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Took this down from the summit after ascending Precipice - great views of Bar Harbor from the top. Take orange/black path as a shortcut to the Precipice parking lot.

Great hike. Went with my wife and 3 boys(12,13,14).. we hiked up and back from the NW trail head. About 50 minutes up and 30 minutes down. Great rock scrambles, steep incline, and up through a ravine with ladder climbs. Unbelievable views from the top..Was our favorite hike of the week..

Did it in late June with a family of 4 of varying physical fitness levels. Awesome views and a very well marked trail.

Loved the South Ridge trail up! Went before dawn to see the sunrise. Beautiful and peaceful. Saw the cars driving up Cadillac across the way.
Parked in the Jordon Pond north lot and took the Jordon and Bubbles path to South Ridge. Left an hour before dawn and took exactly an hour to get up to the summit. Head lamps are def needed, but the climb was very doable in the dark.

North trail will definitely beat you up a bit, but a great view from the top. Make sure to at least get to the wooded top of the south trail if you’re not continuing down as the views are much better than the summit. The south trail has absolutely incredible wildlife and views along the way. I descending this way as it’s longer and it takes a beating on the knees if you’re not careful. Highly recommend doing both if you’re feeling confident.

Hiked with 9, 12 and 15 year old boys. They loved the challenging lower half. The top half is a easy walk over granite with sweeping views. Challenging portion was fun, but not at all scary or dangerous. Biggest single unguarded drop off the trail was maybe 10’. This trail was great for the family.

The other reviews are correct.. this was a very challenging, excellent hike. We found the bouldering more challenging than we were expecting with the kids. The view from Gilmore's peak was incredible. We didn't make it to Sargent peak because our party had hit our limits and decided to go back down the way we came. We had a few slips in the rocks on the way back including some near misses to serious injury. Overall as a more experienced hiker, I'd recommend this trail to adults who are confident to hike difficult trails. I thoroughly enjoyed this hike, but it was too much for all of our party this time.

Lovely views all along the ridge. I enjoyed this one as much if not more than Cadillac Mountain. The trail was lightly trafficked. I chose to continue on to Sargent Mtn once I got to the top of this one, then went back down via East Cliffs and around the east side of Jordan Pond.

I had a bit of a tough time finding the start of this one. Go towards the Jordan Pond House. There is a turnaround place for buses at the front part. On the left side of the building there is a sign pointing that says "water access". Continue past this towards, and you will start to see signs for the Spring Trail. Take the Spring Trail up to meet up with Penobscot Mtn.

Beautiful views!

I live on MDI and have made it my goal to hike every mountain; so far, this has been my favorite as it is challenging but not too strenuous. Since it’s an out of the way spot, there aren’t many other hikers. The views are amazing! If you hike at the right time you will also get a chance to snack on an abundance of blueberries. I love the fact that they have even made a spot at the Bernard mountain overlook to leave messages. I will definitely hike this again soon!

Had never heard of this trail before, but so glad we found it. Turned out to be an amazing hike! We did Penobscot trail up to the summit and took Spring trail back down. You get a little bit of everything. Step descent.

Outstanding trail. Excellent use of technical skills. Our favorite trail in the park. Definitely a must hike if you plan to visit the park.

Great trail, lots of blueberries in July and beautiful views the whole way.

Great views. The start involves a technical climb, so be aware.

Did this hike with my two nephews (7 and 10 years old). We walked along a carriage trail for a bit but then once we got to the trail, it was great. Definitely a family-friendly hike with amazing views from the top!

I don’t know about rating this as hard but I would rate it as moderate and technical. The views were amazing and this is a much more enjoyable hike than Cadillac because there is less traffic. The first part of the hike is very challenging if you’re afraid of heights due to the ledges and climbing. Kid friendly if they can climb not sure if I would take a dog.

We parked at the Jordan Pond parking lot, by the pond house. If you get there by 8AM, you can find a spot without any trouble. Anytime between 9-4, you may have to wait on a spot.

