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good hike its 8.8 according to Strava and tons of Rocks the whole way but the juice is worth the squeeze on a hot day

Great trail, lots of shade

on Burnt Lake Trail

3 days ago

The trail was fine, but there were so many horseflies thought it was impossible to enjoy it.

3 days ago

Beautiful shady hike through the forest. I loved the babbling of the creek through the first section. Even though the map makes it look like a partial loop it really is an out and back—the shortcut trail doesn’t exist that we could tell.

On a clear day this might be a 5 star hike. For us it was partly cloudy so Mt Hood was obscured, which made the lake at the end a little underwhelming. Also there were a ton of mosquitoes up there. Definitely recommend going on a blue sky day.

I’d rate this as moderate rather than hard—carried a baby up and did the whole thing in 3.5 hours including lunch up at the lake, and it was not too hard.

4 days ago

On the way up we stayed right to Bald Mountain and could see all of Mt Hood before taking the shortcut trail back to the main trail. Did the loop at the end clockwise up to the point. The descent from the peak is quite steep for the first 1/2 mile as the elevation drop is 1000ft, with a little scree. Phenomenal views all around.

Xefd diff

5 days ago

this hike was spectacular, by far the most rewarding hike i’ve done in oregon. was a bit of an ass kicker though! have to go all the way to the top and do the little loop. the views are unreal. only down side was the flies were REALLY bad at the bottom portion, but they don’t bite. enjoy!

5 days ago

Started from the Top Spur trailhead Saturday afternoon around 2PM and started hiking to McNeil point to camp for the night as our goal. We soon encountered the worst swarming of »BITING« flies I have ever experienced in my life. They were unrelenting and unphased by bug repellent. The entirety of the Top Spur trail and the short section of the PCT you hike for a second and the Timberline Trail as well was completely plagued by the pests. It wasn’t until we got above tree line on the McNeil Point trail did we find any respite. If not, we would’ve definitely bailed. The flies didn’t seem as bad coming back down which could’ve been due to our faster pace because they still did swarm if we stopped or slowed down at all.

Oh! And to top it all off when we got back to the trailhead we discovered our car had been broken into and everything, even just stupid stuff had been ripped off— yay...

Really too bad about the flies and the theft because McNeil Point is beautiful and we enjoyed a rather spectacular sunset and time above treeline. However, I don’t think I’ll be coming back to do this trail again anytime soon because of the flies on the approach and the criminal acts of others.

Incredible hike except for flies on lower part. Views were amazing and you must go to the end up to McNeil Point. So close to Mt. Hood.

would have been a 5 but the back side is not nearly as well kept as the front. great walk, easy to do, beautiful scenery both during the hike and on the drive, very enjoyable! there is a day use fee to access the park. no bathrooms or trash once you are on the loop.

6 days ago

Started at the end of Road 27, up to the lake and a bit past then back. It was quite overgrown for around 50% of the trail and pretty buggy after 5pm. Pretty strenuous on the way back up from the lake but other than that it's gradually uphill. Choice views are limited.

Nice stroll around the lake. Great views of Hood. Trail is easy and crowded with lake goers.

This trail has so many rocks. The rocks not sturdy. It’s actually a 10 miles hike. Not 7...... so many rocks! Wear sturdy shoes! It’s a long hike. BUT.... the waterfall is amazing! Beautiful!

Great view! A bit of walking in the trees but ends with a perfect view worth the walk.

Gorgeous- that is the only word i can say. Worth it to go.

Nice hike with Mt Hood Views. I started this hike at 8:45am on a Sunday and only saw a few backpackers on their way out on my way to the lake. The trail is well maintained and easy for the first 2/3. Site C has great views of Mt Hood, but I heard from some campers that the mosquitos are terrible right now. I passed many people on my way out and there were cars all along the road so go early to avoid crowds.

Very busy on the weekends, but beautiful view at the top. totally worth it.

Highly recommend this hike! Elevation gain wasn’t too bad, the views of Mt. Hood were incredible! Not highly trafficked, there was a little traffic at the 4 trail junction but not terrible. The 4 trail junction was a little tricky but there is a large map that shows you the way. Great trail, I will definitely do again!

Beautiful views! You can get close to the falls eat lunch then on your walk back hanging out by the waters edge and read. The hike was a combination of up and down. Which eases the uphill and downhill climbs. Light traffic; everyone was friendly.

14 days ago

Amazing hike!! Some of the most majestic views of Mt. Hood I’ve seen yet! Total trail was over ten miles and it was an ass kicker but so worth it.

Get there early if you want a parking spot. We got there just before 8am on the weekend and were able to get a spot next to the trailhead. Very pretty hike. Was bummed that the mountain was all socked in with cloud cover. Clouds broke just for a minute to get a parial view of the mountain pic when we got to the summit. Very busy trail but to be expected since it is right off the highway.

