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This trail was amazing! Noted as the most dangerous trail in Acadia National Park, the Precipice Trail is not recommended for children, those who are afraid of heights or anyone out of shape. Trail is nearly all vertical, ascending more than 1,000 feet. It is almost a mile straight up, easy in the beginning and gets more and more difficult the higher you go. Mid-way you begin using ladders to ascend, then for the last third of the climb it is all iron rungs drilled into the side of the mountain, overlooking sharp cliffs! The scariest hike I have ever been on, but totally worth the time and energy!

Great hike, definitely recommend it for the able bodied. I’m hardly the most in shape but was able to do this hike with breaks. Get here early (before 10AM) so you can find parking and avoid the big crowds. I took the long way down through Champlain north ridge and then making a right on Orange and Black trail. I took it all the down to the road and caught the bus back to the parking lot. You can also walk along the road back to the parking lot. Total time for 3-3.5 hours at a leisurely pace, stopping to snack.

The exposure of the cliff trail should not be understated. There are sections of this trail that ‘heights-challenged’ persons would struggle to complete. Better than average physical fitness is also a must- the climb down the Spring trail is very steep. The summit views are top-notch. I give it 3 stars only because I have no desire to do it again due to its exposure- a bad slip/trip would be fatal.

Although strenuous at times, the views and the path along the ridge of the mountain were breathtaking!

A short run through woodland floor gives way to a rocky scramble along the west shore of Eagle Lake, then a carpet of pine needles before you turn uphill to the rocky landings that give this trail part of its name. Challenging but not killer, there are fabulous vistas in every direction, even on a day when fog occasionally shrouded the high points. Well worth breaking a good sweat for this one!

Great easy hike to get some awesome views of Acadia. We actually started the day off by climbing South Bubble right before tackling this loop and it didn’t add too much to the overall time or effort required.

Great views. Strenuous climbing at times, but very rewarding.

Our family hiked the Jordan Cliff Trail the second week of August (just after reopening for the season). It's a great trail when the park is crowded. We saw few people along the trail as it is not near the larger towns on the island. I suggest you park your car at Jordan Pond House by 9 a.m. before it fills then hike the trails. We reserved a few months ahead for lunch at the Pond House restaurant for 3 p.m. which left us plenty of time to hike. Regarding the hike, there are a few ledges without rails and a narrow bridge but for this family that has little climbing experience, it was all very approachable

Beautiful hike! I did the loop counter-clockwise too to keep the nice slop down from the top for the end. I did not know what to expect from the loop before going down Canon Brook trail, but I loved the river bed in the middle of the forest. It was worth going down and up again!

5 days ago

One of the most incredible hikes I’ve ever done! It is certainly challenging and not good for those with a fear of heights... but an experience not to be missed! Once up, it seems safest and the best idea to go down north ridge and then black/orange trail.

5 days ago

This was a great experience! I am excited to share it with my family (of adult children)!

Great experience for novice hiker/rock climber!

8 days ago

The more difficult bigger brother of the Beehive Trail. This trail has so much upper arm work between the ladder rungs and the boulder climbing to get to the top. If you are afraid of heights there are a few skinny areas I wouldn't recommend looking down. This is a full body workout kind of trail but it is so much fun! For sure an experience you don't want to pass up.

Great hike for my son and I. Challenging for me and my son (27)'was able to get a good workout in. Beautiful vistas...the hike back down was incredible. Come prepared with plenty of water.

Great hike! Completed in around 3 hours roundtrip. Wasn't difficult at all! Loved it!

Loved the way up to this beautiful mountain with ocean backdrop and cool breeze. While coming down I took the A Murray Trail and went almost 2.3 miles off of south ridge trail. I was literally the only one on the trail. Too much elevation gain when merging to South Ridge trail. As this is my third hike today after beehive and precipice foot hurts so bad. But the views from the top are amazing. There are loads of people once you get to the top and there is an eco store on the summit.

12 days ago

Beautiful, adventurous hike with incredible ocean views on top. The cliff walks are amazing. You have to go under the rocks too at one place. This has more iron rungs than bee hive trail. Really loved this one and want to show this to my friends when I visit next time. I came down via north ridge.

beautiful but def has some steep/narrow/gnarly spots
take your time because 1) its beautiful and you'll want to look at everything and 2) some tricky climbs and scrambles

Come early as the trail got pretty crowded when we went in the late morning. This definitely isn’t the type of trail where you can pass people at will as parts of the trail are straight vertical. Great views towards the end as the cliffside exposes you to a great view of Bar Harbour as well as all the Porcupine islands

16 days ago

great trail. lots of climbing. awesome views

Crazy fun and thrilling. Don’t do it backwards I did it that way today with 2 more friends was not a very good idea. Demands high skills and balance if done revers, not with the risk.

It was a great hike. Gets more challenging as you get closer to the top.
Took us 4 hours, stopping to take photos as well as catch our breath at some points. The top can be very congested with people and cars as most drive to see the top. We started at 8am we were back down by noon would definitely recommend going early!

Hiked this back in July- don’t head down the rungs, just up them! Great way to ease my fear of heights. Amazing views.

23 days ago

Ladders and rungs are correct. Challenging hike. Poles will get in the way. Really foggy when I went.

We did this 7.1 mike trail in roughly 3 hours, taking our time to stop along the way and enjoy the views. Can’t wait to go back!

rock climbing
23 days ago

I did this hike by myself as part of my me time and I REALLY LOVE IT! It was HARD but very satisfying type of hard lol.

I started hiking around 8:30am which was a great time because there wasn’t so much traffic. Take your time and enjoy every challenge and adrenaline rush you get on this trail and enjoy the view instead of “I can’t wait to see the top” kind of thing. Take snacks and some electrolytes lol. I only took a water bottle and I forgot snacks and I didn’t eat breakfast too

24 days ago

Incredible views, and definitely a sense of accomplishment when you get to the top!! The way up is difficult but there are places to stop and take a breather along the way.

Hike from north ridge base to the top of Cadillac and south ridge down. Granite rock for for the first half of the way down. Tree roots the last half. Use the bus in the park to get around

27 days ago

“Wow” is all I have to say. You will feel so accomplished once you reach the summit. The views are incredible. This hike is HARD. Definitely need to wear proper footwear. Pace yourself going up! There are a lot of iron rungs and dangerous situations so beware. Definitely not for the faint of heart or if you fear heights. If you want to give it a go and try the trail and you can Hess back down the much easier orange and black path. Very rewarding though. Type “precipice trail” in google maps and it’ll take you right to the parking lot.

Potentially my favorite hike I’ve ever done. The views are so gorgeous the entire time with just enough danger to keep it interesting.

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