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Went there recently with my son while the trails were snow covered. A bit challenging due to the ground conditions but worth the hike to see the view from the top. We went up to the Wheel House and plateau and didn’t go to the Fire Tower which was about a mile further hike. We plan on going back in the warmer months and explore more of this areas.

Beautiful place

It’s not a difficult hike but can be a long one. There is a lake near the mountain top though it is off the main trail route but worth the detour. This trail is recommended for those who are new into hiking or still developing likings for it.

I only hiked Mount Sherrill from Shaft Road. The weather was nice and there was no snow in the lower elevation. The summit had snow but nothing major. Overall it was a decent hike.

1 month ago

Loved the trail. The mellow carriage road towards the end was just what we needed. The falls and surrounding ice was beautiful. Recommend using spikes of some sort as it was icy in some parts. Just a bit of reassurance on the slippery parts.

Great time to hike. Temp 52F. Footing fair to good.

1 month ago

This was my first visit to Minnewaska. The hike was not strenuous, but was hindered a bit by a lot of ice. The ice added some challenge which I enjoyed. Rainbow Falls, frozen, is an amazing sight and the view of the Catskills is worth the trip.

Awesome!! Pretty steep climb up to the B.P. Campsites. Beautiful views of PA from there. We stayed overnight one night there then hiked to sunfish pond and down the Dunnsfield Trail back to our trucks. A lot more snow up there than we originally planned and with windchill the temp dropped below 20 degrees. Dunnsfield trail was much more fun and much nicer scenery with the waterfalls. There’s 5 creek crossings on the way back that were sometimes very slippery so wear some good waterproof hiking boots!! Overall,we loved it and would definitely do it again!!!

Did this loop in late January 2018. Trail was pretty icy, I’d recommend bringing spikes. They’re not needed most of the time, but some sections were long stretches of thick ice over rock, particularly at the base of the falls.
The trail was beautiful, with a number of vistas along the way and had a great mix of terrain for moderate hiking. Almost no people too, which was a bonus in this popular park. There were a few sections that really needed some maintenance, but I attribute that to the extreme winds we had a few weeks ago. This hike takes you past the bottom of the falls and then up and over them. Getting both perspectives was very nice.
Would highly recommend this one.

It was a great trail. Took my two dogs. Beautiful scenery, lots of rock scrambling. Start early!! I started at 11 and finished at 6-ish.

I started with the Mount Tammany loop and combined they made for an 11 mile (+/-) hike. I chose to follow the Dunnfield Creek path on the way to Sunfish. Didn’t see a single person. This trail was definitely more adventurous with numerous stream crossings, some washed-out sections of trail, and large spots of ice. After Sunfish Pond I stayed on the AT and passed dozens of people gojng the other direction. The AT was a far easier walk back to the car. Looking forward to doing this again in he spring.

Did the falls to high point and back. Currently, microspikes are not needed, but did help.

For food hit up the Hoot Owl which is about 10minutes away. Stumbled upon it.. great food and atmosphere!

Fun trail with a variety of different landscape. I’d recommend going off trail up through rockier paths whenever you get the chance.

I did this today with my brother (it is January.) After a bit of a heatwave today was a balmy 15 degrees, and all of the snow had melted and then re-froze in the path like a beautiful ice cat walk. There's a solid 3 miles of trail that is completely iced over, and you have to penguin-walk a lot, even with good boots. we fell 3x total. 10/10 will do again.

but seriously, I strongly recommend this in the winter for experienced hikers. A frozen Verkeerderkill Falls is truly spectacular and well worth enduring the cold. There is one section of river that is impossible to cross without dipping a boot, so bag your feet if you're worried about your boots and their water resistance.

Given the very slow moving with the ice, we (ages 26/30) started this at 10:45 and finished at 2:45.

I followed the AT to Sunfish Pond and back the Dunnfield Creek to the AT. There were no tracks on the Dunnfield Creek trail but my own and various animals. It was hard to follow in the beginning since the blazes are on the rocks which were snow covered. Then they are lime green on trees with the light green mold LOL. Eventually you find the creek and just follow it. I had no idea you have to cross the creek 5 times though. Luckily I had on Yaxtrax and had trekking poles. The water was flowing good and the rocks were very icy and slippery with moss. Great hike though and Sunfish Pond is beautiful!

Beautiful trail, I am in love with this place.

Awesome trail with tons to do. Started in the parking lot at 11am, did the 8.5 mile loop and ice caves and finished at 5pm with a long lunch break

Loved it so many things too see and do, ice caves are amazing, I did bring my dog w me which I had to help him up the latter lol but all is worth it!!

3 months ago

Great hike on an absolutely gorgeous day. Pretty easy trail...not too much traffic. Highly recommended

Beautiful trail in a beautiful day, 10 stars.

4 months ago

it's a well balanced hike with less crowd than neighbouring Breakneck Ridge.

This is an easy hike and great trail to take dogs. 8.1 miles but nothing crazy challenging.

4 months ago

Did this loop backwards intentionally. Started heading north and then looped back south to reach the fire tower and casino ruins.

This was an 8 mile hike.

The waterfall was a sight first thing in the morning. The panorama shot looking south toward the fire tower was a heck of a vista as well.

The fire tower and the casino ruins themselves were a bit unremarkable if I’m being honest.

The crowds of day-trippers roaming around the Beacon overlook made me feel out of place after spending the previous 7 hours immersed in nature.

Call me a purist, but it was too much juxtaposition for me.

Anyways, I recommend 7 out of 10.

great hike for sure.. definitely a steep climb up north Dome..

Loved this hike. Took the Yellow trail to the blue. Turned right on the carriage road and then onto the orange (Rainbow falls) trail. There was a long walk back on the carriage road, but it was a great hike and very peaceful.

Beautiful trail. Very dog friendly and not crowded at all

Definitely a trail to do, Sunfish Pond is something to see. Did Appalachian Trail up to pond and came back threw Dunnfield trail...trail is rough in the beginning..very rocky but gets better.

4 months ago

Great day- hardly another person on the trail. Some great fall colors

Loved every second of this hike. The views were incredible and every step was magnificent. The cal foliage definitely enhanced the beauty, but was overall magical. Definitely didn’t think it was hard or difficult. With proper footwear and basic hiking experience it was fairly easy. Definitely plan to return.

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