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We enjoyed this beautiful place last weekend.

I walk this several times a week. Never gets old. Love watching the seasons change there. From the squirrels to the deer to the ducks. A great place when combined with George Pierce Park.

Fun trail! Beautiful lake! I will be making this a regular trail running stop!

10 days ago

Nice easy hike

Our GPS said 6.6 miles, not 5.8, There were two places where the river/swamp covered the trail and we had to try and walk around. Deep enough that if you don't have waterproof boots your feet will get wet. As another reviewer wrote, we heard lots of gunshots on the purple trail. Be careful transitioning from the Perimeter Trail (orange) to the Broad River Trail (purple). The park map does not show it accurately. We walked right past it until we consulted the AllTrails map, which is accurate. Enough ups and downs to get a good workout.

We followed the Yellow trail markings which is not exactly The Fort Yargo Lake Loop on AllTrails, but it's close; following the Yellow trail cuts off a small portion next to the lake. Our GPS said 6.2 miles. Easy trail, very well marked, not terribly crowded particularly on the opposite side of the lake. Very minor ups and downs. Pretty.

1 month ago

It was an amazing hike with both the West & East Lake Trail. Really nice folks work at the Nature Center.

2 mile walk from gate when it is closed. One small waterfall, one small creek and 2 big creeks each way that I couldn't cross and had to turn around.

This is a great trail and wonderful falls. The road back to the trailhead is dirt, but well graded. Make sure you look for the trailhead sign when you park as there are several places that look like they could be the trailhead. We got a great surprise when we ended up down by the river. We will definitely go back when the weather is warmer so we can enjoy the river. We saw kayakers on the river. Make sure you go all the way to the falls. Once you get down by the river, you need to look for the trail that leads back to the falls. It is a fairly steep climb back up from the river, but the rest of the trail is a nice hike.

Little bit longer than 5 miles. First time walking and the signs were a little bit confusing. Glad I had my phone to make sure I was on the right trail because I probably would have been lost. Took me about 2 hours but I stopped to take pictures. Moderate is a good measurement. Hills, flat grounds, great views. Very light foot traffic but I also went early afternoon on a Friday.

this was a pretty Trail at the beginning. The last Loop which is marked by the purple blazes was not as pretty back in the woods lots of leaves. The trails were nice and smooth in some areas but in other areas big ruts lots of rocks and leaves covered the trails. The part of the trail near the Beaver Dam overlook was partly covered in water do to the Beavers doing quite a number with their dams. It was nice that there were a couple of bathrooms along the trail that belong to the golf course that is right next to it. And vending machines. during the first part of our hike there were a lot of gunshot sounds we were wondering if we were near a range? Very quiet today only one other hiker on the entire Trail. The camping looks very nice!

lost the trail twice, but mostly our easy distraction.

Great trail

It was a awesome trail but when u get to the end the trail go kind of up in the air!!but other than that it was a nice hike today

The waterfall is fantastic and a fairly easy hike. Not much parking if more than 3-4 vehicles.

Not a bad trail. Certain forks don’t have signs so you could get confused. Also there’s an area near the swamp that’s all mud, so be careful.

This trail is very well maintained by the staff at V.B.S.P. It is always nice and clean. Being fom the area, I've been down these trails many times, and they are always well kept. There are small benches all along the trail for you to sit and rest or take in the beauty of the park and of the trails. There isn't a whole lot of traffic on them either, which I do enjoy. It's just nice sometimes to just leave your cell phone in the car, and just being out on the trails alone and peaceful. My favorite times to visit are the early spring and early to mid fall.

piece a cake trail. got a bit lost once I hit road area but I have to rate this trail as easy...

pavement hurts my feet and in the summer there's too much sun but overall it's still a great trail.

We hiked this on New Year’s Eve and it was 34 degrees! Our hike was incredible. We loved the terrain as it was very easy to walk it. The elevation was moderate and provided an exceptional workout. The scenery was beautiful even though it was winter and cold. Oddly we totally missed the waterfalls but enjoyed the beach area and water. This ends up being a hike on our top 5 list. Well worth the drive from Atlanta.

Easy to hike. Waterfall at the end is really pretty! We went in the winter and there were a lot of icecicles which made it even prettier. Heads up to hikers bringing their pets there's apparently someone who lives near by that lets their dog roam free and he's taken up shop at the trail head and tags along with hikers. Seems friendly enough but if your dog isn't always dog friendly like ours it could ruin the hike for you.

Very easy, took my dog on the trail but it is very narrow and there are a bunch of bike riders who own the trail.

Hiked on a cold day. Saw a huge buck on golf course. No people on trails but never really away from stuff. Pretty park. See how it can be super busy in warm weather.

3 months ago

Very very very easy. We owned the trail the first hour. We would have had it to ourselves if we got their earlier. We started at 9:20 a.m. we stopped a few times to take in the views. We did the 4.9 mile Dam, Lawrence, Colorbone Trail. Takes about two hours. The last hour was inundated with mountain bikers.

3 months ago

Almost never anyone here. Pretty lake and you can see the remnants of infrastructure when it was used for Greenville's drinking water.

Although the East Fork is shown as moderate, be aware that the loop, which includes the West Fork is rated at hard. I totally agree that the loop trail is a HARD trail. Not only was the elevation up and down mostly on the West Fork, the ground was slippery in many places on both Forks and there were fallen trees we had to climb over and under, especially on the East Fork.

3 months ago

Parking is cheap and it's a really nice place to hike when the leaves are gone. There are enough features aside from the plants to keep it interesting beyond the pleasure of walking through the woods and, for the most part, the trails are easy to follow even with heavy leaf covering. It's pretty low impact with very few areas that are so rocky or rooty that I had to keep my eyes down. Aside from a few creeks, there is also a reservoir with an incredible dock, a pretty nice suspension bridge, and a tiny bit of meadowland to mix things up a bit. The signage is mostly good, though there are a few intersections that aren't well marked where (what I think is) a service road from the Nature Center cuts through the trails and some of the maps are outdated, saying that there is a Bridge Trail when it's actually the Dunlap Trail that goes over the bridge. Also, there are a ton of trees down. None are in the way, but the amount of tree carnage is striking, to say the least.

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