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Hiked this in 9/2016. Amazing views all the way up. Worth the effort.

Made it back to the South Ridge early January for a sunrise visit to Cadillac -- easily continues to be one of the most beautiful, and one of my favorite, trails of all time. Based more-so on length than elevation gain (although there is still a fair amount!), I agree with the difficulty rating of hard. Do not attempt this trail in the winter unless you have proper winter and ice gear -- much of the the trail was completely coated over in ice and snow, and a lot of caution is necessary, particularly on the way down. It was also very cold and on the ridge, you are exposed to the elements. If you are prepared, though, then you're sure to have an incredible experience with some of Maine's finest scenery.

If a sunrise hike is in your plans for any season, be sure to have a headlamp or good flashlight. There are cairns and blazes along the ridge, but depending on the conditions you're in, they may be tough to see (if clear though, then easy to follow for the most part). Take your time and don't go off trail.

3 months ago

fun hike

I started at Jordan pond and ascended up south bubble to north bubble to Conor’s nubble and then started back via eagle lake trail and Jordan pond carry back to Jordan pond for a loop. Going up south bubble is pretty much straight up and for someone not use to hiking can be pretty challenging but after that summit the others are fairly easy. Great views of Jordan pond and eagle lake. I thought eagle lake trail would be more like Jordan pond trail but I was wrong. Definitely more rugged. But overall great hike

Cadillac is a favorite spot of mine and I finally climbed it this year. I chose south ridge up and back to my parking spot. I wouldn’t say it’s a very difficult hike, a lot of the trail is above the tree line to exposed rocked and for the most part a small incline the whole way up. But it is long. Pack water and snacks, make a day of it and enjoy some time at the top before descending and if it’s sunny wear a hat or sunscreen! Cadillac mountain is a must see in acadia but hiking up it definitely a must do!

3 months ago

Love this trail! Not a very long hike but you get some really great views of sand beach and the beehive across the way.

It’s a challenging trail. Basically, you’re going straight up on stairs for 0.5 miles then climbing on rocks.

3 months ago

Beautiful views of the waves crashing against the cliffs as well as the sandy beach.

Beautiful sunset, but get there early

Good steady climb to beautiful vistas. Sturdy ladders are.part of the fun.

Very steep incline, but absolutely beautifully maintained and so very cool.

fantastic hike. we did south bubble first and descended down the rocks and it was great fun - few shuffles on the bum down the rocks but easier than ascending. Wonderful views and easy hike for such views. The did north bubble again manageable hike and wonderful views of eagle lake. we continued to eagle lake and joined eagle lake loop (fun walk over rocks) and later the carry Jordan lake trail back to bubbles parking lot so we didn't have to go back on ourselves (easy walk back)

Hiked this trail in May 2015. One of the most memorable hikes on the East Coast. Beehive is another moderate but exciting trail for those who are not afraid of night or cliffs and in fairly good shape. This trail is longer but easier with amazing views!

Hiked on May 14, 1994.

Last hiked it on May 14, 1994. What can I saw that has not already been said by many visitors about this spectacular hike?

Enjoyed ourselves immensely. Could not of asked for better Maine-iac weather. Fog thicker than a wall, in 60mph winds (warm for October) made us soaked but it was a truly different experience even without a view (had to make the best of, end of tropical storm Nate)

4 months ago

The view is amazing up at the top. I STRONGLY agree with some other posters in that coming up South Bubble was a difficult climb for me (fairly fit 56 y.o.).
There were two or three spots near the top that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to continue, yet the thought of going down the way we came was not in the realm of possibility. Going back down Bubble Trail after scrambling up South Bubble seemed like a breeze.
The view was definitely worth it!

The A. Murray Young Path is a tough path involving boulder hiking and at times, mild climbing.. the more direct path to the mountain is well signposted and relatively straight forward. Great views at the top.

4 months ago

Good short trail with spectacular views. I didn't run across a lot of other hikers. Pay attention to the blue trail markers. It's easy to get turned around at the top.

It's a must do for Acadia park, but found a number of other trails in the park that I enjoyed slightly more. It's a busy trail, with a lot of people at the summit. Great views!

4 months ago

Took bus to Cadillac North Ridge Trail head and 3 hrs later reached mtn top. Physically demanding but enjoyable hike for sixtyish couple , active walkers. Stopped at “false summit “ and hawks nest to watch ranger activity. Wonderful view from crowded summit, cars buses etc. Took west ridge trail down but this was a real accomplishment for us and beyond our experience level. Plan ahead or come back down on the north ridge.

Would recommend adding North Bubble to the plan and going in that direction. Great trail and views. Steep descent down south Bubble trail overlooking Jordan Pond.

5 months ago

Easy, short trail to get some good scenery in if only have a short amount of time.

Terrific vertical gain for a real butt burner. Amazing views at summit with the token tourist attraction of a balancing rock. Rock, nbd... views, spectacular

5 months ago

Fun trail with amazing views, but incredibly challenging coming up from the lake to South Bubble. I would recommend doing the loop clockwise as another poster mentioned as I can't imagine trying to come down the way we went up. There was some pretty serious climbing in one section with little room for error. From South Bubble/Bubble Rock we headed to North Bubble, then Conners Nubble and then went north to Eagle Lake. We picked up the Eagle Lake trail to Jordan Pond Carry trail to head back to our car. The trail around the lake was nice with lots of boulders to climb over. It was much more enjoyable than trying to come back the way we came and it evens out to be about the same mileage.

My mother and I hiked from Jordan Pond House around the west side of the lake, up the Bubbles Divide trail to the summit of South Bubble, and then back down the north face of the mountain to the pond. Some people at the top told us we came up "the hard way" but we enjoyed the challenge. If you don't mind a bit of a climb & you want to explore all of Jordan Pond, I'd suggest the long route. It's worth it!

While a great hike, this trail is not dog friendly. There are ladders that need to be navigated that most dogs just can not handle. The summit can be reached via the Kane/Schiff trail

5 months ago

Nice trail with great views.

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