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20 hours ago

June 30/18 - took the summer trail up, winter trail down. There was still avalanche debris on the summer trail when we were there. Otherwise Trail is clear and dry. Busy trail on the weekends! Great view at the lake. Nice place to stop for lunch.

For a beginner hiker this trail was a little challenging. The incline gets steep at the end and there are quite a few switch backs. But once you get to the top it’s all worth it. The view is amazing. I hope to do this one again before the year is over and I am more seasoned.

Love this hike. A steady climb up, there is quite a bit of snow on the trail. If you stay on the packed trail you should be ok. We just hiked to the lake which is still frozen but still stunning. It will start to get muddy with the melt.

1 day ago

The trail is very easy to follow and anyone who hikes often could do it easily. The lake is beautiful but if you continue on the trail to the meadow it has a stunning panoramic view of the mountains. Overall a great hike, not too long (about 4 hours round trip) and a beautiful payoff.

Did this hike a week ago. As a beginner hiker I would say this was more moderate than easy. Steep incline but so worth it

This trail is a little on the difficult side because of the incline (or decline) of the trail. For the majority of the trail you are going 3 feet forward, 1 foot up in elevation. it is a very rewarding hike with absolutely beautiful views. at the top, someone has left a Canadian flag and Alberta Flag - it is great.

If you are fit and acclimatized to the the elevation, you should be able to get up and back in 1'45" to 2 hours. If you are taking your time, I would count on it being a 3 hour hike.

Worth all of the effort.

Great hike. The trail is a bit different from the trail map. Park service has changed the trail to first intersect with high Rockies trail. On the way up - turn left. Next trail head turn left. Up the trail there’s a bridge to the right. If you want to see the waterfall keep going straight. It’s a bit narrow, but definitely worth it. Going back, cross the stream and go the other way down (there’s a sign for cross country skiing). At the first trailhead turn left and right on the second trailhead- going down. Have fun - the waterfalls are worth the hike.

So beautiful!! Would recommend the clockwise direction and bringing lots of sunscreen because most of the hike is quite exposed

Fun hike that doesn’t take too long. Did it in 3.5 hours. Saw some Rocky Mountain sheep up top which was cool.

Amazing views... go clockwise... you won’t regret it!

Amazing hike! Such stunning views and a gorgeous ridge walk. Would recommend doing it in the clockwise direction (starting from the trail before the parking lot) just because the scramble up, in my opinion, would be harder to go down! 360 views, would definitely recommend! This took my friend and I 5 hours in total including breaks for photos, lunch at the weather station and general breaks to enjoy the view!

3 days ago

Beautiful views once at the top & the glacier is stunning. The hike itself not so much. An easy path through the forest brings you into the uphill challenging section of the trail. Scree, rock and more of the same. Ore than moderate, this is especially challenging on the downhill. Poles are a must.

An amazing hike. Definitely recommend doing the loop in a clockwise direction. The scramble up is challenging but coming down that section would scare me! Both my gps and my partners gps came up with this being a 12.5!km hike.

Yup yyyyytt

Busy therefore not ideal for me. Pretty views but not very interesting to hike. All flat. All hill. All rocks. Then repeat in reverse order.

Great hike. No flat spots at all, straight incline from the first step! The was amazing. arrived on top at 9pm the sun was setting and it was well worth it.

The trail was not easy to follow. We used the app maps.me and could find it really quick. Beautiful view when you arrive near the glacier. The first part to the waterfall is easy, the second part to the glacier is a good moderate one.

9 days ago

Completed in 2 hrs with a couple 10 year olds. It is an easy enjoyable hike. Not particularly interesting but nice and open and close to Hwy 1. Exposed for a majority of the time so the fact that we went on a slightly cloudy day was perfect.

I really loved this hike! Continuous uphill off the bat through forest and along the side of the mountain with great views behind of the lakes. Opens up at the pass and that's where the wind really starts. This is nothing compared to the wind at the top. Seriously, bring a windbreaker, hat and gloves, my fingers were numb after a few minutes at the top.
The trail from the pass opens up and becomes rocky and there are some small cliff bands to get over but nothing crazy (I'm pretty new to hiking and had no problem). Follow the inukshuks almost to the top. Gorgeous views all the way up and the best at the top. The wind almost knocked me off my feet a few times and made the last push to the summit a challenge on already tired leg. Nevertheless it was well worth every step. We even crossed paths with some big horn sheep on the way down.

Amazingly beautiful. Gets busy depending on the day and the season. The views from the top of the ridge are unbelievable. The ridge is a challenging hike up. The Rawson hike is moderate and enjoyable.

10 days ago

We did the praiprie view trail till the summit then retuned, we did not do the full circle but we enjoyed it so much!

Rawson Lake Closed due to bears

10 days ago

Beautiful hike! Small incline throughout the whole trail with a few small steep sections. Beautiful waterfalls along the trail - some of the hiking sections were a little narrow beside the creek but should be no problem if you take your time. Easy trail to follow with signs along the way!

Beautiful hike!! The hike up to Rawson Lake is a steady incline but manageable! The hike from the lake to the ridge is more difficult as it is very steep - I would strongly recommend poles. It is doable though and so worth the view! We even saw a goat on the ridge with us. I would do this hike again.

Great hike, very enjoyable during July. Weather was fair & the sky was clear. The views at the top are well worth it. *** I lost my jade necklace somewhere on the trail. It’s in the shape of a Silver Fern and is very special to me. If by some chance you find it please message me on Facebook: Carter Clark - I work at Cam Clark Ford. Thanks!!

11 days ago

This trail is challenging at times but the views are incredible. It is quite windy at the top of the ridge. I felt like Dumbledore when he was in the cave in search of horcruxes while I waited for the wind to calm down. It was 31 degrees when I started the hike however it rained and hailed at the top of the ridge so layer up. Everyone suggests starting this trail at the left of the parking area but I couldn’t find it so I did it the other way around and it wasn’t too bad. Lots of climbing at the top and some areas are a little steep but very manageable. I would highly recommend bringing hiking poles.

Pretty easy hike up until the ridge. Steep but so worth the views! We went up with my dog and she did really well. Only sketchy coming down as it was raining and really slippery. Was worried about getting my dog down but she did fine and there were many other dogs up the trail as well

Good hike! Not super marked though! Beautiful day!!!

12 days ago

Amazing view all the way to the summit especially at the weather station. Perfect place to rest and enjoy the view. We took the clockwise route which I would recommend, the scrambling part is not as difficult as it may seem.

on Barrier Lake Trail

12 days ago

Beautiful lake. Did 2 hr round trip with spouse and 2 kids aged 3 (carried) and 7. Got 3 km in and 3 km back. From about 1-2.5 km it’s a bit boring, gravel path with no cover. After about 2.5 km the trail narrows to single file and changes from gravel to dirt in a forested area - this part was a bit more interesting. Steep at parts but our 7 year old had no problems with terrain.

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