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This hike is beautiful with waterfalls and running stream. Trail markers can be a bit confusing but otherwise a great location.

I loved hiking this trail. It is challenging at times but well with it.

First Half is easy to moderate back have was def challenging with a lot of elevation Great workout

The trails are confusing - maps don’t match reality or each other. Trails break off in a zillion directions. Wet. Bikes, dogs, hunters, bugs, weird shacks, little kids, creepy old men, runners, actual hikers, garbage and liquor bottles.

I’m not alone:

Vigorousness is dependent upon what trail you take, but good luck figuring that out.

Challenging and rewarding

Just hiked the trail we did 3 miles it was beautiful well marked we’d went up blue back red. Definitely coming back to do it in spring when the ground is a little softer.

Awesome view!!!! Great workout!

3 months ago

I went on an overcast, 60° day. The trail was mostly easy to follow despite a lot of coverage by fallen leaves. You can tell it isn't used much, and in some spots the blazes are faded or unexpectedly on stones instead of trees. Thankfully, there's only one trail.

The trail is a good workout with a variety of minor sights. It took me a little over 2 hours to complete on my own. Don't expect spectacular views, but there is a nice spot that overlooks a pier on the lake.

My oh my... very confusing trail. Most of the time I felt like we are lost as you can barely see/find trail marks. , Poor marking added an additional excitement but if we were on a trail at dusk we might not be able to get out of the woods until next morning. Summit views are to die for, overall nice hike, nice waterfalls. This trail is definitely "moderate" to "hard".
Around one mile into the trail there was a "killed deer weight station" which made me sick, it had a huge scale with iron chain accompanied by picture instructions of what do you have to do with it(absolutely disgusting and sickening). Not sure if you want to bump into that if hiking with kids... Otherwise trail was ok

A wonderful area with so many great trails. Some water crossings were required. Limited cell service in parts, so be sure to photograph map at trailhead. I am looking forward to returning often.

I would give this mountain 5 stars because it’s one of my favorite mountains in the area, but I’m giving it 4 stars due to poor trail marking. I had to heavily research all of the trails and where they led to before hiking them. I also took pictures on the internet of the trail markings, so if I lost service and couldn’t use GPS, I had pictures which I was grateful for when I got to the top of the Dark Hollow. I was trying to find the Megaliths. I had taken a wrong turn at some point, gave up, went home, researched again and went back up the next day. The megaliths are absolutely amazing and breathtaking once you find them. All of the other trails including the one near the trestle itself are also gorgeous! Especially when the mountain laurel is in full bloom. Regardless of the poorly marked trails (which should be updated) this mountain is totally worth it! Just watch out for bears!

I enjoyed the trails but thought they were poorly marked and the trail map is very confusing. I do plan on going again to check out the other trails I missed.

on Pomperaug Trail

4 months ago

beautiful hike with lots of streams for the dog to get a drink. starts high, rolls up and down and makes it down to the lake edge before looping back. my only complaint is the constant drone of speed boats from the busy lake.

Aleays a nice hike with the kids to the waterfall!

Overall the trail was really nice, I do however have to agree that there were some parts that were not marked clearly. I definitely do plan on coming back. Also wish that people would keep their dogs on a leash like it’s been posted and maybe watch their kids more.

Nice workout, a few decent spots to view the lake, streams were flowing - very enjoyable!

5 months ago

Great trail. Really well marked

Except for the poor trail markings:

Decent elevation
Good views/vantage points

I’ll go back with my hammock for an overnight

Good hike, with interesting wild life everywhere

5 months ago

Nice trail. Not too easy but not too tough.

We took the red path then the blue bc I stepped on some sort of bees nest in the ground and was stung numerous times on my legs so had to shorten the trip with the blue trail, although nice Forrest views, and we came up on a Fox or coyote den under a large rock formation about 1/3 way on red trail, little startling seeing the eyes starring out at you but we had a good laugh about it. If not for the bees we would have continued the red path to the end. Definitely not for kids and some steep climbs all around.

Literally the worst marked trails. Took white up and got spun around on the top and ending up heading the wrong way. Ended up in yellow which is just really jagged rocks headed down. Wouldn’t do this one again...

The forest is awesome. Beautiful towering trees throughout. Great waterfall that really provides beauty after a long rainy day. Overall a really cool place to be!!

7 months ago

Great trail.

Hiked this trail on Sunday May 20. We went up the white trail to the top then came down the yellow trail to the dark hollow. If you go the same way then this trail is not a rated correctly. It’s rated a moderate hike but it was difficult and strenuous. You will be mostly climbing up hill and over rocks depending on your fitness level for 1 to 2 hours. The descent was not easy either. Be prepared for unsteady rocky ground, steep hills , and a few streams. We went after a week of rain so the ground was still damp, the rocks slippery, but the waterfalls were abundant and beautiful. My phone calculated the floors climbed as 102 and the mileage as 8.5. This trail was awesome and the views at the top were stunning. We did not see any other hikers the entire four hours , not a shocker when a hike is this difficult. Great for those who like endurance hikes.

8 months ago

this was a great hike with lots of different terrain. Was pretty steep going up sweet clover to jessup. make sure you pay attention at every junction. we did good until we left the megaliths. we went right instead of left, but realized pretty quick n turned around. It said megliaths were labeled but a handful of hikes here today including us didn't see the writing on stone for them either. Nice waterfalls and some nice views in several spots. I have done a lot of hikes all different ratings. I will give this hike a difficult/strenuous rating due to the continued steepness. This was a great work out hike.

8 months ago

Good little hike that'll give you a work out. A few slight inclines and several stream crossings. Well marked. Slightly buggy. If you live in the area and don't have the time to get to more challenging trails in NW CT/Hudson Valley, this is a great option for a ~ 2 hr hike.

It's a good hike for being so close to the city. Nice views, streams, meadows, pitch pines and rock formations. Pretty well marked but pay attention at junctions. Went up the black mark on white and came back on the yellow to the white. Met some nice folks on top who arrived from different starting points in Harriman. The trail is rocky and footing is tricky at times with small loose rocks. Good shoes and poles with serve you well, especially on the way down. Still a little muddy in spots. Waterproof shoes a good idea for now.

9 months ago

Very nice hike. If you just want to hike for exercise and don't care about views, take the blue path. We took the blue to red/orange/yellow back to orange and ending on the red. A little over 5.5 miles RT. The orange trail was long as well as the blue but a nice pay off seeing the 9/11 monument and a small but nice view of the mountains. There were nice little waterfalls along the way. The yellow trail also offered a view point At one point we felt as though we were walking into a magical area the way the sun reflected off the twisted trees and stream. The red trail offered a lot of little cascading waterfalls and a little stone and wooden house. overall a nice hike. I would rate it as moderate only because of the somewhat steep uphill hike on the blue trail.

Beautiful trail

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