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A great time for everyone in the family.

Good trail

This is a great trail from start to finish. Rocky Falls is a geologic wonder and Klepzig Mill has history and a scenic setting. Be prepared for a couple stream crossings between the two, especially if it has rained recently. Heading toward the mill and just about a 1/4 mile before the NN Highway crossing the wild horses were just about 50 yards off the trail grazing in a field seemingly unconcerned with my passing. They were beautiful. As you cross NN Highway (which was closed due to high water when I hiked the trail) don’t let the first blaze fool you. You still need to go up the highway about 50 yards from the first blaze before the trail turns into the woods. The boulders in and along the stream on this stretch of the trail are huge. Great hike!

Agreed! The south part is not there. Got lost for about 30 minutes and it was pretty freaky! Stay safe and download a map. Keep your eyes on it

A very good way to spend the day moseying through the woods. Prepare to get your feet wet or get creative in crossing two small branches. The wild horses were out and awe-mazing!!! I will definitely hike this trail again....with my chacos in tow for stream crossings.

First time hiking the Mark Twain Forest. Trail head was actually for two different trails, in the same campground, Greer Rec Area north of Alton, Mo. Well kept campground, trail head was easy to find (see photos). Ample parking and restrooms too. The trail was well marked in the beginning but as time went on the markings were scarcer, some needed replacing. Trail was covered with leaves (its December) but able to be followed if you pay attention. Would have given this a 5 rating except the description was wrong, this trail is much longer than described. The distance "Out" is actually about 7.5 miles, one way, which would make a 15 mile out and back, not 8.8 miles. I stopped at 5.1 and made a cross country trek of about 1/4 mile and dropped down to the River Trail for my return and still ended up with 8.2 miles. So, the "loop" at the end of my "out" venture is not a trail as I had to trail blaze it down a small canyon. I hooked up with the River Trail and came back that way. All in all it was a nice hike, but next time I will stick to the "Upland trail" to the end and allow myself more time. A word of caution, the River Trail will be full of bugs and snakes come warm weather, so prepare accordingly. No worries on the upper "Upland Trail".

1 month ago

The scenery was wonderful. Well worth the time to explore, but be aware there are no real signs that show the loop or where the trails are at. It was fun to sort of make our own though.

Beautiful trail on a picture perfect 65 degree, sunny day. All passer-by’s and fishermen were friendly. Excellent day.

Loved this cave!!

Great trail, well maintained. Now a biking trail, well marked, but a map helps tremendously as there are several overlapping trail loops.

Not sure why it says 13.7 out and back. It is a loop that is close to 20 miles. My cousin, my dog and I hiked this Nov. 3rd and 4th. The leaves were changing and we lost track of the different varieties of mushrooms we seen. There was an abundance of places to filter water so there wasn’t a need to carry more than a couple of quarts and probably could have got away with less. There are some caves and a natural spring to check out along the way but one cave is closed during the winter. I would suggest taking a map and compass as the trails are not well marked and can be easy to lose during leaf fall. We tried using gps off of a couple of different apps but found non of the recorded tracks to be completely reliable. I would definitely hike this trail again.

Me and a buddy did the loop starting at Camp Five Pond Trailhead heading CCW. The trail was fairly well traveled (met 2 couples doing the same trip we were doing) which made it easier to pick up but was still tough in spots. The leaf fall is late this year so we didn't have a lot of new leaf litter to deal with. That would have likely made it pretty difficult. There were still some tough spots. We had a compass, this map: http://www.ouachitamaps.com/Irish%20Wilderness.html and a GPS for backup/redundancy against our orienteering skills. The map from Ouachita Maps was very accurate, even more so than the trail that the GPS showed (I think that was USGS data). Even so, we lost the trail a couple of times but were able to pick it back up fairly quickly with a little scouting around. Be careful coming out of White's Creek after the float camp (heading CCW). The ascent is tough and the trail is really easy to lose there! There was a curious 'encampment' at the Fiddler Spring access, we weren't sure what to make of it but it wasn't a backpacker's set up. Didn't see any of the inhabitants, though.

Beautiful wilderness area with great views/scenery as the trail goes along the river. We did it in 2 days, camping only 1 night. About 11.5 hours total hiking time. Map and compass/GPS (and the ability to use them effectively) are critical - I wouldn't do this trip without them.

The autumnal colors were stunning when I visited. Trail was great and relatively easy to follow. However, during our trip the multiple water crossings required getting my feet wet as the water was well over the tops of my hiking boots.

2 months ago

great horseback trail. large parking area. it has a variety road riding, hills and flat trails rocky areas and sandy areas. ponds and spring feed tiny creeks for horse water. Never muddy has a couple of bridges to cross. we have seen dear, turkey, turtles opposum and other wildlife. They do allow hunting so avoid it during gun dear season.

2 months ago

My friends and I started at Greer Rec Area with the intent to hike up to the bluff overlooking the river. (This would be hiking west towards McCormack Lake.) It was so overgrown we were unable to tell where the path was and unable to see trail markers so we had to turn back. That makes me sad. My family hiked from McCormack Lake to Greer every summer when our kids were young. And we still talk about the stinging nettle we encountered on one of those hikes!! :-P

3 months ago

Amazing blue water and I saw an unidentifiable amphibian in the damn spillway about 2 feet long with hind legs. Amazing!

Great out and back trail. Mill and shuts ins at halfway point totally worth it! Trail is well kept. Three small creek crossings - no need to take shoes off. Hiked it with my wife in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

We did 4.5 of this trail. Had to get off due to mosquitos. Will wait until it is cooler to hike it all at once. Trail is well maintained.

This trail is not accurate. Poorly marked and got lost several times. The south leg of the trail does not exist. Be very careful. This map put my wife and I in danger.

The trail is in rough condition; very overgrown and easy to lose with no markings. It is definitely low on water right now, but plenty of spider webs! I think I took home most of them on my face.

4 months ago

Good times, camped on the side of a bluff in a hammock.

Me and my husband had planned to go to the very southern trailhead near Hendrickson and hike up from there to the highway 172 spot. Upon following the map to where the trailhead was suppose to be, we found we were lead to someone’s house and the map showed the spot was behind their house. We went to inquire to see if they knew about the trail but nobody was home so we just went to the highway 172 entrance and hiked in and out. Curious as to where the actual end point is now.

4 months ago

Good fishing spots. Easy to get to.

4 months ago

Trail was great !!! Super glad I had the pro version of All Trail and was able to view the downloaded map the entire trip. Otherwise for me it would have been impossible to stay on trail. The markers are all throughout the trail but I felt might have been a little misleading because of all the other trails that intersect with the Mudlick Trail.

The trail definitely was a challenge even though the gain was not terrible tough.

Overall I really enjoyed the trail and experience !!

5 months ago

we only hiked for 30 minutes in/30 min out. pretty easy trail that ran parallel to the st. francis river.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail, there are several loops for all skill levels. Take the bottom trail to the falls, you can easily walk right up to the bottom of it.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail.Very easy, yet enjoyable for all skill levels. I did this after a pretty heavy downpour and the trail wasn't slick or dangerous. Great trail for the summer when you want to jump in the water for a quick cool down then hop right back on the trail and keep going.

scenic driving
5 months ago

It's not a hike unless you want to walk in the road or on the shoulder. It IS a gorgeous drive, especially in the fall.

6 months ago

An beautiful trail that is easy enough to take the whole family on.

Great short trail! LOVED the waterfall! Got a lot of close up pictures and the water was so clean and cold!

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