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6 hours ago

20 hours ago

Really nice hike, steep in spots. Had my 9 year old son with me and he carried a 21lb pack with him with no issues. Take the time and camp up near the lake. Will do this again for sure.

Did this about a month ago, it’s a fun hike! It is steep in some areas and there is a bit of loose shale the entire hike so do be careful. I didn’t get far enough to see the caves unfortunately. The trail head is a little bit confusing so when you park and see the creek to your left, you can follow the creek up or just to the right of it is the actual trail. The views are amazing. Also I brought my dog with me and she managed just fine. Had to lift her onto a couple of bigger rocks to keep going but nothing to scary for her. Took about 3 1/2 hours to do (including stopping for a snack) Give it a try!

2 days ago

Excellent short hike. Good for beginners.

Amazing views the whole way up to the geocache, but it's definitely worth it to go the rest of the scramble to the summit. Trails were well used and visible with lots of other hikers.

10 days ago

Great trail. Well marked with orange and pink tape. well warn in. Lots of places to camp if you want to break up the hike but can be done in one day. On arrival there are a few group sites and single sites. At the far end of the lake there are more sites and bear food hangers. i would recommend this hike for sure. Well fit hiking boots or shoes and poles are a must. Have fun hiking.

Great little hike!! Easy to follow for the most part.... lost it a couple times on the way back but found it easily enough.... would definitely do it again!!

Start of trail was kinda deceiving.... didn’t realize you had to walk down the ditch to the trail head.... trail was kinda hard to follow in places but once you seen the flags it was ok.... would definitely do it again though.....the falls were nice!!!

closer to 21km each way then 17km. A group of three of us did it in 7hours going in then 6hours on the way out over 2 days. Would not rate this as hard, if anything it's an easy hike. After the second bridge crossing there is a fairly steep hill and then after the stream crossing there is another slightly larger and steeper hill however neither are extremely challenging. There arent many campsites at the lake so if you're planning on going during a long weekend make sure you go out very early. fishing is decent but dont expect any trophy fish.

Great hike, incredible views! Very steep, would recommend hiking shoes.

Trail to the falls is closed due to wild fire. :( you cant even cross the suspension bridge. So check trail report first before you head there.

12 days ago

Nice easy trail with some fun creek drainage bouldering toward the top. Left trailhead at 9:45am and our group was the 2nd group up. Great little scramble to the enormous and cool cave at top. By the time we finished lunch and we’re headed down, the trail was packed with hikers. (Stopped counting after 70). Good views, but take a flashlight for the cave.

14 days ago

Pretty casual hiking up to the hoodoos, from there you could continue up the creek to the cave. We decided to ascend the slope to the south, there’s a bit of a trail to start and then you’ll have to scramble up some shale but when make it to the top of the ridge the view is incredible.

A bit busy to the first set but that's where most families stop. The views are amazing! Well worth some difficult areas on the way to the 2nd and 3rd sets of falls.

16 days ago

I did this hike in 2016, and 2017. I plan to hopefully do the hike again in 2018. It was brutal on my first time, which also happened to be my first time ever doing a back country hiking and camping trip. I had started to wonder if it was a mistake to do this hike and was regretting it. It has since become my favourite place to camp and I try to make the trip at least once a year. The trail can be a little confusing at certain points. It takes me about 7 hours to hike in, and less to hike out. I recommend hiking to sentinel creek to camp out before heading out early the next day to get a good head start on the trail.

Very easy trail, good run in the morning.

Breathtaking falls on a relatively easy trail.

Fantastic view. There is no clear direction from the welcome sign, just keep driving and passing a large parking and washroom.

The hiking trail is unmarked and on the left hand side from the viewpoint.

17 days ago

We found the trail difficult to follow. Thankfully someone was nice enough to mark the trail with ribbon in a few places. Ended up getting stuck in a surprise thunderstorm including hail and a downpour. Im sure we will try it again as I like taking the hikes less travelled. Make sure you check the weather before the hike, while you still have cell service :)

17 days ago

This hike is very challenging. We made it in 2 days and it definitely felt longer than what this app says. Lot’s of up and down, creek crossings and uneven ground. We took our 6 year old and 10 year and they both did awesome but I would not recommend it!! Camping was amazing, views were amazing, and fishing was awesome! Loved it there. My only recommendation is good footwear and pack light! Definitely worth the reward of reaching the Lake!! Oh, and crossing the creek in bare feet was a breeze, even our 6 year old had no issues.

easy hike as long as you stay on the main trail.

