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I have always enjoyed this trail. A nice hike up along a creek between Dorr Mountain and Cadillac Mountain. You eventually come to and intersection where you can continue down the back side of the gorge Via the A Murray Young path or you can summit Door or Cadillac mountains. Nice trail to hike after there has been some rain so the creek is flowing.

Great hike, went with my husband and one year old son (he was in a backpack carrier). Great views, wasn’t too long, and quiet.

A very enjoyable walk. There is a bit of climbing, but most climbing sections have stairs, many stairs. The day we went was quite foggy and damp but the forest was dense with lots of moss and beautiful. The tide was in so there was no beach just big rocks. We did see a seal frolicking about.

25 days ago

My favorite route to summit Cadillac. The first .5-.8 (rough estimate) is mostly flat then escalates into more of a boulder climb through the gorge before you break through the trees and finish the hike with stellar views all around Cadillac of the islands / ocean. This hike does regular basic physical strength, but whether you power through or take breaks it is a doable hike for a variety of ages. GREAT for hot and humid summer days, where you can escape the heat by hiking through the gorge then getting a great breeze at the summit. Just hiked yesterday for the first time in the fall and was even more pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was.

26 days ago

Definitely recommend taking Gorge Path to descend Cadillac Mountain - a beautiful and peaceful trail that appeared much less traveled.

It had poured the night before so many of the rocks that make up the trail were underwater, which required lots of crisscrossing from one side of the creek to the other and balancing on some very unstable rocks while trying to figure out a different path. Be prepared to get your feet wet and get creative in your navigation!

30 days ago

Make sure you do the whole loop, not just the shortest (steepest) climb to the tower or you'll miss the amazing views on the .7 section.

Steep in the beginning but not too difficult. An amazing place to watch the sunset without the crowds of Cadillac Mountain! Loved getting to climb up a ways on the fire tower too.

1 month ago

Great view for a moderate and short ascent. Nice ending near the beach. Loop style. High reward to effort ratio.

1 month ago

The woman in the visitor center recommended this - thrilled she did or we may not have ventured out. Hard but not strenuous. Very well marked. Cold and windy at the top. Very easy to add in Parkman peak (adds less than .2mi).

decent hike not one of my favorites though

nice trail but not one of the best

1 month ago

Nice hike. Very scenic. Came down Mansell Mt. Trail which was a bit washed out rocky with roots.

Great hike! The first half (going counter-clockwise) may be challenging for a novice as it can get steep with lots of steps but the views are amazing. I do recommend starting on this side though, that way you can just relax during the last 0.5 miles after the beach - which is super flat and easy. I hiked with my 8 yr old dog who is not used to hikes and she did great. I did have to help her on some of the boulders but she loved it, especially the beach!

Natures step mill. Get those quads and butts in shape

Great, solitary hike in the rain. No people, beautiful views on the way up and down that would be great for sunset. No views at the top as it is very wooded, but forest trail is full of dark evergreens with a soft, mossy floor. Very quiet!

Exhilarating, challenging, exhausting, breathtaking

fabulous hike! breathtaking views. nice length. gradual incline!

Be ready to get your feet wet!
Not sure why so much of the path seemed like we were hiking IN the stream.
Lots of water.
Beautiful path.

Great trail, nice steady elevation rise. Much of the trail is on smooth ledge which makes for easy walking. Birch spring hole was a great spot for dog to get a drink. My favorite trail in the park at this point.

9/19/18. Going North there are fab views a lot of the way up — it’s quite challenging in parts. The descent is more wooded, and the final part down to Bubble Pond is best taken slowly!

Great 1.5 hour hike with excellent view at the top!

1 month ago

Good bit of scrambling and challenging at times! We made it up and back in about 1.5 hours. It was a little rainy, so we took it slower than normal since the rocks were slippery. Take your time and check out the view as often as you can! It was foggy when we got to the top, but still beautiful.

2 months ago

A good option for descending the mountain since it provides shade. First ~0.4miles of the descend very steep (trekking poles strongly recommended). Afterwards, path descends less steeply, through the woods, and as its name suggests, follows a gorge (nice tiny waterfalls, a creek, etc).

This was my third hike, it was challenging and beautiful. I did it with my daughter and SIL. We did it as a descent from Cadillac Summit. The first .75 mi was a deep descent down boulders that required scrambling on all fours and sometimes scooting on my butt. Was happy I had a staff to aid me along the way. After we got into the “gorge” it was beautiful and well designed but don’t let your guard down. The water trickle/ stream was soothing and ran the length of the trail.

2 months ago

Fun and challenging trail. I did this with my seventeen year old son and his sixteen year cousin.
A lot of the trail is a long scramble over rocks under which the creek between Cadillac and Door mountains runs. It is shaded for the most part, but the elevation change and very rocky path make it a fun challenge. The last yards turn from the creek area to scale Cadillac Mountain. Some of the trail here requires all four limbs to traverse but soon one arrives at the top of Cadillac Mountain and it's breathtaking views. This is not a kid or pet friendly trail, but a very fun one for teens and adults.

A very pleasant, short hike with absolutely gorgeous views along the way and at the top !!!

2 months ago

well maintained trail with some rock scrambling, from the parking lot fairly vertical with many steps up to the top. Beautiful views. The trail down is fairly step also. Our Labrador Retriever loved the ocean swim at the rocky beach. From the beach it is a .5 mile flat logging type road back to the parking lot.

Beautiful trail! Great vistas to the east and west!

Great for a quick outing, the ladders only add to the fun!

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