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Great hike with beautiful scenic views. The stairs are the only real challenge.

off road driving
2 days ago

No off road driving :/ Somebody incorrectly tagged this as such.

Angela Jones and I had hiked over 10 of 13 miles at Fiery Gizzard yesterday before realizing that we were not gonna make it out before dark. We never thought it would take us that long but there were miles and miles of huge rocks we had to climb over so it took way longer. Last minute prep we bought these cheap little headlamps(lesson learned)which gave us just enough light to make sure we didnt fall off a cliff, in many places the trail was on the edge of a drop off, but it didnt give enough light far enough to see the markings on the trees.

Nice trail. Very private. My wife and I really enjoyed it. A gps helped us as 1 part of the trail looked like it split off but was a wash out. We found our way back by looking over gps. If it doesnt look like a trail, its not.

Short and steep hike up about 400 steps. Incredible panoramic views. Not for the person with vertigo.

4 days ago

We took our 3 dogs through the “harder” hike and it was beautiful. However the Ridge Overlook we didn’t see an overlook at all. Gorgeous views and not rough at all! 2 overlooks we’re closed temporarily so I’ll definitely be going back to see the those at some point. Took us about an hour to go through the whole thing, but our dogs walked ya so faster than it would’ve been without him. Also very clean!

4 days ago

Saved this trail for last on this day, and the weather cooperated! Wind was not bad, sun was also not bad, temperature was in the 40's. Saw two ravens on way up next to trail. PArking can be a problem at trailhead. I had to wait till someone left. Stairs up were not too bad just take your time, take in the awesome views and you will get to the top. This is a very popular trail so be patient. This is not one you will have to yourself, unless you come really early.

Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.


on Moro Rock Trail

4 days ago

Went to this trail on July 1st.
Easy climb up the stairs with amazing views at the top.
Check the weather before you go because it can be really intense on a hot day, wear your sunscreen.
The only challenge is that the stair passageway is a little narrow and it can be hard to pass by your fellow trail friends
Check it out for sure!

Fantastic hike. The kids loved every minute of this one.

6 days ago

I've done this one many times and it is worth it each time. The view of the Sierra Mountains is unlike anything else. There are quite a few stairs, but if you take them at a leisurely pace, it is too difficult. Every time I have been here there are always lots of tourists, so just be prepared to be patient. It is not too long of a distance, but if you are afraid of heights be aware there are a couple sections that you come very close to the edge.

From the tall cedars to the numerous sinks and the eroded limestone bluffs and boulders, there is so much to see here! I was very pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this trail as the crumbling roadbed at the beginning gives no hint of the natural wonders that lay beyond. The only drawback for me was that I was eaten alive by mosquitoes DESPITE coating myself in bug spray first. Where the Vesta Glade trail had me running away from the Cedars of Lebanon State Park, this trail has made me want to return and explore more of what the park has to offer.

From the Harris Street Bridge parking area, I hiked the trails leading from the trailhead to the historic water tunnel with great views of the river on the right and huge rocky bluffs on the left, and followed it back to a junction for the main path to ascend the steep staircase to the overlook. The views from the bluff make this trail one of the most scenic trails near Nashville. This was a moderate hike for a beginner like me with the steep climbs totaling about 1.8 miles and took me roughly an hour to complete.

7 days ago

Breathtaking views. The trail is steep, but well worth it.

Tip: Check the weather prior to climbing.

Too easy! Did it in 10 minutes and sunrise is amazing there !

For a new hiker like me, this trail was moderately difficult with rich rewards in scenery. If the quarry wasn't pretty enough, the higher elevated views of the lake are even better. My favorite part of this hike was scrambling over the beautiful rock formations. The remnants of buildings left over from the old resort from the 1920s hints at the history of the area. The Bluebird Loop at the beginning and end of this loop have plenty of butterflies and wildflowers that are fragrant on a warm day. This hike is a lovely way to pass an hour.

Started in the trail at 8 am with full packs on an 80+ degree day. The first several miles of the trail were beautiful and peaceful. Light broke through the trees while walking along a stream. Next we began the boulder portion of the trail ( my least favorite ). It was hard to view the scenery due to constantly watching where you had to place your footing. We were moving at a mile per hour.
Once we passed the boulders we came to Ravens point which was awesome. We stopped for lunch and took in the views. Several other hikers were there and we all swapped stories of different trails we had taken in the past. Our next portion of the hike was the newer sections, the ups and downs of the stairs. Wow what a beast of trail on the legs. After we completed this section the trail began to smooth out and we were able to pick up our pace as we were worried about not reaching camp till after dark. We were able to get to Father Adams campsite just before dark and enjoyed a great meal then turned in for the night. This trail
Is amazing and I would recommend it as one of my favorites. I had been wanting to hike this trail for years and am finally able to check it off as completed.

Great trail to day hike. About 5 hours return, up the Fiery Gizzard and down the Dog Hole. Lots of rock scrambling which made it fun and a good steep climb out of the gulch (but it’s not too long a climb). Beautiful scenery walking alongside the stream. Nice views from Ravens Point. Interesting how much the temp changes from down by the stream to up on the ridge. Loved it.

Great trail with lots of variety ie. Waterfalls, streams, big rocks, beautiful overlooks.

No clue where the trailhead is, but nice trail.

It was great

It is a beautiful hike perfect for a family hike!

Awesome, the stairs to the falls was tough.

Simple hike for a day trip. Our four year old (who is a moderately experienced hiker) was able to do the entire thing. Have been numerous times and always enjoy it!

11 days ago

easy two mile hike
I did this hike as a night hike. beautiful And peaceful trail. once you get to the grotto you will see a bit of water. I'm assuming that when it rains, must he amazing.
avoid parking by the campsite, you will get kicked out. you can park on on the top entrance or on mullohand drive will take you straight to the trail
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Save some energy going the last stretch back to the parking lot...its all up hill for a good workout. Beautiful hike! Good idea to take a pair of dry shoes to change into because the ones you wear to hike in will get wet.

Enjoyed going after strong rain. Powerful falls. Would prefer a little longer hike.

12 days ago

Love the view . Easy for anyone who is seeking for a fast and beautiful view.

13 days ago

Great place for hiking, definitely get a stick to take down the spiderwebs. Also, wear plenty of bug spray, especially around your ankles. We stopped to fish a few times and got covered in Seed Ticks. Nothing 10 days of antibiotics can’t solve.

I went after several inches of rain. The amount of water was amazing! There are areas where the railing is missing along the trail. Repairs still need to be made to areas that have been closed for a few years.

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