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Acadia National Park Map

on Ocean Path Trail

1 day ago

This was a great place to start for our first trip to Acadia. We came off season, so there were no crowds. Walking instead of driving the route allowed for many photo ops and for us to enjoy every bit of the scenery. However, I would not do this trail again on another trip back to Acadia.

Short trail. Crowded at sunset but worth it to catch an iconic glimpse of Acadia.

We did this hike with our 6 year old last October and loved it! Beautiful views and not too difficult for him. The hike back down has some fairly large rocks so I would definitely recommend hiking shoes!

Great trail with fantastic views. We did this one in the winter, and it was a lot of fun. Our pup loved it, too. We didn’t use spikes at all. Enjoy!

28 days ago

If you are looking for impressive views or good exercise, Acadia has dozens of hikes that are better. If you have limited mobility and do not mind being surrounded by huge crowds, the walk is enjoyable, but to be clear, you can get the same views from so many other hikes in this gorgeous park.

3 months ago

Simply Beautiful.

3 months ago

Easy trail with beautiful views in early September. Enjoy!

Amazing hike! Check out the map, i highly suggest you do the loop that starts
with mount gorham and finishes with the ocean trail! Did this hike with my parents and sister and it was great and worked great for everyone! It does go along a creek so good shoes are important since it will be wet. Also we went in november so there was some ice so watch for that!

really enjoyed this one

Nice views but you won’t lack for company. Parking is horrible during peak times.

Great trail and views for anyone hiking with their dog. Challenging yet no ladders or rungs to climb up or down a a dog. You get to see the bowl and I️ even hiked up to the summit of beehive. Obviously couldn’t go down that way w my pup, but we got to see what it looked like. A little confusing towards the end and I️ ended up actually backtracking the way I️ came, but it allowed me to take the Cadillac cliffside trail back.

5 months ago

Another trail I could do again and again and never get tired of. It's got a bit of everything, including some climbing if you're feeling adventurous. We climbed down a rather steep little cliff/ path(?) to get to a stone beach surrounded by cliffs (mind the tide). There is a beautiful stack of granite slabs that broke away from three cliff face that completely captivated me. We went down to another stone beach that was all big bubble rocks. I would also recommend parking at otter cliffs and traveling the trail in reverse (with thunder hole near the end). This let's you avoid most of the traffic. In my opinion thunder hole is cool but we had much more fun exploring the cliffs on our own than standing on the steps with a bunch of people.

Fantastic trail, especially for those looking for an immersive hike on a day trip. Offers breathtaking views and fun rock scrambling in parts. The ascent from Sand Beach is much more steep, though significantly shorter, than the descent to the Otter Cove area.

scenic driving
5 months ago

Excellent way to see a lot of Acadia if hiking isn't your thing or if you don't have time to do a ton of hikes. The roads are in good condition with lots of pull offs/signage for areas of interest/scenic areas. On tip: if you enter the park of SR 3 north of Bar Harbor you should do the loop clockwise. If you go counter clockwise you have to backtrack; as over 1/2 the loop is 1 way.

Nice and easy, but if it's cloudy visibility can be seriously limited.

Some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen!

Perfect loop trail with great views

fantastic hike. we did south bubble first and descended down the rocks and it was great fun - few shuffles on the bum down the rocks but easier than ascending. Wonderful views and easy hike for such views. The did north bubble again manageable hike and wonderful views of eagle lake. we continued to eagle lake and joined eagle lake loop (fun walk over rocks) and later the carry Jordan lake trail back to bubbles parking lot so we didn't have to go back on ourselves (easy walk back)

lovely sunrise today but very busy. The loop is nice and easy to do

5 months ago

Beautiful forest setting with nice views both at the small summit and down at the lake. Relatively easy traversing.

6 months ago

The view is amazing up at the top. I STRONGLY agree with some other posters in that coming up South Bubble was a difficult climb for me (fairly fit 56 y.o.).
There were two or three spots near the top that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to continue, yet the thought of going down the way we came was not in the realm of possibility. Going back down Bubble Trail after scrambling up South Bubble seemed like a breeze.
The view was definitely worth it!

One of my favorites at Acadia. Lots of variety in the trail itself and the views. I recommend Gorham mountain first, and then loop back to ocean trail. The fall colors were spectacular on the way down.

Great hike especially during autumn. The trail was very well marked and heavily traveled. I followed the trail clockwise (with the Ocean Path Loop first) and believe that the views may have been better if hiked counterclockwise (Gorham Mountain first) as a lot of good views were to my back. The Gorham section requires a fair bit of bouldering which may slow you down, but otherwise it is not technically demanding and would be good for all ages. The Ocean Path is paved and graveled.

Great ocean views all along the trail. Good close up view of Beehive iron rungs where trails merge.

Not really a hiking trail unless you're counting the walk from your car to the lighthouse rocks because during sunset you're going to be walking a long ass way since it's so crowded. Filled with photographers and just people trying to see a sunset. There's a secret cove/table area if you climb over the rocks underneath the lighthouse where you can sit and have your own little picnic.

6 months ago

Super short and easy trail, went from the beech cliff parking lot all the way up to the vista, then went downhill using the ladder trail....then I had to come all the way back up which was tiring as hell and finished off with a nice nature walk on the canadian cliff trail

6 months ago

Amazing oceanic views while hiking the rocks. Definitely a must.

6 months ago

Fun trail with amazing views, but incredibly challenging coming up from the lake to South Bubble. I would recommend doing the loop clockwise as another poster mentioned as I can't imagine trying to come down the way we went up. There was some pretty serious climbing in one section with little room for error. From South Bubble/Bubble Rock we headed to North Bubble, then Conners Nubble and then went north to Eagle Lake. We picked up the Eagle Lake trail to Jordan Pond Carry trail to head back to our car. The trail around the lake was nice with lots of boulders to climb over. It was much more enjoyable than trying to come back the way we came and it evens out to be about the same mileage.

Kind of crowded considering the tour buses dropping off mad loads of people every hour or so. Though its better to go off the trail on your own away from the crowds and find a nice spot to sit and have lunch.

Loved it wish I would of had time to stop and enjoy the views more

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