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Went trail running on this route, I've run in the area before but this morning took this specific trail.

It starts on a decent uphill for maybe .3 mile, so you feel it and it'll warm you up in the winter. Then you have a nice up/down run through the woods near a beautiful stream as you run the loop.

Someone put Christmas ornaments on some of the trees and it was absolutely beautiful! A few pieces of frozen water on the trail making it slippery so be careful.

There is also one area where you cross a river without a bridge, so be careful as you walk on the rocks to avoid the water.

Overall, great run that I'll do again.

me and my dog loved it gotta wear boots next probably tomorrow

Hiked up to the hut at the base of the ravine on 1/06/19, ended up in a mini blizzard but that was the best part, the beauty was breathtaking. Of course we had the right clothing and used spikes for the fresh snow. Lots of people to the hut, but most opted not to go on due to weather conditions, 105 mile winds reported at the top. Even at the hut they were about 30, the air changed right there and the temperature dropped to felt like 20 below. That was far enough for us!

This is a go-to trail when you need to get out in nature for a bit. Not too long and yet includes mild terrain changes, pond views, forest walk and some flat land as well. You can tell local folks really love this park as it is preserved and maintained well. Includes offshoot trails for higher heights and gorgeous overlooks.

18 days ago

My husband brought me here for the 1st time, and I love it!! The falls are beautiful and the summit was awesome!

Great hike!

19 days ago

Bit awkward walking next to the houses at the beginning. But it turns into some nice trails right after that.

Hiked on June 27. Nearly 8 hours with a 45 minute break at summit. Perfect weather, not windy. Note that Tuckerman’s ravine was closed once you got to the lion’s head trail, so that was the only option. On the return, the flies started chasing us and no amount of bug spray could deter them. Challenging, but lovely throughout with many views.

This is one my favorite hikes of all time! It begins in a hardwood forest, continues through and alpine zone, and finishes in a huge boulder field. It is by far the most complete hiking experience I’ve done on the east coast. I suggest starting early, if you plan on completing the entire loop before dark.

Visually it is a stunning trail. Once you get to the alpine zone you can see how the glaciers meticulously carved this landscape, years ago. The boulder field at the top of the mountain is other worldly and really takes some thought to get through. My buddy and I really had an adventure on this hike!

The last thing to consider is the weather. We did this trail in late July and had great weather until... the boulder field! When we reached this zone a storm rushed in bringing thick fog, hail, and a quick 20 degree drop in temperature. Make sure to layer and bring a hat and gloves, even in the summer.

Nicely maintained trail but the never ceasing sounds of traffic ruined the walk for me. The trail is basically a walk through people's backyards. Not my kinda thing.

Fun boulder scramble and great views!

Bedling is a quiet,serene place to hike or run. There are many landmarks to see and exlore. It is a drier alternative to the Valley Falls loop during wet conditons.

trail running
1 month ago

Must have been on a different trail because I followed the blue markings and it was about a 3.5 mile loop. The directions from above lead you to Gay City trail head. Not sure if that’s the same as shenipsit or not.
The trail that I did follow was great. A few climbs and rocks to look out for but soft ground made it a very enjoyable run. Saw a few mountain bikers and folks hiking with their dogs but not too many to be a bother.
Great little trail.

Happy running,
Ultra Ryan

Plan a two or three day stay, the weather pattern changes by the hour.

1 month ago

Favorite hike for years, first hiked around 12yo

I love the this place me and husband go all the time.

Incredible hike but only made it as far as the hut. Beautiful views of the Ammonoosick along the way then once you get to Gem Pool it’s a real slog uphill - not made any easier in early November by the tough snow conditions - lots of holes, water running beneath the snow. Once we got above the tree line the wind really started to whip around and I had water in my boot. Changed socks once but it happened again. Eventually we just had to turn around - not enough daylight left to make it to the summit and back. Still loved this hike. Amazing views back toward Vermont the whole way up.

Awesome must-do hiking experience.

2 months ago

2 months ago

Nice walk! If you look close on your walk you find a tiny door along it! At the base of a tree

One of my "go-to" trails in the Northeast!! Absolutely amazing!

3 months ago

Found it to be a difficult hike. Not because of the elevation or not being in shape, which we were, but the entire trail was walking over large boulders. Coming down was total concentration on where to step to not twist an ankle. Other than that, it was beautiful with great views of the clouds racing by.

great hike. all the people at the top are annoying

Hard! Rocks! Great ups and downs!

Beautiful fall day and a great trail. It was easy to see why earlier reviews said there was a lot of overgrowth but because of this time of year it was really easy going. We hiked a little over 7 miles and had a wonderful day. This will be a great trail to snowshoe into.

3 months ago

Very confusing markings are not very good not a lot of elevation but good for a long distance hike or short

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