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Easy and nice trail. Good for a group with little kids. There is an unpleasant odor for some part of the trail.

A stunning trail. Make sure to check out the Zen Center at the start of the trail.

Beautiful views. Minimal shade. Lots of fun to be had.

We traveled from the Sacramento Area to the Tiberon Ferry. Traffic was light. The Ferry did not have a box office. We lined up at the gate and waited for it to open. NOTE that the ferry only accepted Cash Payment for tickets. The ferry ride was pleasant.

We expected to rent bikes once we were on the Island, but concessions were VERY expensive. It would have been much cheaper to take our own, or rent the bikes in San Francisco, and take a ferry in from there. We opted to walk instead.

The perimeter loop is a road that wraps around the island and offers scenic 360 panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. We walked clockwise, visiting the immigration station and making our way around the island at a leasurely pace, taking in the views and engaging in photography.

Eventually we made our way back to the Ferry Pier. We still has an hour or so until the second to last ferry of the day arrived, and so we decided to grab a bite to eat. Again, concessions were very expensive and overpriced. We were so hungry we were willing to pay the ridiculous fees, but found it baffling that the limited places that were available were either closed 3 hours before the last ferry, or had very limited supplies of food, and were out of many things. We grabbed some light refreshment, and had a bigger meal when we returned to Tiburon.

Although my review might sound a bit critical, This was actually a very enjoyable trip. The weather was fantastic, and it was nice to take a break from the triple digit temperatures in California. Having never been to Angel Island, I was a bit unprepared for what to expect, but now that I know, I will likely bring my own bike, and more food the next time I visit the island.

Just gorgeous. Last mile (mile 4) a little steep but hey, I'm 57

This is a long hike but it's a nice way to see much the waterfront. There will be many people in certain areas and a lot to notice.

1 month ago

Perfect app to carry along with you on all your adventures! We use this to help us plan our weekend hikes, locally and for our great escapes away from the Bay Area.

Definitely NOT moderate. This trail is HARD. Super steep incline and decline. The map also takes you on to private property,which probably explains why most of the track is not maintained. Only try this trail if you are looking for a serious hiking challenge. The upside was the terrific views at the top & cooling shade through most of it.

Beautiful hike! We started at around 8am and finished right as the fog burned off around 11. If I wasn’t photographing or carrying gear We could’ve done it in 2 hours or less. Parking was 8$ and you pay at the ranger station in the parking lot. Very well marked trail

1 month ago

Was good for my kids, easy, perfect weather

1 month ago

For some reason my Runtastic app showed about 13 miles.

2 months ago

This hike was tough. It pretty much kicked my ass. I went in very confident. Just over 12 miles? I sometimes trail run that before breakfast, and my gear is ultralight. Piece of cake. Boy was I wrong.

I got to the park at 3pm on Friday. I was the only one there. The ranger told me I'd be night hiking and I didn't believe him.

The first 5 or so miles past China Hole and through The Narrows went great. It was around 90º but I was down in the valley and there were at least a few puddles to get water. Once you get to Willow Ridge Trail though that all ends. The last 5.6 miles is steep, exposed, ridge, and no more water until you get to the lake. It felt like walking up and down all of the hills in San Francisco in succession, if SF were a desert.

I got to the lake after 9 and I was exhausted. It was a little scary to night hike by myself in what felt like deep in the backcountry. I was seeing glowing eyes off to the sides of the trail and kept getting paranoid about mountain lions. But, I did not see any mountain lions. I did see a few tarantulas in the middle of the trail. Nearly stepped on one, but thankfully did not (it probably more thankful than me even).

Then since I rolled in after dark and I wasn't familiar with where the campsites are around the lake, it was really challenging to find where to sleep. I ended up cowboy camping on the flattest square of dirt I could find.

Waking up to the sunrise over the lake made it worth it though, mostly. This was a good learning experience for a relative backpacking noob.

2 months ago

A real gem! Beautiful hike with plenty of shade including redwoods In one area. Not all of the trails are marked, the AllTrails map was appreciated. There’s currently a lot of poison oak and it’s buggy in some places since there’s still some water in the creeks. I can imagine it will be gorgeous in the winter after it rains.

Great hike that you start from the ranger station. Enjoyed going down steep ravine and heading back up the dip sea trail, which loops you through a decent view at the top before getting back to station. Good amount of trees that kept us shaded. Finished in little less than 2 hours.

enjoyed this loop very much. scenery was beautiful!

An hour to the top of Mt. Livermore. Great views even on a foggy day. Wear layers, bring a hydration pack, and snackage.
Leave wiggle room for arrival and departure times because anything can and will happen.

2 months ago

First of all, this is primarily an area with mountain bikes. So this review is for hiking. While most bikers are friendly it’s just not a pleasant experience when 4 guys on bikes are flying down the trail in your direction at 20mph and leave a huge cloud of dust for you to breathe and hike through.

They recorded route is very odd and is through areas with signs that clearly show the route is closed at the start of the hike. Ignore the red route at the start/finish and follow the obvious trail out of the parking lot to meet up with the weird recorded route.

Unlike nearby trails like in purisma there are no coastal views here. Meh.

Great trail, we didn’t know what to expect. We actually started from Tennessee Trails, stopped by Pirates Cove, went to Muir Beach and then returned. That “small” hill going back was a beater for my boyfriend and I, but well worth it!

Great workout!!
2.0 miles up hill, Bring lots of water.
Great views

Good workout. Long pants a must. Narrow single track, tall grass with ticks and burrs, and poison oak along majority of the trail.

Compared to hikes around, this wasn’t as pretty. Not many views although the woods were pretty. I’m assuming that this time of the year made the creeks dry since we say very little water. I’d stick to other hikes rather than coming back to this one. With that said, I still had a good time with my friend and got my blood flowing. The drive up was nice and there were great places to stop along the road to see gorgeous views of SF. Also, a plus was easy parking right at the trail head and no parking fee.

So i love this trail!!! i have just about done the whole thing but i must tell you as an advocate for Mountain Lion's, they are here! I have found it's den and numerous deer kills within a month in the same spot. I know we are all aware they are there , but i can tell you first hand that they are. This trail can be very hot so come prepared if doing it in the summer. i think the views and change of scenery after each 2nd mile is really neat. I would rate it as moderate but not too strenuous. It's so worth it as the trail goes on forever! Good Luck

pretty easy trail, kids can take bikes and there is a park along the way.

4 months ago

Great trail, awesome views

Such a beautiful hike! There were creeks, water falls, bridges, a wood ladder, and open groves as well as shade, fog, direst sun, and rain. All in one hike!! So much fun to have such diversity all in one place. Very much recommend, the stairs half way through may have you question why you started but remember it doesn’t last long. Lol

Awesome. At times much harder than I anticipated . Worth it.

4 months ago

great easy trail, awesome views

4 months ago

Loved it! Great views! Great hike!

The small private beach was worth it. It gets pretty tiring though. We used this trail to as our backpacking trial with a 30 lbs bag and was testing out a pair of keen sandals. Probably good training for going uphill and going down towards the end of the hike at the beach. There is no phone reception for most of the trip so make sure you load the map of this place prior to arriving. We made our way out to the beach and had a picnic when we arrive. The tides came up around 7ish so I wouldn’t recommend coming there to picnic at that time.

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