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Love Rolley Lake trail we go every week, it is pretty easy and a nice hike, there is some rocks, tree roots and logs to walk over but nothing much at all.

The Rolley lake falls however is not easy at all. the trail its self is difficult to find and there are areas that you are not even sure your on the right path.

I go hiking with my mom and my 8 year old son and our dogs and this trail was a little difficult.

Beaware it takes a longer then expected time and where you have to go down you have to come back up again.

There are many big rocks, logs, roots and fallen trees to climb over and at one time it looks like there were stairs but they are all worn away now.

There should be two different entrys on this page about the two different trails and different ratings.

great family hike but no view... hard to show the kids how far they climbed when we couldnt see anything. regardless we had a great time. baby in the pack and our 3, 5 and 7yr olds hiked in and out like little champs!

we will do it again if the look pit gets trimmed back a bit

6 days ago

Very easy trail with views of the river on one side and farms on the other side. The only drawback, for me, is the inconsiderate pets owners who don't pick after their pets.

Easy after work-before dinner hike! The trail is really well maintained and suitable for all skill levels.

on Teapot Hill

9 days ago

Great hike this morning! Love our rain forest!!

This is a great waterfall to visit that is definitely less busy than some others such as bridal falls. It's actually very stunning in its cascading beauty. We actually discovered freshwater crayfish down below it as well. A hidden gem.

11 days ago

Loved the view!

Nice and quick trail. By itself it's a short hike but it's also connected to the larger trail system for those who want a longer hike.

There was a large nest of black and white hornets about 15 minutes from the trailhead. they are hidden in the bushes. unfortunately my 5 year old was attacked by 2 of them and we had to turn back.

17 days ago

had a hard time finding trailhead as the directions were not correct . we had to go to the campsite registration booth to find out where it is after travelling back and forth on the road for half an hour nowhere does it say that it is in entrance bay campsite(just past site 8 there is a sign.) definitely would not say it is easy/for all levels starts out fairly steep. did not complete the hike as it was too hot for such a steep hike.

17 days ago

we took our daughter for the hike. enjoyed the hike. mild trail. lots of teapots were spotted. it was fun.

22 days ago

My wife and I took our 2 year old daughter and it was enjoyable searching for the teapots. The hike itself is fairly mild compared to others in the area and depending on your skill level.

Nice day out but trail to the falls is NOT well marked out.

26 days ago

Fairly easy hike! Pretty much all uphill with a few sharp inclines, but nothing like doing a grind. Nice views from up top with a nice rewarding breeze to cool off to.

28 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike! I’m a relative beginner and this was manageable while still offering a challenge. It was fun to look for all of the teapots.

clean trail with nice waterfall as a reward in the end

1 month ago

It took me an hour

I thought I really enjoyed it! Many different forest feels.

The loop is not open since BC Hydro doesn't want to spend the money needed to upgrade the floating bridge across Harsine inlet. contact Hydro to protest

Hiked up to international Ridge with the intention of summiting Amadis but couldn't make it all the way on July 5th 2018.

The trail starts just off the road and is easily accessible to all vehicles. The first two kilometers or so of this trail go along a very well maintained wide horse trail. After about two kilometers you will reach a junction, go left towards international ridge. The trail here becomes slightly overgrown, when I did it much of the trail was covered in plants and stinging nettle, after about 2.5 maybe 3 kilometers of slight uphill through that you will start going uphill towards the ridge. This part of the trail is reasonably steep but luckily not overgrown for the most part. You will be treated to some small viewpoints of Cultus lake, Columbia Valley and the Fraser Valley looking West along the way. At the 7 kilometer mark you will come across a viewpoint looking North and East and you will have a view of the Cheam range, Chilliwack river valley and Chilliwack itself.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to continue on from here as there is no water on the trail (at least as far as I went) and I was running out. So if you plan on going all the way to Amadis it may be a good idea to pack a lot of water.

1 month ago

Average rating because I’m a sucker for a rewarding view at the end.

1 month ago

We were there insanely early. Can’t imagine parking had we been any later. Other than that concern, quick, fun and effective hike.

Lovely treed, dry forest floor. Well marked trail (once you find the trailhead) that would be good underfoot for trail running. Rolling terrain with some nice views,but mostly in trees along ridge. If you take the Vedder Mountain Trail Road (look for wood post with vertical lettering, 3km from Parameter Road), turn right, drive 0.7km along this "new" road that needs high clearance to get over the ditches. Park at the end on the RIGHT, the trail head is hidden behind the dirt mount to your LEFT.
I was the only hiker the day I was there. Very peaceful hike. Dry trail with soft forest floor, very few roots and rocks. Very well maintained thanks to VMTA.
I hiked 4km out and back (8km total) in about 2:40.. I am not a fast hiker, though. Short on time so I did not get to do the rope section.

1 month ago

The views along the Matsqui Trail are amazing and very diverse. It is easy for hiking, biking, and trail running. And not to forget to mention the photography opportunities.

1 month ago

Great trail. Short walk but a beautiful destination. The trail is open. I don’t know why it’s marked closed.

This hike is actually a loop around the entire lake. It was closed for a long time while they did seismic upgrades on Ruskin Dam-- it should be open now-- check first! I found the Reservoir Trail less scenic, and it is longer as well, so some may want to stick to the in and out of the Railway Trail :)

From the Website:

Follow the path of a historic railway

Railway Trail runs down the west side of Hayward Lake. The pathway of the trail once served as the railway connecting nearby Stave Lake Reservoir to the district of Mission. The flat and wide area makes for a fairly easy hike with a brief section of inclines and declines. Hikers and bikers can make their way down the 6-km trail all the way to the Ruskin Dam located at the south end of the lake before crossing over the dam to Reservoir Trail.

See the dam and waterfalls

On the opposite side of the lake, Reservoir Trail will take you on a 10-km walk through the forest. Follow the north end detour for views of Steelhead Falls and don't miss the canoe landing towards the south end to take a short break and enjoy views of the lake.

Note: You can also walk to the waterfall from the Reservoir trail parking lot. It's a kilometre or so in I think.

1 month ago

Great litttle hike. Took my 10 month old daughter up in a carrier and it was fairly easy and the inclines were pretty gentle for the most part.

Took the kids it was fun counting teapots along the way

Beautiful views of the lake and not too strenuous. We spent 3.5 hours slowly out and back.

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