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5 days ago

One of a best hike to do in winter.. thoroughly enjoyed 9 stream crossings.. A real worth the climb!!! will come back again for refreshing in the chillness and water.. This is a family hike , just guard the rocky terrain with children...

Great Hike with GTAH, AZ! Easy/Moderate with spectacular views! Bathroom on site! Need to purchase pass at Gas Stations, $8.00

7 days ago

Wonderful hike up to three spring going through the forest following the Horton Creek with some mini waterfalls all along. Very beautiful scenery, very peaceful and relaxing. This hike is at a moderate level.

Always a good hike, keep your feet dry!

Did the Black Mesa Loop Trail today which is exactly the same as this - and also the correct name, I believe. Good trail!

Great hike, beautiful views and perfect weather!
This exact trail is listed twice on Alltrails. The other name is Lost Dutchman Loop.

Great for dogs

14 days ago

This trail is my favorite hike yet. The pine trees and creek are breathtaking. I highly highly recommend you make it to the top - the views are so worth it! It was very windy and chilly at the top and the trail toward the top is not marked. Allow yourself 4-5 hours.

Perfect morning for magnificent views. Not a thing I can complain about on this hike. Trails are in good shape. There are a few rocky spots but nothing too bad. watch for a few spots where the desert has grown into to trail a bit and have a great time.

An actual easy hike with beautiful views

Great hike today! Relatively easy hike.

One of the best!

Great trail, we went clockwise for a more moderate incline making the back half a tad difficult as it is fairly steep in sections but definitely doable. I have never seen the back side of the mountain and it is excellent the entire time. Trail is in good shape. The last mile and a half gets kind of old as it is just a ton of loose gravel and we were ready to be done. however it does not discount the rest of the hike at all.

27 days ago

Nice quiet trail with breath taking views of the Salt River valley and the Superstition Mountains. This is a long trail and you will need to plan to take lots of water and maybe a snack. This trail is not well marked so a GPS would be handy if you have not hiked it before. There is a fee per car to enter the park.

beautiful hike

28 days ago

great day hike! took our dogs. some areas with loose sharp rocks but great scenery, super nice polite ppl on the trail.

on Butcher Jones Trail

28 days ago

I love this hike. Beautiful views not very difficult! Don’f orget to buy a Tonto pass.


1 month ago

Great trail! We went counter-clock-wise, and were really glad we did. There are several (short) steep rocky portions that I would rather go up than come down. Great views! As others have said, there is no shade, and it is 7.7 miles. Very gradual ascent and descent, if it weren't for the length, I'd rate this as easy. Def. recommend.

Did this clockwise and glad we did. Great canyon views and different types of terrain. The trail is hard to follow at times at the halfway mark. AllTrails helped out to stay on trail. Had a very nice rewarding hike. Always amazed at the Superstition views.

scenic but very rocky at certain areas, had to pay attention where to step and not twist an ankle. Was hoping to see more wildlife as spoken of in other reviews, maybe it was to cold.
Elevation wasn't to bad

Great hike!! Loved all the river crossings. Saw frogs, and enjoyed the views from the top. Beautiful photo opps along the way!

1 month ago

Fantastic November hike! We hiked on a busy weekend and all the parking lots along First Water Road were full by 10am. We lucked out and pulled into a spot at the trailhead just as another vehicle was leaving. No parking pass required and there were park rangers at the entrance as people set out.

Not really knowing which way to go, we ended up hiking the trail counter clockwise but it seems like everyone else went clockwise on the trail. I was glad I brought my dog's hiking boots for this trail. While the first 3 miles were nice sand it eventually turns into sharp rocks that would have ripped Hank's tender pink paw pads. I saw some other tender toed dogs picking their way through the rocks as well. My dog's pink pads just shred on that stuff, so the boots were helpful. It seems like everyone we passed had a dog on this trail! It took us 3 hours, as fairly quick hikers to about 10.4 miles from parking lot (a slight detour trying to find our way back at the end) back to parking lot.

Bring lots of water and snacks, we had 1000 ft or so of elevation gain and definitely used 2-3 liters each on a cool day.

Pretty easy hike. Other reviewers are right, lots of cacti over the trail, especially at the end. It’s not that hard to navigate safely through it though. Got a lot busier toward 9-10am as we were exiting. Pretty views of the lake and a few tree overhangs but not much other than that.

1 month ago

Went hiking with wife, kids, and cousin on our first long distance hike of the season to practice building up distance endurance. Only thing that was really disappointing with this trail is how the desert plants are not kept trimmed back from the trail and it can be tricky (and painful) to maneuver through some areas of the trail. Lots of great wildlife to be found along the way and the view of the lake is worth the trip out here. No horses or rattlesnakes today, but my daughter found a tarantula of decent size which was a pleasant surprise for us.

This was a 7.7 mile trail from the trailhead. I would start right and end from the left. I started to the left and it was a very easy start with a hard ending. Tons of rocks on the end of the trail.

Great and easy trail.

Make sure u are at the falls before 1400 if u want to have enough fun for a swim.

trail running
1 month ago

I can’t imagine running it in the summer, but in November this was absolutely incredible. Not well marked, but once you look at the map closely and pay attention to where other trails intersect and divert, it’s pretty straightforward. If I would have had more time I would have done it twice. Pretty rocky in multiple spots so it makes running it difficult, but plenty of runable space. Loved this trail!

Great 7.7 Mile Hike Yesterday! The views were amazing starting Left onto Trail. If you want more of an incline workout I’m told to start Right on to Trail. $7.00 fee/bathrooms at Trailhead. Loved it!!!

Good distance, not much of a challenge elevation/incline wise. The path can get a little confusing at times but is pretty easy to follow if you have your phone.

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