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12 hours ago

Great views and a good hike, best to go early cause it gets hot later.

Beautiful and worth some initial minor step climbing. Most of the trail is on slick rock and not only marked by green paint marks but also watch for stacks of stones. The short cable section is an upright, just watch your foot placements. Started out 8am and only saw four others; outbound at the end saw several incoming. NOTE: At the start, you need to pass through two wire fenced areas, crossing the railroad tracks in between. Saw 2 others almost get lost if we hadn’t called them to correct.

2 days ago

The short hike is suited for just about all ages and abilities. Very crowded (parking lot full) at sunrise but less crowded by mid-morning. I recommend going later in the morning because you can still get some great photos of the canyon through the arch without the crowds!

3 days ago

first hike i did at arches, the slim rock wall was a sight to see, short hike and its one of the first trails you pass in the park its definitely worth a stop

3 days ago

super easy trail but worth doing to see the arch, nice view aswell with the mountains far in the background

4 days ago

Awesome for sunrise pics! It does get quite crowded with photographers so make sure you get there early to get a good spot viewing the arch and canyon below.

6 days ago

Great, short, easy hike with amazing views!

The arch is spectacular! So nice that it’s a dog friendly trail as well. We went in the middle of the day and it was very hot, but other than that it was great!

Fairly easy trail and was nice in the evening. Fairly busy but spread out with certain sections of the hike. Great view at the end made it completely worth it.

Easy and short hike to an arch. Not overly crowded.

Easy hike, so gorgeous!

24 days ago

be polite. as a local - I send folks here, looking for a short hike to an amazing arch with a view - ALL the time. Not so they can watch 24 out of towner photographer wannabes clog the arch with their tripods and get pissy with people who would like to get a shot, as well. Get out of the way. take your shot. share this Earth; even though you think it revolves around you. there are far too many entitled people at this trail, lately.

We did this in 3 hours and got lost for a short while but nothing worrying. We are senior citizens (64 and 63) and active and loved this hike and saw families and young adults going on their own. We recommend this if you are hikers and want to do more than tourist things. Bring lots of water and a compass helped also.

This is one of my favorite hikes I've done. Went for sunset and brought headlamps to hike back. It's got a little bit of everything and has the perfect amount of challenge. The sandy areas are a bit of a pain, but worth it! We didn't encounter a single person out there (a pleasant surprise). Pay close attention to the cairns though, we got a little turned around.

This is a don’t-miss hike! We hiked this today from 11 AM to 1 PM at 93°, and though it was hot, there was frequent shade on the trail and an occasional nice breeze. About half of the time we were at least mildly uncertain as to whether we were on the arrow-directed trail, but that was much of the fun. Following the dead ends brought us to some beautiful canyon scapes.

Great hike! Great full body workout scrambling over rocks and up and down crevasses. My daughter and I hiked this during mid afternoon and it was hot, so bring plenty of water. Saw only 3 other hikers on trail and they were temporarily disoriented but was able to help get them reoriented. Trail not well marked so some exploring required and this is part of what makes the trail so appealing. Great feeling to find an awesome great arch on the trail and not a soul is around but you! Highly recommend this trail. Permit is required.

on Mesa Arch Trail

29 days ago

Didn’t make the sunrise but the sunset is still pretty spectacular. Also with a full moon it’s amazing. There were not many people around at all.

Hiked this trail with our dog and it was great! Where there was ladders or hand rails he hiked up next to us fine no problem! Great dog trail and gorgeous views!

This was the best hike on our trip. Unique scenery, you have the trail to yourself and the views/arches are insane! Must do hike!

There is green paint on the ground to mark the trail. Additionally, there are some areas to climb with either cables or a ladder.

Watching the sunset here was magical. Very few people in the evening which was surprising. Seeing all the stars at night and hiking back was amazing. We even got a glimpse of the Milky Way

If you go to Arches and you aren’t just a tourist then GO DO THIS TRAIL!!!! We got to the visitors center right at 7:30am when it opened so we were the first people out on the trail and it was amazing. Maybe one of my favorite trails I’ve ever hiked. We got lost for almost an hour but just laughed to whole time because the scenery was too gorgeous to be upset. Please do yourself a favor and hike this trail!!!

1 month ago

Go at sunset and watch the sunset with the Corona Arch right in front of you!

great hike, doesn't feel very long, lots of steps!

great hike, just don't do in the heat of the day. please note, no shade and not advisable for dogs in the heat. rock gets very hot. enjoy

We did this hike with Ranger Vicky (she is really brilliant) and the hike was amazing.

Keep going to (almost) the end to make sure to catch Sheep Rock and then check out the sign at the viewpoint, some cool info!

1 month ago

This arch is a sunrise must. Get there earlier than 15 minutes before sunrise though because there were a wall of people setup with tripods hogging the entire photograph viewpoints at that time already. If not for the surprising amount of people I would’ve gave 5. Popular spot, so come early if you want a parking spot.

It’s stunning!

1 month ago

This was a good easy-to-moderate trail from the Park Avenue trailhead to the Courthouse Towers. I was there in 100 degree weather and I got heat exhaustion. I almost passed out on the trail. Even if I did, there were enough people around that I would have been okay. There’s next to no shade so bring lots of water and salty snacks.

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