We took the Jordan Pond path over the path to Pemetic from the sound side. The hike up has a few steep parts, but it's not that difficult overall. As you get close to the top, the face opens up and you get some extraordinary views. The cool breeze that comes through the valley over Jordan Pond was refreshing and was welcome.

The views of Jordan Pond were great. At the time (July) the Jordan Cliffs trail was closed due to Peregrine falcon nesting. From our vantage point at the top of Pemetic, we could see the Peregrine falcons soaring over the water, often below us. It was quite a treat to see.

The path on the North side was a bit more strenuous, but not overly so. We were going down the North side, but I imagine coming up that way would require some effort.

I was dropped off at the trailhead in the morning (keep a watchful eye as it is easy to miss). This is a great hike up to Gilmore Peak, with a quick visit to Sargent Pond, on your way to Penobscot Mtn and down to Jordan Pond Nature Center. The Island Explorer bus can then take you back to Bar Harbor.

One of the best trails in the park. Unreal views, you get a full 360 view at the summit.

Hiked from Jordon Pond House to Spring Trail then up to Penobscot. Would also recommend coming down Bear Creek and completing the loop around Jordan Pond.

This isn't a difficult hike, but there are a couple of scrambles to get past. However, this hike has views pretty much immediately, so you're in awe the entire time. :)

My wife, 9yr old son and 11 yr old daughter tackled this steep rock scramble today with ease. A couple of people were impressed by the fact that as a family we did it. We took the bus from the visitors center to the parking area just past bubble pond parking (the bus driver will know where to go). Don't drive there yourself, parking ain't gonna happen, plus the bus ride is only about 10 mins.

We took the northwest trip up, took about 40 mins of mostly pine covered rock scambling (no strolling here, you're gonna be breathing hard). It was safe and my two kids loved it. We're talking big step-up-and-over boulder scrambling. Half way up there are two ladders tucked between a narrow pass. Safe, fun to climb (don't take the easy way when greeted with the choice to climb.

The trails are well marked up to the top, once there though keep your eyes open for cairns (bridge-like rock pile). These will lead you to your trail to descend. We took in the Atlantic ocean view, had some lunch all by ourselves (no Cadillac mountain crowds here). We took the southwest trail down that led us to get some pop-overs at the Jordon Pond House. 2 pop-overs, butter/jam and a blueberry lemonade. Delicious. - $12

Here's a tip... Make a reservation when you are at the summit, there's a wait to get these delicious treats. But let's get back to the trail.

The descent was partially covered and well enough marked to not get lost. Total time with two kids and a few stops to make some gear 'adjustments' was 2hr 30 mins (that includes .3mile walk to Jordan House across the street from end of trail.

The view from the top was awesome. Went there at sunset. The rock slide was a bit scary after sunset on the way down.

1 month ago

Great place for an afternoon hike in Acadia. Didn't see a soul while we were out and made for a very peaceful journey. Nice place to connect to Bald Peak or another trail if you're up for it.

1 month ago

This is a good day hike with ever changing scenery. Took my husband and I about 4.5 hours to do. Some areas near the top require climbing up large rocks and we had to use our hands at times. The trail needs a lot of maintenance on the east side of caribou. My husband had to do a lot of clearing and essentially trail blazing as we hiked through. Bring bug spray!! Lots of mosquitoes near the ponds! But beautiful views at the top. Not very trafficked at all, hardly saw anyone there.

We took Pemetic Northwest from the Bubbles to Pemetic summit and then used Pemetic North to descend. Our favorite summit in the entire park because of the amazing views and it is not very crowded. It is not an easy hike, but it is most define the worth it!!

Great scenic trail. Done it several times!!

Steepish incline in beginning rewarded with awesome pics on top. Highly recommended. This hike culminated an awesome week of hiking

Took this hike yesterday and it was a lot of fun! It's a hike through a rock slide, definitely different going through and around rocks and up a creek, might not be for everyone, not many people on this trail, lots of uphill and downhill hiking as well and going up on top of Gilmore peak towards the end, had a blast!

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