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2 days ago

This was a nice walk with some elevation changes. Easy for all ages. Saw some families enjoying the loop. We had our dogs and it was tough having mountain biking on the same trail. Would be a great trail to hike to watch the sunset.

2 days ago

Amazing trail for those more active and fit. If you’re scared of heights, this will thrill you toward the end. It starts off really easy and then out of no where you’re climbing huge steps to the top that are steep.. also, get there early.. we arrived at 7:10 and when we came back down a little after 9am it gets extremely busy, people waiting around for others to leave and people parking all the way down to the main entrance on the Main Street. Definitely a good work out for arms, legs, and good cardio. Great hike and views! Well worth the body aches

3 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike today! Nice Loop, good number of people on it, both hiking & biking, but not overly busy. All users were quite courteous of each other; nice scenery and clear paths. Good length and not difficult at all.


This was a beautiful hike. HOWEVER, before reaching the devils bridge there’s a very steep climb on rocks. VERY SCARY! I did it but I wouldn’t do it again.

Beautiful view ! Start early to beat the crowd and watch the sunrise .

Amazing views

Easy trail with a bit of climb at the end. Beautiful views. Take the trail and let the vehicles take the road.

Loved it

Probably one of my favorite short hikes I’ve done. The views are beautiful the entire time and constantly changing. Personally would probably rank this hike as easy, though the last sprint to the top is a decently steep incline.

very easy hike worth it beautiful view

Crowded on the weekends but still a beautiful hike with some great views! Worth it to stop and take some pictures st some of the viewpoints. Plan to wait in a short line to get your picture on the bridge if it is crowded!

11 days ago

I would suggest not bringing dogs if you plan on going out on the natural bridge.

11 days ago

Perfect weather. The trail was pretty well documented. It was crowded, but it wasn’t your average in and out hike. There were multiple view points. A thing to watch out for is the off roading vehicles.

Great hike. Was busy on the Saturday after New Years. Lots of snow and compact snow/ice on the top half and muddy in the lower half. Crowded. Great views and well worth it.

Amazing trail with amazing views!

11 days ago

Great hike that can be incredibly crowded. We went off season and it was as still quite busy. I would only do again if taking someone who hadn’t seen it before or if there were very few vehicles at the TH. Beautiful views throughout the hike.

14 days ago

Very cool hike and not too difficult. Wild not recommended walking along the road because it can get dusty with cars driving on it. Plus, the hike is scenic.

14 days ago

I took Coke’s suggestion and it did not disappoint. Took mescal, chuck wagon trail that lead into devils bridge trail. As I pulled into the trailhead parking lot the sun was just rising. It was peaceful and quiet the entire time. As the sun rose at the beginning of my hike hot air balloons not too far off in the distance began to ascend. It was pretty stunning and just added more to the hike. Didn’t see a single soul until I made it to the bridge or arch...and with that there were only a few nice souls up there. Had a great time talking with them. One even offered to take a picture of me and my pup on the arch/bridge. Overall amazing experience if you do it at the right time and you hike the right trails.

Great easy walk with views of downtown and the mountains beyond.

Nice little hike just north of Downtown Tempe! Perfect for when you need a little escape. Get off the trail and relax up in one of the numerous rock cutouts/caves.

This hike was incredible! We parked at the dry creek vista, although I think our Nissan Frontier would have made it down the road just fine, it was a rental and the walk down the road was very very scenic and I am glad we walked it. My husband and I each carried one kid and they had a nap while we enjoyed the red rocks that surround you on this trail! We got to the trailhead at about 820 and got one of the last spots in the parking lot, and by the time we finished at 1140 the lot was full and the roads were also packed with cars. I think the early start in essential because we even had time up at the bridge where no one was on it and there was no hurry or line up for pictures. Everyone was just sitting enjoying snacks and the views. Worth every second!

This hike is amazing if you do it right! First off I decided to take the mescal trail to chuck wagon then to devils bridge. It adds an extra couple miles but you get amazing views and a nice hiking trail rather than a muddy dirt road to hike on. I also started at 6:30 am before the sun came up. This made it amazing to watch the sun rise and the colors change on the rocks throughout the trip! I was also the only one on the trail and first to the bridge! You can tell it gets crowded though because my hike back I passed a ton of people (not on chuck wagon and mescal though. Most of them took the dirt Jeep road). It was an absolutely beautiful hike!

Way too crowded. Muddy and eroded trail. Tons of obnoxious jeeps passing by. There are much better options in Sedona. On second thought, you people should keep hiking this trail to avoid eroding the rest of the Sedona trails.

This hike is something. The views at the neighboring mountains are breathtaking. And the final spot, the bridge, is just out of this world.

We hiked just before the New Years, and when we started, there was a blizzard! We were prepared and wore warm winter clothes. Then, after short time it ended and we enjoyed clear skies.

The ascend gets steep and a bit slippery at times, so I recommend bringing hiking poles, they are always helpful.

Sedona landscape is unbelievable. I wonder why it’s not a national park yet (well, technically it’s Coconino National Forest).
Highly recommend. Awesome hike.

It was a beautiful hike but the snow and icy conditions made it more difficult. However, it was also wuite scenic with the snow. Some bottleneck areas were hard to handle with the ascending and descending crowd, and my kids came down on their bottoms. The bridge itself was very icy so we didnt go on it. Some crazy dudes did and even were drinking beer, which was quite dumb..

Very zen once you get there. Bring plenty of water!

19 days ago

Very nice, mostly flat trail with lots of options for different distances. Great for kids and families, very easy terrain. Lots of bicycles is the only negative.

Beautiful hike! It snowed a couple of days ago in Sedona so there was lots of ice all the way up to the top..a good portion of the trail I was on my knees crawling up because it was so slippery. great hike though. worth the climb.

I absolutely love this hike. Still to this day one of the more fun hikes I’ve done. It’s pretty easy, but does require some good footing at points. The bridge isn’t as narrow as it seems. I was scared to walk on it at first, but definitely recommend it!! The views are spectacular. It did begin the rain when we made it to the top, and gets muddy and slippery real fast which can be a little dangerous. But overall a wonderful hike. If you have a Jeep, I recommend driving to the little parking spot at the bottom of trail. If you park further back, you’ll have a little over a mile or so of just walking a ditchy dirt road.

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