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beautiful trail. one of my favorites!

2 days ago

Fun hike! Was fairly easy with a beautiful payoff at the end. So many lakes that can be seen!

A hard hike, quick elevation gain with many scrambles! But totally worth the challenge! Very rewarding and we saw goats!!

nature trips
5 days ago

What a great hike for a beginner backpacker. It’s just enough to challenge you. Just got back today on August 12th.

Hey everyone! First off, this was a beautiful hike! We backpacked in, and it was a great overnight trip. It wasn’t too steep, and the dogs loved it as well.

The parking lot fills up quick! If you don’t get there at 5:00 A.M, you could be looking at an extra mile from where you have to park. (Unless you are a rebel and have no problem getting a ticket for parking where it clearly says you cannot.

There were no signs leaving from Washington Lake. If it wasn’t for the All Trails app, I would have been really confused on where to go. So make sure to open up that little map All Trails has to offer.

iPhone users beware, if you hit the directions option from your all trails app, it WILL lead you to a different parking lot! Open up the actual map all trails provides, click on the little arrow to the bottom left, and actually follow your phones directions to the correct parking to get to the trailhead. And as I said before, there were no signs, it actually says there are two different lakes that you’ll be hiking past.

Great trail with amazing views. For the time and distance, the top is very worth it!

8 days ago

I did this about 3 years ago and there was some snow on the alpine section. This time, of course, no snow, so I was able to see more of what the landscape looks like. I had hoped to escape the smoke, but even the high Uintahs had smoke. A great, short, easy hike with some precarious-looking edges for those of us who are afraid of heights. Too many stupid-looking cairns at the top.

This was my first hike to the summit of a mountain and I agree it is good for a beginner! I would not consider it hard or difficult. Definitely moderate. I only had to pause briefly closer to the top because of the oxygen level I suppose. Some parts were a little steep but much of it was very easy to walk. Hiking sticks are a huge help. Beautiful views at the top!

10 days ago

Great hike with the most stunning views we’ve seen yet. We took our 4, 8, and 10 yr old kids and they did great. Our little guy walked the whole way - loved climbing the rocks. The heights were a little scary toward the top, but well worth the views. Our gps said it was a little over 2 miles to the top and the round trip took us about 3 hours, but we were taking our time with the kids. Highly recommend.

11 days ago

Personally much harder and steeper than I expected for a trail that AllTrails rates as “moderate”. That said, the views from the summit were amazing! Hiking sticks are highly recommended, especially for the way down.

11 days ago

Super casual walk, no incline. A lot of people around paddle boarding and fishing.

Good hike great views.

Great hike, not too crowded, hiked pass 16 lakes. That’s cool.

One of the best hikes in Uinta mounatins! It could be a bit steep but manageable. To anyone who says it’s a really difficult hike, then maybe you should reconsider since a 3yo and 55yo was able to make it or you’ll miss the amazing views up there.

great hike. we hiked into Wall lake and the bushwacked toward Cliff Lake and made it a 3 mile hike. Would be a good hike for children.

Everyone says this is 1.3 to the top but the whole trip was logged in my gps as 5.2 and it definitely took WAY longer than we thought it would to actually summit. We also went slow since we had 2 dogs with us, one of which was smaller, but either we did something wrong or this isn't accurate. Or maybe they only count it as making it to the first piece before the rock scrambling starts. To actually summit, i believe this to be much longer, so just wanted to post this in case it helps others. We never would have brought our little dog if we had known how long it was. But all that being said, the views are beautiful from the top.

Short but steep hike to the top of bald mtn. The views from the top are incredible as you can see 20+ lakes.

loved this hike. not too steep either way, great views of lakes, cliffs and rocks. We just hiked to Ibantic lake and back. the parking lot was overflowing and rude people parked by the no parking signs along the road, which blocked traffic. we parked in the overflow parking about a half mile away with no problem.

Fun, steep trail with spectacular views and rocks! I think we counted 26 lakes/ponds that were visible from the top.

The whole thing is rocky with boulders talus and gravel. Took the dog, her paws did fine but this wasn’t her first hike this month. I put her on the leash most of the way because I was fearful of the cliff edges and her accidentally wondering/falling off. Took us 2 hours with multiple breather breaks and a 20 minute stop up top. Totally would do this hike again, and I rarely say that since there are so many hikes and so little time.

25 days ago

This is a beautiful hike that has a lot of beautiful vistas, lakes, meadows and forests. Fairly busy but not bad. We hiked only as far as the pass and didn’t go down to Ibantik Lake.

25 days ago

I loved this hike. Nice, easy hike. Felt like much less than the 2.8 miles. My son kept telling me that it's not a hike, it's a walk. Beautiful scenery ... mountains, lake, flowers, trees, birds. And fresh pine scent.

25 days ago

One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. Make it to the top, you won't regret it!

26 days ago

hard 1.4 miles one way but so worth it. Views are priceless.

27 days ago

Great trail! Tons of lakes and lots of wild life. BE ADVISED the mileage on all trails is way off. My Garmin read 9.5 miles round trip instead of 6.4. Elevation is accurate.

Perfect trail. Some steep sections, overall great day hike.

29 days ago

Good quick artery cleanser with amazing views ! I’ve hiked it multiple times and love it every time ! ☮️❤️⛰

1 month ago

Steep hike with amazing view


1 month ago

Hiked in on July 5th with my kids for one night. Hike wasn’t bad. The only challenging part was going over the pass and it wasn’t hard at all. Fishing wasn’t great. Caught one fish on a worm. 9 mountain goats walked through our camp. 6-7 awesome camping spots and a few more that are decent. By evening most were occupied. Two streams feed into the lake on both sides of the lake. Plenty of firewood within 80 yards of the bank. Breeze blows from the West most of the day and stops a little after sundown. Mosquitos weren’t bad, but we wore 100% Deet.. Perfect first back packing trip for my 4 kids (18, 16, 14, 11). Views are spectacular. Water is so clear. Would definitely go again.

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