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This was such an enjoyable walk around the pond. Nice loop open to the pond and into the trees. Then we stopped to have popovers and ice cream at the Jordan Pond House. Totally recommend it. Great afternoon!

Loved this one! My kids (9/11) and me loved the ladders so the short but super step ascent goes by quickly. Great views (we saw bolt eagles) on the little cliff loop trail to the north I would always add (its not in the recording shown here) and the way back is not hard and nice as well.

2 days ago

Beautiful trail with gorgeous views around Jordan Pond. As at most popular spots, parking was tough when we arrived at ~10:30. We went clockwise and about 1/5 of the way in, encountered a some easy portions on split logs to keep you out of boggy paths; if someone comes from the other way, one party must yield. A little easy scrambling over some rocks and boulders. Mostly easy paths and a couple bridges. No bikes or wheelchairs. My boys took a quick detour up to bubble rock and met us back at Jordan Pond House for lunch. Skip the heavily-hyped $4 popovers if you are on a budget. Saw loons, frogs, fish, gulls, and chipmunks. Heard squirrels. Fairly busy on this hike, but not annoyingly. Only heard street traffic only as we completed the east side.

GreTa trail. surprisingly not to busy. The views!!!

Really nice trail with amazing views along the ridge going towards the summit. Only downside was its proximity to the cars driving on the summit road... you could hear them much of the way up and at points the trail runs near the road. Did this as a sunrise hike because we got up too late to hike the south ridge. However, the views were still great, and we sat to watch the sunrise along the ridge to avoid the massive crowds on the summit.

Chose this route from the summit of Cadillac mountain, after taking the Gorge path to the top. Nice route that somewhat follows the summit road. We had parked near the Gorge path entrance from the park loop road, which was about 1/2 mile walk back to our vehicle on exiting this trail.

Beautiful scenery! Add on the bubbles for extra fun!

Went up in early August. Good, fairly intense hike with well-marked trails. The day before was foggy so we decided to wait a day and it was a great decision. We’re all in pretty good shape (aging from 15 to 50) and it took an hour and fifteen minutes going up with stops for water breaks and pictures.

Beautiful hike. Very easy, but also very busy.

if you stay on the trail it's an easy trail but the views will not disappoint!!

As others noted, the views along the ridge are spectacular. Nothing complicated or advanced here, so the moderate rating is spot on. The trail does require stamina to make it up, but there are plenty of good rest stops along the way if you need them. The top of the mountain has no shade, so planning a early start would avoid the summer heat. It will also give you a chance at a parking spot near the trail head. This trail is a easy descent and makes a nice loop with the gorge trail.

I would rate this trail moderate-hard. The climb is quite steep on many sections on the way up, but totally worth it! Amazing views from every direction! The temperature dropped considerably at the top.

I honestly can’t say enough about this trail. It’s stunning. That said, it gets crowded as it’s easy. If you’re doing the loop, go early.

I left from the restaurant at 1pm and went up the east side and to the Bubbles Connector and up Pemetic then back down to the restaurant. While the second half of my loop was quite difficult the first part is entirely flat with most of the way walking on boards across the lake brush.

Be very careful to not step off the boards. If another group is coming or passing, step on a nearby rock and not the brush.

Wasn't at all what I expected. ztook the shuttle, walked .6 miles to parking lot and then down to the shore. Could only see lighthouse if you climbed around others on the rocks. The poor people living there must feel like they are on exhibit. Been there, done that. Wanted ride pools, but there is no way to really see that here.

Great hike. Loved the plank trail and rocks. My family really enjoyed this hike!

Again, I’m not a “hiker” but I really enjoyed hiking with my 20 year old daughter on this trail. We’ll, I did better than I thought since I am completely out of shape and overweight.. The trail is very rocky and just a little slippery in places. Its quite steep for a novice but so enjoyable. The views are nothing short of stunning. I had to rest a couple of times but “speedy” the daughter almost ran up the mountain. One thing that was interesting to me was that several times I thought I was at the summit, but was wrong. Oh well!

Jordan Pond is one of my favorite destination in Acadia. The scenic view from this pond is absolutely memorable and I've done this trail on every visit to Acadia. The air is fresh, the water is refreshing and the view is simply spirit rejuvenating. The only thing I have been meaning to do is to rent a kayak or canoe out for a few hours. I really like to see the scenery from the water's point of view.

This was the inaugural hike for my daughter and I, and it was amazing. Great bonding experience, to be sure, as neither of us had attempted such a climb before, and we weren't totally sure what the 'Moderate' rating would mean for us. This is a totally manageable hike if you're in decent condition. There are a few steeper, hardscrabble areas, but as other reviewers mention, there are many flat areas to rest, and each rewarded us with a more amazing view than the last. A hiking pole is useful, though not a necessity. While the view from the top is nice, it IS a mass of humanity as most simply drive up. Climb from the bottom;, and bring your camera; you'll be rewarded!

nice walk. pleasant and easy

The other reviews are correct.. this was a very challenging, excellent hike. We found the bouldering more challenging than we were expecting with the kids. The view from Gilmore's peak was incredible. We didn't make it to Sargent peak because our party had hit our limits and decided to go back down the way we came. We had a few slips in the rocks on the way back including some near misses to serious injury. Overall as a more experienced hiker, I'd recommend this trail to adults who are confident to hike difficult trails. I thoroughly enjoyed this hike, but it was too much for all of our party this time.

Great trail..my 7 and 13 year old made it to the top and back. Very rocky and steep in sections. Took about 4 hours with wife and 2 children. Small parking area at trailhead. Gets busy as day goes on..

25 days ago

Was an easy walk and a break from the rest of our hike we connected multiple trails and this one provided a nice break.

We never found the cliff. It was a good hike but it wasn’t what we expected.

Busy, and side to the left of the pond is a bog walk on logs that limits ability to get out of the way of others. Right side of the pond is super easy, gravel.

Great hike. Would like to see trailb a bit further away from the road because of the sound. But spectacular view makes this a Five Star hike for the average hiker.

29 days ago

Enjoy scenic views. From Jordan pond house, the left half of the lake features wooden walkways followed by a rocky trail. The right side of the lake is a natural sandy trail.

NO DOGS. The app is possibly outdated, July 2018 there is a sign for no dogs. I have been coming up here and walking this trail for many years, and it is a nice trail taking you down to the water. Years ago we were able to see sunning seals. Nowadays you would need binoculars to see them if they’re out. This trip I was disappointed to arrive with my new dog, just to turn around and get back in the car.

Overcast but still a gorgeous place to go. When you go to the entrance of the Reservoir (Jordan Pond) take a right , it will be a nice easy stroll, within 2 miles you will come across an area that you must climb through rocks lots of them,eventually you will get a wooden narrow walkway,(slippery whem wet)Not a good hike for someone that is elderly unless you can just stay before the rocks and turn around. The hike is gorgeous and peaceful.

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