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Just hiked this mountain on April 21st with my girlfriend and yellow lab.
We parked at the Mead Conservation Center, and hiked up the Wentworth trail to the summit, and took the same trail back down. Wentworth trail is amazing, half of the trail runs along the side of a big flowing stream, great for dogs to play in while going up and just pretty to hike next to. The hike is not to long, but is a steady work out and hike. the summit views are amazing and on of the best views in the Whites. took about 2 hours to get up. The view is worth it. one of the best bangs for your buck in the whites, and it's not overly long. I cannot recommend this enough, and it's perfect for medium and large size dogs. not a heavily trafficed trail. probably only saw 3 groups of people, so great for dogs offleash.

Great short hike. I had the summit to myself. The Views are incredible! I only saw one blaze the whole way up. I needed spikes half way up for traction. Still snow covered in spots.

1 day ago

Hiked to South Baldface summit just this weekend. Easy going up to the shelter. Then things got real. Very icy and windy (60mph gusts) from the shelter to the south summit. Made for slow going and as a result couldn't complete the loop. Came down via slippery brook trail which was basically virgin snow and couldn't have been more pleasant. Will return in a month or so to complete the 10 mile loop. Amazing views.

We started in the East View parking lot and went up the orange trail to see the peak of sugar loaf (steep, but quick) from there we made our way to the blue trail to go out to White Rocks look out (somehow got sidetracked off the blue trail for awhile...). Then we continued on the blue (then white) trail to get back to the parking lot. Nice and steady up and down, so never felt too strenuous. Arrived around 9:30 and wasn’t too crowded; by the time we were leaving (1:30) it was quite crowded. If we go again we might start down at the entrance gate in order to have more of an elevation climb.

Wonderful hike. Bring crampons this time of year.


2 days ago

Great trail, small water crossings. Spectacular views. Trial was not hard, you do need your microspikes towards the top for traction. There are some very slippery spots. The false summit has great views, but the true summit is spectacular. We did see a young bear, but he ran off as soon as he heard us.

Super crowded. Nice hike but way too many people there.

We hiked up the piper trail today, took the pup with us as well. Great trail although there was a good amount of snow/ice still. We didn’t have spikes but still managed to summit. The top was pretty icey though. Spectacular views up top of Mt Washington and the surrounding White Mountains. With the snow and ice it took us about 4hrs round trip.

6 days ago

Took this trail to North Carter , park at the south trailhead and begin by walking along rt 16 for about .3m then enter the woods at the north trailhead, the trail was slippery and cleats helped greatly, two miles to Imp face, awesome views of the Great Gulf and surrounding peaks, at 3 miles take N. Carter trail to A.T. , from the A.T. Jct. North Carter summit is less than half a mile, nice views of the Baldface range.. that's about five miles from the car so with a turn around time had to skip Middle Carter.. from the N. Carter/Imp trail jct take a right and take the more gradual way down, don't miss the meadow above camp dodge, about a mile before reaching the south trailhead...

great hike. With a few inches of new snow it was beautiful. Just right. we used Microspikes and were fine. Met some with snowshoes but we did fine by 10:30 on the way down snow was a bit soft. Great day.

Bang for the proverbial buck. A short hike to a big vista. Not heavily trafficked. Be sure to wear orange in hunting season.

10 days ago

Very well-marked and beautiful trail. Challenging at some points. Amazing views!! Unfortunately I couldn't quite make it all the way to the firehouse- had a scary ice wall that I just couldn't cross. So close!! Will definitely go back to make it all the way to the top.

11 days ago

Great day to climb North moat today. Weather was warm but needed spikes or snow shoes to get through ice and snow. Beautiful view from the top. Worth to effort. Can't wait to try it again this summer.

This trail loop does not ease up at end so get ready for some serious hike. Initial climb onto top via orange trail is tough but its short so if you have some endurance its no problem. Rest of hike through the blue trail is fairly easy until the end of blue trail . Then you hit the green trail and start climbing to top again when your legs are starting to feel it..

Agree with others on view - its nice but not spectacular as Maryland Height Harper's Ferry hike. Also agree regarding trail markings.. its there but you at some junctions its confusing and could be better. Some part of blue trail uses dark blue paint markings while other part uses light blue markings.. it can be confusing but dark and light blue markings on trees denote the same blue trail.

Great work out and overall, i'd say its on strenuous side of moderate if you follow the trail map given here. Took 2 hr 40 minutes on nice partly sunny day.

Not quite sure why they classify this trail as moderate... it was very icy and when you come down the first summit if you don’t have traction get your butt to the ground and start aiming for grabs!!! Lol it was fun but I wasn’t expecting it to have a certain degree of difficulty... I went with my water bottle, and my car keys... thought I was going for a little stroll... not quite a stroll... but breath taking views for sure!!! I recommend it just remember to take your time! I just started this whole hiking game I can think of at least a few things I could’ve done to better prepare myself

Absolutely beautiful hike. The trail to South Moat Mountain starts out as an easy uphill stroll along a nice wooded trail. Just past the halfway point views begin to show through the thinning trees. 3/4 and the trail turns into open sloped ledge with sporadic trees and vegetation. Shortly after you will emerge onto the summit. The summit a completely open cone with plenty of flat space to roam as you take in the incredible views. I was fortunate to visit here on a day of clear skies and could see Mount Tecumseh one direction and the Presidential Range in the other. Although a relatively short mountain when compared to many it certainly gives you the impression you are standing the summit of a "big league" mountain. Most of the trail is steady uphill but not overly strenuous, the steepest sections are fairly short and well spaced out from one another. I would rate this trail on the higher end of moderate and very well worth the effort. As a very experienced 30 year hiker of The White Mountains, this is my first time here and I must say it is one of the VERY BEST views you could find!!!