Absolutely bring bug spray! I definitely fed more than a few mosquitos on this trip. But, this is absolutely worth it. The rhododendron are on their way out, but the other wild flowers are more than making up for it.

Do the loop around the lake to get the full experience. I made an earlier start than most- left the truck around 7:45 this morning and was joined by about 6-8 other people up at the summit. By the time I got back down around 11, it was a zoo at the parking lot and I passed about 30 people who were headed up. Get the early start for the best views and less people!

Climbed in from the Mirror Lake trailhead, kind of on accident ( we saw the signs and made a spur of the moment decision to hike up). Definitely a steep climb (about 2000 feet over 4 miles), but the terrain changes constantly making for amazing views every half mile or so. Potential for fabulous views of Mt Hood as you hug the hillside, then some beautiful young forest trails, and some craigy rocky terrain towards the top. We arrived around 8am, and when we reached the summit it was still in cloud cover. We'd brought snacks so we sat down to wait out the clouds. One other couple arrived while we were there but they hiked down shortly after. About an hour after we arrived the clouds cleared.
Spectacular views of the valley, the mountain, and Mirror Lake!

This is not a moderate hike. Many obstacles along the way (large log crossings, some wet areas, very sketchy steep cliff sides with loose rocks on a very narrow trail). Would not recommend bringing dog or children. Not recommended if you are iffy with steep drop offs. One of those hikes where you want to turn back because its been pretty far and no sign for waterfall yet. My fit bit marked this hike at 10 miles round trip. I was able to climb up the east side of the waterfall to the first tier pretty easily. Only writing this review for people who read the first description as "moderate" and think it will be flat and easy like I did. Overall its a very beautiful hike and the waterfall is one of the most underrated in the PNW.

The view from the top of the mountain was amazing on a clear, sunny day! We went on a weekday and arrived around 9am. We had to park about .75 miles up the road at the Skibowl and walk down to the trailhead. This was pretty easy to do but be mindful that you’ll have to walk back up it after you finish the hike. When we started out we encountered a few people on the trail. However, by the end of the hike, about three hours later, the trail was heavily trafficked. We’d recommend getting there early!

17 days ago

Quite a vigorous hike! 2 hours 20 minutes in/out with the 8-year-old kid and a pup. Gorges view at the end!

17 days ago

Truly a gem of a trail. Avalanche lilies, trillium, other wildflowers and especially bear grass everywhere. Stunning views of Hood's imposing NW face reveal themselves at 2 or 3 spots until it's there for good at the shelter. We continued up past it (the regular end of the trail) on a very steep, no-switchback trail along the ridge to a promontory overlooking Glisan Glacier and a spectacular, looming view of Mt Hood. Exhausting, but worth it.
All the notes about deep potholes on 1528 are true - drive slowly.

18 days ago

Favorite trail in Oregon! It has it all! The views: Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier while constantly seeing the glory of Hood itself. Forrest, meadows, ponds, lakes, streams, glaciers, tree trunks to climb over, rock piles to scramble on, mud, dirt and even snow! At the summit point the old rock shelter created a setting to sit, relax and marvel at the magnificence called Nature. #amazed #hiking #rvlife #YOLO #nature #dateday❤️

We went on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, and the parking lot was full when we finished (we were the 2nd ones on the trail that morning)

A few notes:
1. mark your GPS before turning into Lolo Pass because otherwise you’ll likely get lost on the way to the TH. lots of potholes, but if you go slow you can get around them.
2. Bring trekking poles if snow is still on ground. The snow is fun with poles ... can’t imagine doing that much snow without them.
3. Download the AllTrails map so that you don’t get lost on the trail. For some of the actual trail we had great service (Verizon), but not always.
4. Several people had to ask us directions as there are a few not well marked turn offs. Know your route.
5. Have fun - this is a marvelous hike!

Awesome hike! Beginners and more expert hikers alike can enjoy. Arriving early helped us beat the crowds we saw pouring in as we were leaving. Passing the spot that seems like the summit and continuing on to the smaller outlook was worth it.

18 days ago

Beautiful trail, great views. Take an actual trail map to help find the way for a great summer hike. The road to the Top Spur trailhead from Hood River was rough, and when we reached the parking area all of the vehicles were low to the ground 4-door cars — no SUVs — the drive is doable. From Top Spur trail head, the trail ends in a T, take a right. There is a large trail sign with a permit box, go to the right, uphill on the Timberline trail. After passing a few vistas with great views and hearing back into the pine forest, look for the cut off trail and take a left over the short ridge to find the Timberline trail — turn right and continue to McNeil Point.

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