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We took this down after ascending on Precipice Trail. Nice mellow hike compared to Precipice! (August)

The views were spectacular! My husband and I had already done quite a bit of hiking this day (including the Beehive Trail) so this was very physically demanding. He asked, "Do our fitbit steps still count if we dragged ourselves off the mountain?" Lol. We did the South Ridge Trail and after reaching the summit we turned around and came back out the way we went in.

Overall a pretty decent hike. I started from the bubbles parking lot up the northwest trail based on recommendations and came down the south ridge and followed Jordan pond back to the parking area to make a loop. It is a challenging climb up especially if it has recently rained...caution it will be slippery. Make sure to keep an eye out for the markers as the trail direction changes without some notice on the way up. On the way down south ridge some of the markers were pretty faded but easier to make out the trail. Great views from the top, but it was pretty windy the day I hiked so I didn’t stay too long at the top. I would definitely hike again.

Some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen!

5 months ago

I did this trail clockwise so Penboscot trail first which was pretty much a vertical climb/continuous staircase which was a killer workout. Then it was a slow incline up the Penboscot open face mountain with epic 360 views of Acadia. Then it was a smooth descent down the Jordan Cliffs which was a nice view/overlook of the nearby lake. Highly recommend as this has some really epic views.

5 months ago

We took our way up via Penobscot trail in a rainy day. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. The rocks were so steep n slippery, there were iron rungs for you to hold onto but sometimes we just had to grip the ridge of those rocks to pass by. It was a lot challenging than Beehive n Precipce. Made it all the way up, hiked on the flat top of the mountain then took Spring trail to go back down. It was easier if you start from Spring trail then use Deer Brook to go back down. I would use the same way up if I could be back here.

To start off, come up the South side which we did, it is quite easier then coming up the North. The trail is definitely strenuous, just when you think you're reaching the peak, it keeps going until you finally get to a mark at the top. Markings along the trail are very easy to follow, and the views of Jordan Pond, and the surrounding area are fantastic. Going down the North side, take your time, because it's very steep and rocky in some areas. We took the split to head back to Jordan Pond crossing Jordan Pond Rd. Overall it took us about 4 hours round trip starting from the Jordan Pond parking area.

Awesome trail with nice viewpoints and scenery!

5 months ago

The map at the trailhead does not correspond to the actual signage in the forest. In particular, the map does not show a trail going toward Tunk Lake, nor does it show at least one other more clearly marked trail going across Catherine Mountain. There may also be another trail going from Tunk Lake back toward Caribou, but it is very haphazardly marked and generally so poor that this part of the hike turned into a bushwhack for me that got me way off course and turned this into a much bigger loop. It's a nice hike all in all, but the signage could definitely use some work.

We also went up the Northwest Trail and across and down Pemetic South Ridge Trail. The Northwest trail is steep, but has ladders to assist at strategic points. Views at the top are spectacular!

Absolutely loved this trail. Took the NW trail up (it is verrry steep, get ready to scramble). Took the south trail down, then incorporated a Jordan pond loop. Views at the top of Pemetic are even better than Cadillac Mtn, in my opinion!

Prefect decent trail after Precipice. trail run able; took 25 minutes to get down, then a 20 min walk to trail head

beautiful views

6 months ago

Great trails to pick from. Recommend going up West Ledge Trail from Western Mountain Road up to Bernard Mountain Trail, the views were spectacular. Happy hiking!

Great views

Good hard clean well marked trail

6 months ago

What a hike! One of my favorites in the park! It was foggy at the summit so the view at the top was rather blocked but the way up and down was absolutely breathtaking. No traffic, calming sounds of water, beautiful staircases/bridges. 100% recommend, it's a challenge but worth it!

Great hike - well marked trails and fabulous near 360 deg views

Recommend taking the goat trail first. Steep ascend right in the beginning, but the rest of the hike is relatively easy. Couple of good views at the top. Surprised by the waterfall near the reservoir.

I hiked this with wife and my 8 and 10 yr old, starting at Jordan Pond, to the Spring Trail to Penobscot, taking to the summit then down to Jordan Pond via Deer Brook trail. 2.75 hrs total. The early ascents up the cliffs are challenging but the reward at the summit is well worth it!

a must do trail.Over 2 hours of pure fun.

Good trail. No parking hassles

great trail, beautiful views once near the peak.

Moderate challenge. Beautiful views of massive swaths of both Baxter State Park and Katahkin National Monument.

Went up on a super foggy day and it was still worth it - challenging but not impossible. If you do go up in the fog, I would recommend wearing a raincoat. And don't forget tea and popovers at Jordan Pond House as a reward at the end!

7 months ago

This is a quality day hike. I was a little mislead as this address starts you off at Black Mountain (easy). You then hike to the East Peak of Black Mountain (easy) before you walk down to the path that will take you to Caribou. This trail takes nearly two hours between the two mountain peaks unless you're trail running. It is fairly over grown so check for ticks. However, once you get to Caribou the climb is as advertised with some pretty great views at the top.

We love this hike. Didn't find the southern trail so we took the "Spring Trail" to the top, quite difficult (some of our party turned back). See newest Acadia trail maps for actual trail. The route shown here includes the "Spring Trail" from the south. To the North tie into "Deer Brook" trail for a wonderful overall half day hike.

7 months ago

Talked to a ranger about the park and this was his personal favorite. We decided to try it along with the Spring Trail, Sargent Mt Trail, and Sargent East Cliffs Trail. The Jordan Cliffs Trail is closed due to Peregrine Falcon nesting.

This trail was rocky and steep through the forest and smooth along the bare rock face. Very beautiful view of Jordan Pond, the Bubbles, and Eagle Lake.

This was a challenging hike but definitely fun if you are up for the challenge! It starts with an easy walk through the woods followed by a lot of scrambling up over rocks and boulders to get to Gilmore Peak. The views are great and worth the effort. Luckily, we hiked on a dry day and the boulders were not slippery. Take care if you go on a wet day. The trek down was hard on our old knees. I would not recommend this trail for young children.

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