive first and then Gorham.

18 days ago

We had a little trouble finding the trailhead, but just go left at the foot of the stairs entering the beach and follow the sandy beach all the way left until you reach the woods. Great little hike we finished in about an hour.

Nice relaxing hike after conquering the beehive.

Awesome little hike! Great views. Perfect for those nervous about Beehive.

Surprisingly fast, and the views from the top of North bubble are amazing!

One of my favorite hikes I have ever done. Do the coastal part first the mountain or you won’t wander out on the rocks as much. The view at the top is spectacular!

Bring water even with the breeze. Did it with a 4 & 5 year old.

rock climbing
23 days ago

Not easy in parts, with significant rock scrambling, but the vistas are worth it. Each one is better than the last!

Great little hike! My husband and I brought our dogs and it was easy for them! Had beautiful views of the ocean at the top! Had no idea on the way down there would be access to a beach area! It was nice to just sit and take in all the views before heading back on the trail! Dogs do go swimming in the beach there so be careful of off leash pets.

Great hike and climb with even better views, but definitely recommend hiking south to north Bubble clockwise. A pretty steep climb up south Bubble from Jordan pond, wouldn’t recommend descending unless you want a more advanced hike. A good climb up and the views are worth it.

This was a fun trail. Some steep rocky sections we were not expecting. We have a big dog and some of the steep sections were a little challenging for him.

A section of this trail was closed so we took the detour via Cadillac cliffs. This section was a lot of fun!

The ocean views from the top were amazing and the ocean breeze felt terrific! This trail was well maintained and the cairns that marked the way helped.

Amazing view. Great quick hike.

This was a great hike with wonderful views. The trails were well maintained and well marked. There is a very difficult section on the southern most part of the south bubble that is NOT ok for dogs. It is very steep and narrow with some climbs that are almost impossible for any dogs. I would not recommend anyone under the age of ten or who is afraid of heights to do that section. Besides that, this was a wonderful hike I would recommend to almost everyone. It is definitely possible to do more of an out and back and skip the steep portion of the south bubble.

Highly recommend going the route of South bubble then north bubble as there are a few parts acending South bubble that would be very difficult descending. The hike overall was easy but for the aforementioned moments that were difficult for a few fit 55 year-olds.

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