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It’s not even a trail. You park on a residential street, walk 3,000 ft up the mountain to a dead end with no trail. Waste of time.

Fun trail! Nice views looking east through the Gulch. I took the short trail from the Hotel Ruins to the Continental Divide Viewing area. Short hike between those two points. There was a nice, steady incline all the way up.

An absolutely beautiful trail. We took it up to the Continental Divide Outlook. The views are amazing. There were a few icy patches but nothing to difficult to get through in normal hiking shoes.

Great views! Definitely recommend bringing spikes for some areas.

The meadowlark section of the trail is very very narrow, single file type trail with a steep cliff on the other side. Trail is also very rocky and uphill the vast majority of the time. When we went today 3/12, we finally got to the Plymouth section was pure ice, we couldn’t even make it down without slipping and had to go out and back through meadowlark again. It was a great hike though, views were great but would be better when the bushes and trees are blooming rather than barren. Excited to try again when it’s a bit less icy.

We did this trail 3/11 and it was awesome! Some icy spots but easily navigable without spikes or traxs.

A great way to spend the afternoon. Took us about 3 hours. Great spot to see some foundation ruins from the hotel and nice views of the continental divide. Rock climbers all around. Super close to Boulder/West Arvada

The trail is very well maintained and an easy hike. Nice views and some beautiful rock formations. The only things I didn’t like about it are that the “lake” is really just a small man-made pond, and for most of the trail you can see the road and hear traffic...I prefer a little more secluded feeling. It was fairly busy on a Friday mid-morning also.

Nicely maintained Trail and was very mellow. Easy and mostly flat. Would be very hot in the summer with no shade coverage.

Good hike with views to the higher peaks once you reach the west side of the loop. No snow on the trail in mid February.

Great hike with beautiful views and not too challenging. The trail was quite icy in a lot of spots. I recommend bringing your crampons.

It was really beautiful! There’s still some snow/icy parts once you get close to the loop. That made it really hard to hike at times, feeling like you’re going to wipe out. Otherwise it was great!

17 days ago

It was very snowy in spots, which made for dangerous conditions (because most of the trail skims the side of the mountain) in which you could very likely slide down or hurt yourself. Without the snow, this trail would have been one of my favorites in a long time. Not too difficult and great views of Golden (and Denver when you get high enough). Lots of fun!

Quick access from Golden- yes it starts in a neighborhood. We went on 2/24 and it was crazy windy, with a ton of snow blowing around. We lost the trail and weren’t able to finish. Ice present on trail but good shoes should be enough to get you through.

I will agree with what others say about it being a very exposed hike. It’s doesn’t really feel ”secluded”, but for how close it is to Golden it’s still worth the trip if you’re looking to not drive very far. Terrain was fun- some parts easy, some parts rocky.

Good hike on some packed snow. Gorgeous views! This is my second time doing this trail and it was just as fun the second time.

This was a great little hike out in Eldorado Springs. Since it’s a state park it’s an $8 entry fee, but totally worth it! There was a good little incline throughout the hike, but overall relatively easy. When up there, you can go off the trail a little and see the Continental Divide.

28 days ago

Well maintained trails. Great views right after the recent snow fall. Only saw 2 other people

Nice trail. Very crowded in the first mile and a half with kids, dogs, runners, walkers, and everyone else. Upper mileage less crowded. Great views.

The Plymouth creek trail is icy in parts, as it’s in the shadows. Other parts are muddy.. but there’s some great views.

awesome views, can be quite icy and slick. bring traction.

Wonderful hike! Took about. 3hrs in total and make sure to take plenty of water as it’s quite a work out going up! Icy in areas, crampons would be ideal, although we just had good waking shoes and managed ok. Great views over Denver, rather exposed for most of the walk but a nice bit toward the second half through the trees. Would definitely recommend!

1 month ago

Primarily exposed hike with little tree coverage. A little bit of snowfall meant that we barely had company on this popular trail. Still issues with dogs off-leash. This one is good for some front-range exercise, but the views and scenery aren’t much in terms of wow-factor. The nightbird trailhead is in a neighborhood, so please be respectful and street park safely. You can always access the loop from the cedar Gulch side if necessary.

A mostly gravel trail, with some ice, and places with space to walk two side by side. All ages were out on the trail. Two parking lots-the northern one is off road, larger and has access to rest rooms.

Love this trail! As soon as you get over the first hill the traffic/city noise dies almost completely (only making an appearance at a couple of crests; otherwise it’s pretty quiet). A couple rocky spots but nothing too bad as long as you’re careful. I frequently take my dog with me on this trail - there is quite a bit of dog traffic but we have yet to have problems with unleashed pets.

2.6.18 - this trail route actually depicts Meadowlark to Plymouth Creek to Plymouth MOUNTAIN back to Plymouth Creek. I ended up doing a lollipop loop from Meadowlark to Plymouth Creek to Red Mesa Loop and back. mostly enjoyable, but Plymouth Creek is glare ice and was difficult/unpleasant without traction. also where is the waterfall?? be aware there is a mountain lion advisory for the area currently.

Made this trail for the first time this morning. It was a bit chilly (15 degrees) with a light snow...was scenic. There was some moderate ice on the trail in places. I didn't need my Yaktrax Pros on the uphill climb, but they worked well on the return going downhill. Looks like you need to use the correct Yaktrax...seems mine were the correct ones.

Just went up 2/4. Was 20 degrees and cloudy. Trail was great despite limited visibility for distance. Peaceful and quiet. Get our earlier to beat the crowd. First ones on Trailhead at 9am on cloudy and snowy day. Currently lots of icy parts throughout hike . We used yaktrax’s “Snowtrax” which worked well going up hill but little treacherous on the downhill. Recommend something on the level of Diamond Trax or slightly higher grade ice grips. Bring hiking sticks

Great views of the city. Super muddy for the pups, but a good time!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Very snowy, wear yak tracks.

Trails were mostly snow packed and icy turning to slush as day warmed up. Snow tracks would have been useful. Glad to have hiking poles. Lots of people and dogs galore. It was a great day. LEO our GSD had a lovely hike.

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