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Hiked on 3/17/18. No snowshoes needed. Bringing micro spikes of some kind is probably a good idea, there were definitely some icy spots but everyone in my group managed without any additional traction. The lake (we didn’t venture up to the top lake) was beautiful and even for a beautiful Saturday there were not many people on the trail. Excited to come back in the summer!

2 days ago

Hiked the full distance from Genesee Park to Lookout, then down Chimney Gulch.
A really unique trail for the front range: Great variety, mostly in the trees, amazing views for the second third of the hike looking down over clear creek canyon, and a pretty darn good workout.

Other than some icy patches in places (it's worse on the Lookout Mountain side), the hiking is pretty straightforward. After dropping down the Chavez Trail to the creek, the sign there is misleading: It says that during high water, the trail could be flooded, but I think the signmaker was misinformed and that information was meant for the loop-around to Beaver Brook back up to Genesee (these days, there are foot bridges over almost all water crossings, so the high water really isn't an issue anymore there). In any event, from that sign, the trail very quickly starts climbing straight out of the canyon...a pretty steep climb for a good 1/2 mile or more. Once things level out, that section is spectacular. The last third is deep in the trees with some quick scrambling in a couple of places (as others have mentioned).

5 days ago

Windy Saddle has 15 or so parking spots. I hiked full loop including small hike from Windy Saddle to Beaver Brook Trail Head Start (12 miles total) on 3/12/2018.
Ice in spots, and some mud and lots of walking on pine needles.
The first two miles have the best topography of a trail, with a small boulder field to climbing close to large rocks and small drop offs.
After that long winding trail until you get to the end and there can continue up to the top of the peak there. Great Views. I did not have spikes, but was glad to have hiking poles.

I hiked this trail 3/11/18. There are trail markers every half mile, I went to the 3 mile marker, which actually read 3.9 miles in on my Alltrails tracker. I wore my microspikes the whole way, it's patchy ice/dry but frequent enough ice I just left them on. This is a beautiful hike, only difficulty is parking, the lot is tiny so if you're meeting up with friends I would definitely carpool because it's very likely you won't both be able to park. The first mile has a boulder field and then navigating through some boulders, after that it's just walking a trail that meanders along the hillsides through sun and shade. At the end of the day going to the 3 mile marker and back tracked as 7.5 miles and took me almost 4 hours.

We hiked this trail yesterday (3/11/18) and it was quite wonderful! We hiked 3 miles in before turning around. The part of the trail we hiked is packed and easy to follow. Microspikes/crampons recommended after the first mile or so. Definitely don’t need snowshoes right now. For such a popular area, there were only about 15 other people the trail. Great hike, in close proximity to Denver.

This trail is not available for hiking anymore and has been blocked off.

A little slick today, but my footwear was comprised only of Mukluks - nothing with much grip. Conditions have been so variable this year that it pays to keep an eye to the west almost daily to really grasp the spacial variability in the Front Range this season.

Bring water, layers, cheese and why the hell not throw your yak tracks in your bag as well. They don’t take up much space and you’ll be happy you’ve got ‘em at least once.

Happy trails!

15 days ago

I did this trail along with White Ranch Loop. It was nothing but muddy trails (60% of the trails were covered with mud!!) even 10 days past after the last snow and it has been warm days(Today was 57F). If you enjoy mud run/hike, do it!

Ok... First of all- My phone died after 12 mile mark and I was upset!! But I am glad I made it back to the parking lot since I went off trail 2x since I was not looking at the map sometime.

Second of all- It was nothing but muddy trails (60% of the trails were covered with mud!!) even 10 days past after the last snow and it has been warm days(Today was 57F). If you enjoy mud run/hike, do it! But if you don't want your awesome shoes to get filthy, don't do it! If it was not muddy, I was probably able to finish this trail before my phone died. :(

Third of all- When I went off the map, I didn't realize for about 10 minutes. Then I tried to go back to follow the map since my phone was dying and didn't want to go off the map, I had to go though a "closed" trail (didn't have a sign but had logs to block the trail, it seems) and once I started walking towards the map, the snow was getting deeper and deeper and I basically had to follow the map to make sure where I was going. Once my battery life showed 20%, I started to panic because I didn't see no human footsteps but some kind of large animal's. I ran as fast as I could, but since the snow was deep and didn't know where I was going, I almost started to think if my life is in danger. Then, I saw the "closed sign" and realized that this particular part of the trail was closed for the season.

Please make sure to follow the map or know which way to go, have enough snack and water and save your phone battery life until you're sure where your car is parked! Whew. It was such an adventurous hike(unexpected) though!

28 days ago

Great little hike / walk, dog friendly!

1 month ago

Have done this hike a few times but never in winter. Snowshoes were critical, didn't use microspikes. Also we took a pretty big accidental detour both on the way in and out, so if you're hiking this in the next few days, follow your GPS and not our tracks.

