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amazing trail if your up for a challenge

1 day ago

Beautiful hike with stunning views throughout! Quick and easy hike that is well worth your time.

Beautiful hike at the beginning of December. It was hard to follow the trail in a couple of places because the trail was blanketed with wet leaves

Went on a chilly December day. Very quiet, very peaceful. Starting counterclockwise from the bottom of the dam will let you know how out of shape you are right away. Was hard to find trail at times, but the ground was covered in leaves. A good time was had.

Good easy beginners hike. All paved with slow grade up. Waterfalls was just another proof of Gods handiwork!

Great trail to visit after a few rainy days. Beautiful waterfall but the hike is difficult particularly toward the end.

This is a good moderate trail, with the most difficulty coming from slick footing along the narrow trail instead of steep grades etc.

Here are my tips for this trail: park below the dam and take the swinging bridge. This is probably the most picturesque spot though many others follow. Go across the bridge and take the trail that way, going counterclockwise around the lake from the parking lot. The trail is steep at first but will make the rest of the hike much more enjoyable once you top out. There are several small bridges along this trail. Bring water, watch your footing. Best done in the late fall, winter or early spring because the trails are so narrow.

Amazing trail. Paved all along the way and wasn't hard. As a novice hiker, this trail was a great start. Waterfall at the end was beautiful. Lots of people though so if you want that solidarity and personal experience, it won't happen. But still enjoyed it! Saw a cub up close too!!

13 days ago

Wife & I did this hike after a day of heavy rain, and the falls were really pouring! Much heavier than in any of the photos we’d seen. Due to time limitations, we turned around at the falls rather than venturing farther down the trail to explore the old-growth forest.
Because the trail is paved due to heavy use, this hike can certainly be done in sneakers, although hiking boots to provide better traction are a good alternative.
Parking lot fills up fast, so arriving early is advised. No toilet at trailhead.

15 days ago

This is a great spot for hiking in Nashville. It's very popular, so go early or on a week day if you want to avoid the crowds. The trail has some moderate hills, but nothing too steep or overwhelming. The views are better at Radnor Lake or on the Warner Woods Trail, but Mossy Ridge is scenic enough and a better workout. The distance is actually closer to 5.5 or 6 miles, because the parking lot isn't right at the trailhead.

Absolutely gorgeous!

I’m not this fittest guy in the world but for most of this trail I was thinking it was more moderate than hard. Then I reached the last section (the rock scramble) and oh boy, it’s definitely a calf burner and a knee killer on the way down. But overall I really enjoyed this trail! Fantastic waterfall at the end. It took just over 5 hours to complete.

17 days ago

Stone Cuts is really neat to maneuver through. I added Panthers Knob to my loop, and I’m really glad I did. You get a nice overlook followed by more rock cuts to navigate, not as dynamic as the official Stone Cuts section but more challenging.

nature trips
17 days ago

Went the day before Thanksgiving with our 3 and 7 year old boys. Like the reviews mentioned, it was quite busy. We parked in the loop before the actual parking area. It was an easy walk, just crowded. We enjoyed taking some steps off the trail to explore a bit, and sit on some rocks to just enjoy the beautiful views.

The hike is short, but you feel pain in your thighs the next day. Beautiful hike with lots to see. When they say the stairs are difficult and long, I would agree. There's probably 500 steps, or more, going down to the falls. If your not athletic at all, don't do them. They have a bottom way to get to the falls that I heard was popular as well, I was just informed to go this way. Definitly a good exercise.

Also, the road going to it is very windy. So be careful!

Beautiful and easy

Nice layed out trail, but just a simple walk in the woods.

My wife and I along with 6 friends took this hike today. We had a great time, good trail and beautiful falls!

Absolutely stunning trail, I may be biased since I'm a geologist but the sandstone formations are gorgeous and you also have the arches. North arch is by far the more photogenic but they are both exceptional. The hike down to Charrit Lodge is well marked and well graded. The lodge was a great place to break for lunch as they have many picnic tables. The hike up through Jake's Place and back to the top was a fairly consistent uphill grade that never was strenuous.

19 days ago

Nice walk but just ordinary timber. It does follow the creek. the waterfall is at the trailhead.

Nice views, adds to the waterfall vs. just taking the walk to the falls.

Fun waterfall. If limited ability their is an paved trail to an overlook, otherwise hike to the bottom for the best view.

Beautiful and scenic walk in the woods, very gradual incline. Nice wide trail good for in-shape people, the length makes this a moderate hike, not the elevation changes.

Simple walk through the woods.

Nice paved trail. It was good for the whole family. A little busy on Thanksgiving morning. Plan for an early start.

trail running
20 days ago

Rolling hills, follow the single red blazes, all in all a good loop if in metro Nashville and need a trail. Nothing awe inspiring, pretty heavily trafficked, would be near impossible to get lost.

The arches and around the arches were cool.

Easy hike! Get there early, it gets crowded by 9am. Please don’t bring strollers. This trail isn’t suitable for children under 7. It is paved but pretty narrow at some points. The waterfall is gorgeous and the views you get are nice. Plenty of good spots for photo ops.

22 days ago

Late November was ideal for staying good hiking temperature. It was a crisp 60F with orange leaves on the ground and great visibility through the trees. During the 8 mile round trip on a Monday we passed approximately 8 groups. 1.7 mph pace counting the stops at the falls. Toward the last 0.8mi terrain and steps get steeper. Climbed at fallen tree to get up the steps of the water fall and found out there is a somewhat unchartered trail to the right of the falls with a bear cave. Don’t start this hike past 1PM this time of year as darkness sets in quickly (low in Valley). Started at 12:30 came back to car at sunset 5:30 PM. Waited in the car for a couple who didn’t bring flashlights. 4 deaths on falls from kids climbing across slippery rocks in areas not marked for trail; sign says control your kids. Trail ends at great view (pictured) with no charted trail to top.

on Laurel Falls Trail

22 days ago

Fairly easy hike there and back although there are some slippery spots. Very pretty views and the falls are very pretty. There were a lot of people on the trail as it appears to be a very popular trail but worth it!

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