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Acadia National Park Map

Would rate this as a hard but amazing trail. Wonderful views most of the way. Would recommend coming off the peak to the left to avoid very steep area. Following the carriage trail to left when you come to it and then picking up the trail again.

Super short walk to descending staircase, quick walk over large granite rocks to an iconic view of one of the most photographed lighthouses on the east coast! Quick, awesome, great take away lighthouse photo!

Great 1.5 hour hike with excellent view at the top!

Great hike with excellent view at the top!

Short, rocky, treacherous trail that leads to one of the most photogenic lighthouse in the USA. Go for sunset and bring bug spray!!!

Start at end of Echo Lake parking lot. I took my wife with. She is short and had open heart surgery 2 years ago. There are 4 iron ladders near the top. Go right for greatest views. Come back from top and make the loop back to Echo Lake parking. A fun trail.

Not much of a trail, but more of a short path to the rocks below a frequently photographed lighthouse. Getting a popular picture with your pretty mug amongst some beautiful rocks with a light house in the background is definitely worth the minimal effort.

6 days ago

The scenery is great, but whether or not one likes this trail entirely depends on what one is looking for: great for a little stroll (there are lots of parking lots along the road next to this trail) with nice ocean views. Path is entirely flat and smooth. However, this is of course no hiking trail whatsoever, but more of an ocean walking path (as in, leisurely strolling, not hiking).

Take the Cadillac Cliffs off shoot for much more entertaining (and a bit more challenging) hike. An easy jaunt up the mountain to some really beautiful views. The Cliffs offshoot offers some immense and fascinating rock formations - and feels much less traveled. A reasonable hike for everyone to try!

Beautiful trail! Great views all the way up. the summit is breathtaking. Nice trail for dogs. not too difficult!

beautiful hike not strenuous great vistas

9 days ago

this was a great trail but as the above mentioned it was more like a sidewalk trail some of it was in the woods but not all of it but this was still an awesome trail very easy. My wife and I did the trail and stopped at thunder hole and we actually saw a pod of whales in the distance by the buoys what a phenomenal sight it was. We were here around 12 or 12:30 and there were tons of people but not too many as to not be able to see. We had a blast. Afterward, we drove up Cadillac mountain and found a spot to see "bubble rock" take the time to explore the .5 mile hike up to bubble rock absolutely fabulous views take a picture of it as you are driving we missed out and it would have been awesome.

This is really more of a sidewalk than a trail. Not remotely what we expected. Cars and tour buses continually driving past, and packed with people even on an Wednesday post-Labor Day.

two different paths. one very easy other one is moderate and rocky.

BEWARE!!! NOT an easy hike!!! Marked Strenuous, accurately, on my map! 4 ladders staight up the cliffs, not good for dogs or people afraid of heights!!!

Great hike beautiful views of Sand Beach as some more challenging rocks to keep it interesting but still accessible.

Beautiful views, a few ladders which made the hike more challenging & fun

A very pleasant, short hike with absolutely gorgeous views along the way and at the top !!!

Great hike! Beautiful views the entire time Be ready to climb lots of rocks and boulders to the top, but the views are worth it.

We actually parked at Sand Beach, walked up the coast line and then caught the Gorham Trail. You can pick up this route almost anywhere along the coastline

13 days ago

Took a nice evening walk on this trail. From Sandy beach to Otter cliffs it goes on and off the road.. incredible views with beautiful evening sky. Very beautifully maintained.. Thanks to the NPS staff..

Very very short walk with steps to go down to the rocks.. To get a good view of the lighthouse you have to go all the way to the last rock.. I got pretty good pictures from there

14 days ago

A nice and easy trail with minimal incline. Lots of great places to stop and take in the beautiful views!

15 days ago

Very flat, easy trail with great views. We started from Otter Point and more parking there. We had our Labrador Retriever with us on a hot day and had to turn around once we got to the walkway with a brick wall on the ocean side because it cut off all breeze for the dog and he was dying of the heat. The trail is also only really one person wide so it is hard to pass people without the dog getting into their space.

well maintained trail with some rock scrambling, from the parking lot fairly vertical with many steps up to the top. Beautiful views. The trail down is fairly step also. Our Labrador Retriever loved the ocean swim at the rocky beach. From the beach it is a .5 mile flat logging type road back to the parking lot.

Beautiful trail! Great vistas to the east and west!

Great for a quick outing, the ladders only add to the fun!

Best spot to over look Long Pond Lake. Beautiful!

Great views and only a mile hike. Not too crowded (post-Labor Day). Not to be missed.

It was relatively easy going up - and not too difficult going down, but there were long stretches of steep downhill hiking... it was the first time I had nail bed damage on my big toe from the pressure caused by the slope. We went clockwise around the loop. Next time I might try counter-clockwise. The view was great at the summit - you can see the ocean in one direction, the airport in the other direction. We could even see our campground on the other side of Somme Sound.

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