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Wasn’t marked very well. The all trails map saved us!!

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2 days ago

Really fun hike! You get a little of everything - rolling hills, rocky areas, and the greatest ocean view. I went midday on a Thursday, and it was not crowded at all - for the last 1/2 of the loop, I only saw three other people.

It’s rated as easy, but I would categorize it as moderate. I went on the first clear day after a few days of rain, so the ground was pretty muddy and there was a ton of loose rocks covering the few steep inclines. Some trail areas were non accessible due to huge puddles so I re-routed a couple times and made a few wrong turns along the way. Definitely added a little more adventure to the hike, which was fun!

I parked in the Mori Point parking lot. It’s kind of small (only space for like 6 cars), but I think it’s the best starting point to the hike (rather than the start/end marked on the map.

It is SUPER windy, so make sure you bundle up with layers! And make sure your phone doesn't fly out of your hand when you're checking the AllTrails app, haha!

One of my favorite trail at Mt Tamalpais State Park.

3 days ago

Completed in January when trail was icy and without spikes. Very sketchy but I finished it..... sliding on my butt on a couple occasions. So worth it though! Views were aaamazing! #whyihike

3 days ago

Completed in January when trail was icy and without spikes. Very sketchy but I finished it..... sliding on my butt on a couple occasions. So worth it though! Views were aaamazing!

Lost Garmin watch.
Reward if found.

Beautiful, challenging, slippery, and a grind. Did it one year ago. I am in my 60s and trained. It was an excellent challenge, every step requires focus. You will be present or else.....

Parking lot fills up early on Woodside side, but lots of street parking. It is a climb from Woodside to Skyline, then a decent on the way back.

Great Hike. Saw two coyotes, elk and deer. Bathrooms were closed when I went due to the government shutdown. Hardly any trees on this hike but amazing views.

5 days ago

Enjoyable. Not super challenging. Went w Cece. Company was amazing, trail was lovely, but nothing particularly special. Occasions views were green and blue in the winter rains good. Frankly really difficult to identify where the trail was sometimes, so being a phone that will have service to track. AllTrails was helpful.

5 days ago

Stunning sunrise hike

5 days ago

5 days ago

Did this on Jan 12, 2019. Beautiful views of ocean and also wildlife— lots of elk quite close by along the trail, and lots of birding opportunities. Incline is not too bad as well. Got to tomales point trailhead parking lot around 10:45 and the small parking lot was full but there’s grass area right next to it that is used as overflow. By the time we left (around 3:45), there were double the amount of cars.

Awesome trail with amazing views.

Great views!

The most beautiful hike I’ve ever done!

Loved seeing the elk and pretty flat - my 9 year old was able to complete the hike!

Short but keep ur heart rate up!!!

All I can say after this hike is "Wow!" Not Wow as in completely awesome, nor Wow as in terrible, but just not what we expected. I really wish I had read the reviews before setting out on this hike. I wasn't sure if I should give it 1 star, or 5 stars, but I finally decided to settle on 3. I'm going to break this loop down into 4 parts:

Part 1: (3*) This starts from the parking lot trail head and is pretty straightforward. After roughly 1/2 mile look for the Kalauao Falls trail off to your left. We actually missed it but quickly got back on track. Follow this for roughly another 1/2 mile until you see the only mango tree on the entire hike. We missed this too but again realized our mistake and found the trail. This is where the hike gets tougher.

Part 2: (5*) There is a steep trail leading down to the Kalauao creek stream bed, but it's pretty well marked with ribbons and there are even a few ropes to help you down. We didn't have to deal with mud like some others did. Once you get to the bottom where the stream is, turn right and follow the trail along the water. This was by far the best part of the hike. Beautiful surroundings, frogs, fish, and crawfish in the creek, and not a person anywhere. Absolutely amazing. The waterfall is really neat too, although it wasn't flowing much while we were there. The pool below looks like a great place to relax and swim, although we did not. At this point I was on cloud 9 and having the time of my life. Little did I know that part 3 was just ahead...

***At this point if I were you I would turn around and go back out the way you came in. Don't make the same mistake that we and several others have.***

Part 3: (1* although I would give it negative stars if I could) This is where the hike gets BRUTAL. First off, you have to really look carefully to find the pink markers showing you that the trail goes pretty much straight up. We missed it but again, quickly got back on track. From this point until you reach the Aiea Trail, you are scrambling pretty much up the side of a cliff, with mud, bees, thorns, fallen trees, overgrown bushes, and anything else you can imagine the Hawaiian jungle could throw at you. Also it is a bit harrowing in places because the trail is poorly marked and there are paths leading everywhere. Make sure you are using GPS in this part because you will go 100 yards or more with no trail markers. We are an adventurous, outdoorsy couple and have hiked on some extreme trails, but this section was just miserable.

Part 4 (3*) You can't imagine our relief when we finally came back to the Aiea trail junction. We sat down, ate something, and just relaxed for a bit knowing that we would indeed make it out alive. After getting our bearings again, we set back to the car on another fairly mundane and easy path. I think it's about 1.5 miles from the junction to the parking lot.

So in summary, I would highly suggest hiking to the falls, enjoying the beauty, and going back the way you came. That would probably make this a 4-5* hike in my book.

Nice hike for those who want lots of wildlife and ocean scenery. Started before sunrise and by the time I was back the lot was very full. Recommend getting there early.

Nice place to smoke a joint. Also there is a sweet swing about halfway up in the grove of trees on the left

Hey there! Anyone know if the trail is open? I went by today and the road was closed...


Delightful winter walk with fine views (and sounds) of the falls and the countryside (and Clayton) to the north. There was some mud in mid January but nothing we couldn't navigate. The hike is a mix of fire roads and single track. There are some steep slippery parts of the actual waterfall section of the trail so we recommend a hiking pole. Nonetheless, we did 8 miles in 4.5 hours with plenty of ooh-ahh stops so thought the trail was moderate for us.
We started at the Mitchell Canyon Nature Center and went counterclockwise (see https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/diablo-waterfall-jaunt) . This entry has a fee and the hike to the falls is longer than Regency Gate (our loop was just under 8 miles), but you get better parking, bathrooms, nature center, boot cleaning station and the satisfaction of supporting your state parks.

We were planning on going to this hike again this year, January 2019, but the road just past Hanalei town is closed to through traffic. We parked and walked for about 1/2 a mile to get a look at the construction/work going on. Only trucks and heavy machinery, hauling lots of dirt, moving large rocks etc. heard it is closed until Summer of 2019. I believe some people will still get there by sea, but once open, that trail is going to be a bit more tough as the foot traffic will be about 95-98% less than normal for roughly a year.

It was cool to see the biggest tree in the world, but it isn’t really a hike. It is sort of one of those things that you do to say that you have done it, but aren’t dying to do again. Would recommend going when it is not busy (early morning or offseason) so that it is easier to take pictures without worrying about other people being in it.

9 days ago

Really nice hike. Roads were closed due to snow when we visited so took the long way, but was worth it because of all the Mule deer that crossed the trail in front of us. Not recommended on a cloudy day, because then there is no view from the top.

Great hike, amazing views. Less traveled than many routes on Diablo. We had wind gusts up to 60 mph, which is unusual, but made it more adventurous. Would strongly recommend for someone who wants a decent workout in a relatively short hike.

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