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Great, long hike with majestic views

Magical, went all the way to the top, where the waterfall hits the ground, pure heaven ☺️

off road driving
1 day ago

Pretty awesome trail, we ended up turning it into a two day trip but can easily be a day trip. There was definitely some sketchy moments (first part) but the Jeep handled it just fine. I did it in a stock wrangler riding on some 33s and rocksliders that I’m glad I had because I definitely hit.

love this hike so much! the views are amazing and the balconies are a nice touch to the hike. something different and exciting!

Hard work up and down but the views from the top totally worth it. Stunning views up and down the coast.

This hike is NOT dangerous unless your wearing sandals like some people do. If you start into the canyon and hike to the posted sign at 1.25 m. that says to not continue, you will have a immediate -.1 incline, and it’s very doable. After that it’s smooth sailing.

2 days ago

Bridalveil Falls trail, Yosemite. Water still falling in November when some of the other Yosemite Falls have dried up. Beautiful, ethereal, don’t miss it. I’ll be coming back in late spring.

Nice. Hetch betchy hike.

We walked this trail, including Bear Gulch Cave/Reservoir trails and it totalled 18.5kms. A beautiful day out. It took 6 hrs but we stopped for 30 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes watching Condors and several minutes chatting, so 5 hrs walking time say. This park is so different after Yosemite and Sequoia but still beautiful! We drank 2 litres each but it was November and 22C as a high. The tight narrow part was no problem for my wife, who hates steep drop offs. A very good trail with cut steps and hand rails.
Highly recommend.

Loved it. Lots of gnats. Extra protein or breathe out of your nose!

3 days ago

Stunning walk. Views amazing.

I do this trip often. Its a good wide trail, good incline and lots of cows to see!

most beautiful but sometimes too crowded and unfortunately cars

on Pinecrest Lake Loop

4 days ago

Beautiful day for hiking. Well marked trail with enough ups and downs to make it interesting. We hiked this trail clockwise this time so that the most strenuous part of the hike was done first.

Fantastic walk. Good path. Stellar views.

5 days ago

Easy fun scenic walk

off road driving
5 days ago

Just did slick rock 3.5 hrs sweet run
35”tires rock sliders is a must.

Great hike. Did it in CCW direction and took the spur at the end to the reservoir. Tried to do caves on way back to car but chickened out. I’m 6’4” and claustrophobic. Thankfully there was an obvious bypass trail close by to go around caves!

8 days ago

Really nicely maintained trail with clear markers. Loved the Fall colors. Stunning view from Cougar Rock.

8 days ago

Brought an older hike group up the trail on a quiet weekday in the park. It was a clear, sunny day in the 70s and since most of the trail is shaded, very comfortable, even the open exposure at the top. What a great place to have lunch! Love the views and going from redwoods into chinquapin and knobby pines. Most had trekking poles and all were well prepared with good footwear. This was helpful for the bit of rock climbing needed along the trail. The trail is mostly single track, so put your faster pace hikers in the front as long as they can be relied on to read a map or interpret park signage. Having been here before, we didn't take any wrong turns on the trail but our total mileage was more like 4.7 miles with 1200' elevation gain.

Quick and effective! Great photo op.

Great hike starting in Foresta. We were staying in a cabin nearby and this made for a great Saturday hike outside of the valley. Will attach a photo with our route. Ended up being about 9miles with little Nellie falls as the highlight. Saw some mule deer. No people was amazing!!

10 days ago

One of the best walk/hikes Ive ever done. The end down near the water is so gorgeous.

Beautiful hike, a great workout with awesome views. We hiked it backwards and it was nice to get the sea breeze on the way down. Hiking it never felt dangerous.

Went on this hike with my 6 and 7 year old kids. Was a bit challenging for them but they loved it. It was pretty sunny so I would advise hats! The incline was a great workout and once you make it to the top the view is amazing. Ran into a lot of friendly people and will definitely be hiking this trail again.

This is my wife and kids to go spot. Making it a tradition to go every Sunday morning. Great views, a bit hard, lots of incline, but worth it. Love the scenery and the drive for us is very short.

Beautiful walk. Nice and shaded. Plenty of places to catch your breath and enjoy the views

Really good hike. The hike gets really steep towards the north peak. Recommended to do it early in the day so you are done by noon.

Great trail for my man and small pup. Lots of beautiful sights and varying terrain.

12 days ago

Beautiful view of the fall off the top of the mountain. We did hike down to the actual fall. Slippery rocks so it is more dangerous. Use caution.

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