Amazing hike, with breathtaking views!

Absolutely gorgeous hike with the frozen lakes. Only saw a few people on a Saturday. The trail gets extremely hard to find the last mile. I lost it and ending up trekking through waist deep snow. Found the trail on the way back and it was much easier. I’d bring snowshoes. If you can stay on the trail, you probably won’t need them. But they’re very worth having. No crampons needed, minimal ice.

1 month ago

Current conditions: very muddy with slush. Bring the shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and a pair to change into afterwards

trail is open now, February 2018, northern Elk Range Trail closed for wildlife management until June 15 - but southern Travois and other trails are open and gorgeous.
Also note weekend activity restrictions

1 month ago

Hiked on 2/3/2018

Ive been wanting to do this hike for almost 4 years, since I moved to Colorado and first went to Mt Evans. Finally went there today and was a beautiful hike. I would say though unless you are a big winter hiker that you save this for Spring / Summer. A pretty difficult winter hike. I have never used poles or snowshoes (ill just walk through almost waist deep snow, I enjoy it) but both could help towards the end.


First 1/3 of the hike was a lot of up and downhill through the trees with some scenic views.

Middle 1/3 was a lot easier and pretty chill.

Final 1/3 had a lot of snow, wind and lost the trail a few times. I followed someones trails through 2 - 3ft deep snow at points and through trees. Probably not the actual trail but the only footprints out there. Very beautiful and scenic at the end. Cant wait to come back in Spring / Summer

1 month ago

First mile was a bit icy but after that jus patches of ice. Most of the trail was manageable.

Hiked to the lake today. Didn’t use or need spikes/snowshoes. Snow was definitely less packed towards in the last mile since most don’t make it. Average hike most the way but spectacular finish. Definitely want to do it again in the summer when I can spend more time at the end and climb the surrounding peaks.

1 month ago

Hike done 1/20, pre-snow. The initial part of the trail is quite rocky until you get down to the bottom of the valley, but do-able if you watch your footing. I didn’t go all the way due to time constraints, but good views up by the reservoir and a good place to stop for a snack break. Definitely keeping this hike in mind for future trips!

2 months ago

I did this hike with a friend over the weekend and people have created quite a few sets of tracks so its hard to find the actual trail to Chicago lake but there is enough snow for snowshoes but they certainly are not necessary. The views were beautiful but prepare for some wind that will make it feel a bit colder.

2 months ago

The bathrooms are exquisite for an outhouse. They’re quite lovely, well kept and very clean. The doggies weren’t very nice. Rather, their humans weren’t very nice as they wouldn’t let their doggies stop to be petted. PSA to dog owners: let me pet your doggie. The trail itself is very flat and very little gains. No bros on the trail today. This trail is perfect for brining your Midwest relatives who want that “Colorado outdoor hiking experience” as they don’t know what altitude is. All in all, this trail was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Also the water feature was

2 months ago

LEASH YOUR DOGS! This is ridiculous, we all love our dogs but your dog SHOULD NOT be unleashed and free to run up to leashed dogs.

We backpacked to Forest Lake and spent two night backpacking. The beginning of the trail was heavily used and traffic lessened when you split off, I would recommend crampons for the beginning, then snowshoes or skis the rest. For us, we used snowshoes. There was no marked trail after the recent snowstorm up to Forest Lake, so we and a few others made a route up, not sure if it stayed since that time.
Besides people not leashing their dogs, be aware that trail etiquette is not common here. The majority do not practice common courtesy or understand basic concepts of the trail. Remember, those climbing up get the right if way, try not to walk through another’s camp (when there is literally miles around it and they are way off trail already), LEASH YOUR DOGS (if your dog gets attacked by a leashed dog, you have zero rights legally and will be fined or worse) and just be polite overall.
Was a decent spot for a last minute winter backpacking trip but will never be back. Definitely worth going at least once though.
Happy trekking!

Good trail but really rugged. Wish people would clean up after their dogs along the trail.

2 months ago

Easy hike for a multi-family group of 8 people, including very small children. Beautiful scenery includes the river and a "castle" along its banks.

2 months ago

This is a good winter hike on a sunny day. Good elevation gain and much of the hike is in the sun.

2 months ago

Rewarding views and rugged terrain. Definitely will go back. Parking is limited.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail to go on. My boyfriend and I didn’t complete it because we ran out of time and didn’t want to hike along a road for a mile. I’d love to come here again another time and do the trail once more but in full.

Overall his was an easy hike. Started at the Bear O The Lair Parking lot, walked next to the water then up the bear creek trail. I took the road back. Nice scenery, some families picnicing, mtn bikers, trail runners etc.....saw some fisherman as well. A mtn biker said he saw a large deer cross the trail today.

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