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Simple straightforward trail hike and easily manageable. Had an 830am start and ended in time for lunch in downtown Danville. Beautiful view and weather was sunny 75F.

It is a decent trail and is easy to moderate. I started at 3 PM and hardly found anyone on track as compared to morning counterpart. Initial trail has buzz of electrical lines which is distracting to an extent but the ascent keeps you occupied. There isn't any scenic view apart from the valley view which points where the concrete jungle is. Path is well marked and in between you get patches of trees which is a real solace in hot sun. After first 4 miles with the elevation gain of 1.7k feet, it is normal decent back to start point.

Great trail for a morning run. Minimally technical terrain with only a few rocky spots and one narrow section allow for opening up a stride on the descent. The only downside is that the minimal shade makes it get hot quickly. Run the big loop to the summit clockwise (straight at junction) for a gentler downhill or counterclockwise (right at junction) for a steeper downhill but gentler uphill.

So this is the second time I’ve been to Mission Peak and the first time hiking took me 5.5 hours. That was 4 years ago. I promised myself to destroy that time this time around. The Peak Trail leading up to Mission Peak is quite steep although there are some parts that are runnable. Mostly no shade so I’m kinda glad it was very cloudy when I went but also no views to see! I was able to power hike my way up and run down in under 2 hours (time crushed!). Definitely have to bring your own water/snacks and I was surprised there was even a bathroom halfway up. The fire trail is quite wide but once near the peak, the rocks get really loose and it may be difficult to find your footing climbing up. Running down was just so much fun! After the power hike, it feels so rewarding to be able to fly down the mountain in less than half the time! Definitely a must do if you’re in the area! Parking is abundant at Ohlone College especially when school is not in session!

Always the best challenge when getting back to hiking! A must for the books

all time favorite ..good incline and fully shaded .

Great trail and the view from the top is really nice.
I prefer this trail over Standford one as this has some shade, trees in the beginning of the trail, make it more pleasant to hike.

Overall, really fun hike with amazing vistas and cool landscape changes. Highly recommend going counter clockwise in the loop as there are some parts of the trail that require you to climb up/over some rocks. I would not want to climb down these parts. I think the rocky parts and some very narrow paths with a steep drop-off to one side warrant the 'hard' rating. The elevation change is intense but well spread out. The first 2 miles were the toughest for us, but the views after mille 3 were well worth it. We saw a deer, lots of quail, squirrels, cows, and a gopher snake. Near the rocks, my husband swears he heard a rattlesnake rattle but we didn't stick around to see it. We were cutting it close to sunset so we took a ~0.5 mile shortcut on the very last leg. Excited to come back and do the full loop.

I think the information here about this hike is incorrect, If you measure the length of the trail from the trailhead near the parking lot to the summit on Google you will see that this is a 6.8 mile hike. Also, it was not a loop but an out-and-back hike. The hike is pretty exposed but there is a section that has some shade.

Google map link: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Mission+Peak+Summit/37.5274382,-121.9125089/@37.5173438,-121.9046882,14.94z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m10!1m1!1s0x808fc5ca58b42b7b:0x91d8b97650f75f66!2m2!1d-121.8808302!2d37.5125051!3m4!1m2!1d-121.9007927!2d37.5266715!3s0x808fc4205e7a763d:0x501a757cd5afe44f!1m0!3e2

I’ve been on this trail twice now and prefer it to the main entrance of Mission Peak. 1) There is more parking 2) there is more shade and switchbacks, making it less difficult. There is 1 bathroom on the trail as well. Once you get to the top it’s a beautiful view!

Good hike! Great view from the summit!

1 month ago

good photo bombing opportunities at the top while everybody takes selfies

1 month ago

Great hike, would definitely go again. Be ready, take your time. Also, price for parking at the college has gone up, I believe someone said $2 now it's $4, still more cost effective then a ticket.

Great hike! A bit steep a half a mile from the top - great workout! Took us around 3 hours in total.

High elevation I’m tired as hell! Only got 2 miles in

1 month ago

Very nice hike. My calves burned pretty good. The view at the peak is amazing. Definitely go early in the morning because it will get hot and bring plenty of water as there are no water sources during the climb. Some of the trail has loose gravel so coming back down, you have to be super careful not to slip. Well worth at least doing once

pretty dry, but a nice difficulty

Easy until you hit Corduroy Trail. I highly suggest to follow the route as written. I doubt that I would have gotten down the rocky parts and up the "stairs" as those were pretty tall. I was able to enjoy Corduroy Trail by going counter clockwise as the directions state. I enjoyed the trails very much, lots of views and the trails were in okay shape. It has enough shade up to the last part as you descend. Take lots of water. I saw more people than animals. A few cows, but they didn't bother me nor I them.

The trails are not marked as well as others that I've been on. I totally missed my turn for Ringtail Cat trail and ended up south of the Ringtail trail head and ended up on Camille. I had to walk down Camille, take the Iron Horse trail back to Hemme. There are a lot of unmarked single tracks and I had taken one up to the top when I first started out, but couldn't find it on the loop back. My fault, so it added a little bit more to the hike.

I would think this would be a very pretty trail after some rains to get the water in the creeks again.

Definitely a moderate to hard trail, more on the hard side given the elevation and distance . The entire loop is exactly 9.9miles (starting and ending at the entrance parking lot ) and we hiked it clockwise. The climb to the top is ~4.5 miles and elevation gain is around 400ft/mile and is a great workout (going Counterclockwise results in a relatively shallow climb but a steep descent which is very hard on the knees). Great Panoramic Views of the valley provide some respite in the climb. Bring lots of water. Overall, a great workout and an enjoyable hike

Surprisingly nice trail for a quick walk after work. Some decent elevation gain (especially towards the top going anti-clockwise) and good views.

I went in the evening and found anti-clockwise worked well - singletrack half of the way up and the majority in shade. Sections did have sun in the eyes so sunglasses recommended.

Made it up to Sierra Vista point, very good hike just make sure to start early if the day will be hot as there's little shade.

Training for the Tahoe Rim Trail. Good workout with the packs. Nice views of the East Bay.

This hike should be categorized as hard due to the length and the elevation. It was quite difficult doing the full loop, but completely worth it. Absolutely gorgeous.

2 months ago

The Hike: Moderate hike with some tough sections at the beginning and closer to the peak. Starts off with a steep incline that continues for a mile and then it gives your breather for about 1/2 miles. Back to incline again but it isn't as bad until the last 3/4 mile to peak which is very steep. Coming down it's all downhill, which puts considerable stress on your knees so take that into your prep.

It's better to go early in the morning if you are going in summer. There is a unisex accessible rest room about 2.5 miles from the trailhead.

What to bring: I didn't need a jacket because it was too hot in July. Proper shoes are recommended because of gravel and down hill hike coming back. Take water and snacks.

Parking: Drive uphill passing open parking lots to find the parking garage closest to the trailhead. You can park for $4 all day (weekends too). Pay at station near elevator on 2nd floor.

Felt like hard tho had lots of fun. Saw wild fox.

Great trail especially in the spring. Good winter hike. Not too many people in the off season. one of the tougher hikes in the bay and the hardest hike I ever got my wife to do...

Scenic hike, definitely challenging! Nice reward at the top! Make sure you put some toe protectors in your hiking shoes, lots of downhill on the way back.

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