Great little trail, lots of variety between forest and open areas, helped to cool down on a hot day! Used this as a training trail for my 5 month old puppy’s first hike, perfect trail! Variety, obstacles beautiful views and an easy morning or afternoon hike. Also did this hike before when I was still rehabilitating by knee from an injury, not too drastic of a slope if you stick to the trail!

it is fun easy and a nice walk for the dogs, great for kids

After tuning off the main highway to head to Crescent Falls you park at the first look out on your left. The trail is marked by 2 big rocks to your right. The Crescent Falls part of the hike was alright for a 40+ overweight first timer. If you’re afraid of high places the first part of the hike is testing. Got my heart rate way up just from that. I did not see much of the scenery due to looking directly down as to not trip and go over the edge. Trail is not marked so I was happy we were able to find it.

Planned on continuing to the Big Horn hike at the falls but was unable to find the trail head, walked through the camp ground and there was no markers for it. Even asked some people and no one was clear to where it was. Walked along the river and thought I saw a trail on the other side but I was not going to wade across the rapids to be wrong.

I will go back camping there at some point up by the falls because you can drive right in and then the search will continue for the big horn loop trail.

The falls are really nice to look at.

Good hike up to the canyon. We got turned around because of a storm that rolled in on us, so we didn't get to explore and enjoy the canyon or the apparent falls below. Walked out drenched with lightning over our heads, but it was exciting all the same.

19 days ago

Great easy hike in to first falls about 4 km. Apparent second falls is very small, and mixed information on third falls. Some on here suggested to go see it. On the trail, another couple said they couldn't find it. The front desk at our resort said it was an overnight hike. We turned back at about 5 or 6 km. The river is beautiful. Best hike of the week for my wife and I.

20 days ago

Nice trail for a walk/family friendly hike. Took 3 kiddos 1.5/3/8, and a dog. Lots of sloppy muddy spots today.

Great easy hike, was able to bring my 50 odd year old mother, great views, relaxed hike, quite populated however, and if you’re not willing to cross the stream in your car or truck near the river, then use the parking lots. Don’t clog up the road trying to turn around.

Conservation officers were out in full force the day I was there.

Went on this hike with my sister, there was some bushwhacking involved. We were aiming for Coral Ridge not the canyon, but the ridge hike isn’t on this app. Got turned around for about 90 mins but spotted some piles of dog poop in the deep bush which reenergized our motivation and we didn’t stop till we got to the top of that ridge. You can see Abraham Lake, David Thompson Highway and more from up there. The view was stunning, and once you reach the ridge, you can follow it all the way up to the mountain peak. We were finding fossils at the top of the ridge, as well spotted a huge gorgeous golden owl on the way up. Pack snacks and plan for an extra couple hours, as it’s easy to get turned around. Path is becoming overgrown, but you can see it if you take your time and keep your eyes open. We went off a hiking book published in the late 90s, so some things had changed since then. This one is much more difficult than the Allstones Lake hike, and is only 20-30km west of Allstones on the David Thompson Highway west of Nordegg, AB.

Hadn’t been hiking or physically worked out in years. Then about 4 years ago my sister told me she was going on this hike. I figured it was the perfect way to test myself, so I went with her. I don’t know how they come up with their difficulty ratings, but this hike was far from hard. A couple steep shale inclines is the hardest it gets. Got back tired but far from sore. Left my keys up there accidentally when we went swimming, so the next day we did it again to retrieve them. For an out of shape desk jockey like myself (at the time), I was pleasantly surprised at how well my body handled it twice in two days. I was immediately looking for a harder one. Great hike for rookies, people that may be a bit out of shape or for people looking for a casual hike with a bit of altitude. But AllTrails rates this hike as hard. I’m hoping the first hard one I pick from this app is actually hard and doesn’t disappoint.

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