By far one of my favorite hikes. Not too challenging amazing 360 views with some shelter on top. Already can’t wait to go again.

Gorgeous day up this mountain. All the hard work on the way up lead to a nice pay off. Great views from Starr King and they aren’t bad from the peak either. The jay hawks love the visitors. Did this in spikes today, mashed potatoes on the way out and lots of friendly hikers.

Trail wasn't marked very well in some spots. Make sure to park in the west view lot as that is where the tail starts and ends. There are some areas that aren't marked very well and some how we ended up getting turned around some where in between marker B5 and B6 and double backed. We didn't realize it until we hit a cross section again. While we didn't get to see White Rock we will go back and try again on another day. All in all the kids (5 and 12) and the dog enjoyed it. Tough with kids in some parts, but they have been hiking for a long time so it wasn't too bad.

Not steep at all (Do Liberty, that is steep). Easy to hike. Trail is well packed but I still recommend snow shoes so you don't destroy the trail. Good views on Starr King, nothing much on Waumbek. Not worth sacrificing a whole day for and getting only one 4000 footer. Glad to scratch this off the list.

There are many amazing short hikes in the Whites, but for my money, this is the best hike under 3 miles by a long shot. The views from the cliffs are incredible. Great spot for the looking at some foliage late in the season as the eastern Whites have colors later and Iron mountain is the perfect height to get just above the deciduous trees and look down at all of them.

Awesome winter hike. I saw a lot of people saying Tom and Field have really limited views, but several feet of snow means you can see over many trees that you wouldn't see over in the summer, and the views from both peaks were stunning with 180 degree views of the south Presis and into the Pemi from both peaks. Hike this but do it in the winter.

Great trail! Not many trails are this gradual and lead to such a beautiful summit. It's not hiked a lot so if you're hiking in the winter, be prepared to break in the trail with snowshoes. Only downside is the fact there there are no marking the entire trail. Also, Alltrails lists the wrong trailhead directions that leads to someone's private property. Use Google's trailhead marking instead.

It’s a very unique hike, and easy as well but there are NO summit views which is a real bummer but its a good easy hike!

Went out for our first ever snowshoe hike, and picked this trail because of the good reputation and great views. We were not disappointed. The snow was perfect for snowshoes. We are somewhat strong hikers, and we were up and down in 4 hours. The trail is not a great challenge, although much of the trail is unspectacular, but it is a full sized mountain. The summit is VERY cool. Its a sharp pinicle that makes you feel you are out in open air. The views of Mt Washington were utterly stunning today (today was EXTREMELY clear with several feet of fresh powder). Be aware that Mt Washington is 19 miles away, so a super crisp view isnt guaranteed. We would've carried on the 0.6 miles to Middle Moat Mt if it weren't for the literally subzero wind chill.

All in all, this is a nice, sometimes uneventful, trail that leads to a wonderful summit.

1 month ago

Beautiful views from the summit. I hiked this in the fall & the colors of the trees were simply amazing. Very well traveled. Passed lots of friendly hikers of various ages.

The change in terrain and scenery was fun and challenging. The view was beautiful. The trail is definitely not marked as well as what I’m used to and we got a little turned around and confused, accidentally branching off onto a different trail at one point. It could have just been the day we went, but we did not encounter a ton of people on this trail, just occasionally. That made the hike more enjoyable.

1 month ago

Excellent hike with some great views, however, the trail was far more technical and challenging than I expected. I would highly recommend snowshoes and hiking poles. I snowshoed clockwise and the first half was moderate so I would recommend doing in and out on that side if you want an easier hike plus it follows along a brook which is nice. If your up for the challenge than the whole loop is excellent, just make sure your prepared.

Took left at the fork and did Avalon and Fields first and then swung around and did Tom. The A-Z trail leading down from Tom is tricky in that the trail is covered by snow drift and it being next to a steep slope doesn't help - watch your footing. Else it's super fun and a easy 6 hour hike. No views worth talking about - it was snowing. Snowshoes only, microspikes kept ice balling up making them useless.

Also be ready to shed layers - I changed into just a base layer and a raincoat (snowing) because the trail is steep on the way up and you WILL sweat and get wet from the inside if you don't take care. Pit zips on jackets sure help.

Go up Avalon and Fields because these are more steep and then go down the A-Z trail (very small stretches of steep trails). For those inclined to get down on your butt and slide, this is going to be super fun since it presents plenty of opportunities to do so. Let the kid in you out and slide down - you won't regret it. :)

1 month ago

Good hike; continuous and easy elevation gain, trail easy to follow, and decent views. Even with the new snow the trail is pretty well packed down and quick to hike. Took about 40 mins to summit from trail head. Just wore winter boots and had trek poles. Crampons are not necessary.

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