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Great hike! Not to difficult either. If you do this trail definitely take the short Cadillac Cliffs loop!

Added the Bowl Trail and part of Beehive to make it a bit more interesting. Nice scenic summits.

1 month ago

Nice and feasible, even in the snow

Quick great hike. The road to this trail it’s close in the winter, you just have to walk extra 0.4 miles to get to the trail head. Beautiful views of the lake and ocean sites of the mountains

2 months ago

Nice and easy quick hike! Very fast in and out, and it wasn’t too busy. (Thoigh it was completely dogged in when I went so that may be why)

Great trail, started at the beehive, took the bowl to Gorham Mtn trail ended on beach trail back to beehive trailhead. 3.6 mi loop. Very few hikers this time of year. Was perfect day to hike.

Great hike, went with my husband and one year old son (he was in a backpack carrier). Great views, wasn’t too long, and quiet.

2 months ago

Hiked the Beehive trail and connected to the bowl to make a big loop. Beautiful, crystal clear lake. You'll want to bring something to swim in!

This was a fun hike. There are great views. We simply did the loop counter-clockwise from the parking area along the highway. Be aware that once you reach the top of the South Bubble, the trail continues down the face of the Bubble; it is steep and a lot of bouldering is involved until you get down to Jordan Pond.

2 months ago

I’d definitely do it again! The fire-tower at the summit is unexpected but provides good views.

Great views!

This was a great hike. We took the loop counter clockwise and got all the difficult section of the trail out of the way first. The last part of the trail is very flat and easy and includes thunder hole (which you want to visit 2 hours before high tide). I am glad we had the flat section last at dusk. For my novice experience as a hiker, I would not want to be on the mountain part after dark. Beautiful views of the ocean and fall leaves.

3 months ago

Super fun and quick trail. About 20 minutes to the top, all uphill with a few rock scrambles. Bring a lunch and have a picnic at the top, great spot for that.

Make sure you do the whole loop, not just the shortest (steepest) climb to the tower or you'll miss the amazing views on the .7 section.

Steep in the beginning but not too difficult. An amazing place to watch the sunset without the crowds of Cadillac Mountain! Loved getting to climb up a ways on the fire tower too.

We did this “by accident” while hiking Jordan pond - Best decision!! So much fun. Views are unreal. Somewhere between medium/hard.

3 months ago

The woman in the visitor center recommended this - thrilled she did or we may not have ventured out. Hard but not strenuous. Very well marked. Cold and windy at the top. Very easy to add in Parkman peak (adds less than .2mi).

accidentally decended and had to go back up. beautiful both ways. best views.

My favorite! So much fun, so rewarding

Pretty moderate- first part is basically a walk on the road, but the views at the summit are incredible. Pretty well populated, but crowds taper off after thunder hole.

3 months ago

Short and sweet. Not too challenging; great for young kids and dogs. Gorgeous views at the top.

My uncle bob is a rock star.

Moderate loop trail, added Bowl and Beehive to make it about a 2 hour hike, some up hill and boulder climbing, Beehive has ladders and not for everyone. Really busy October 5th, does have good views. Not a secluded hike at all if that's what your looking for.

Short easy hike with good views. Foggy when we went so not that great. The balancing rock was pretty cool

Beautiful loop hike combining seaside walk with lovely mountain top panoramas. We extended the hike by adding the bowl and the beehive.

Approached from the Jordan Pond trail traveling counterclockwise, very steep rock scramble ascent with some sketchy parts especially when wet. The view is well worth it in my opinion and it's a fun trail, maybe not for those nervous of heights. We descended down the less steep portion and connected to complete the Jordan Pond loop. I think the first part is pretty technical and should be considered hard, not moderate.

South Bubble was sooo much fun we started from Jordan pond and went counterclockwise to get there. We did have our two Jack Russell’s with us to explore the unknown. We started to ascend and quickly realized we were out of shape ... not the girls tho they were loving every minute of the climb! It was very challenging but sooo incredible the girls were able to hop up every rock tho we did have to lift them up some of the more massive/tight rocks formations but the four of us made it up and back down the bubble with flying colors! We loved it!!!

Beautiful views and overall fun to hike over the rocks. It was a perfect day with no clouds and blue sky. We took lots of pictures.

Beautiful hike! A bit crowded

Loved this hike. Beautiful views!

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