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1 hour ago

Lovely hike through the woods. We got to the trailhead at 8:30am (on a Monday), and there was only one other car in the parking lot. We only saw 8 other people on the trail the whole hike. The incline out is not overly steep, but is steady (there are only a few short plateaus the whole hike out). The elevation makes it a challenge. (The hike starts at 9,307' with a 1,987 gain to 11,564 at the peak.) There's a gorgeous and huge aspen grove the first mile or so. No mountain views -- the walk is in the forest the whole time -- but it was very shady and that lush woods is its own beauty. (No flowers -- might be too shady.) It wasn't buggy when we left, but there were a good amount of mosquitoes at the lower elevation by the time we left. We hiked for about 4 hours.

4 hours ago

We hiked this today, 7/16/18. We are still acclimating to the altitude, but we stopped numerous times on the way up and it wasn't too bad. Lots of shade along this trail for most of the way. Wildflowers are in full bloom right now. Pack plenty of water!

RT is closer to 4.8 miles. AllTrails consistently underestimates most hikes. That said, it's a relatively modest hike above the treeline that offers up two alpine lakes, with a mountain backdrop and beautiful wildflowers along the way. Some will find it easy, others hard, depending on acclimation to elevation and your fitness level.

The best viewings of flowers occurred along the far side of the second lake.

We hiked Saturday and lucked into a parking place next to the trailhead around 8:30 am. If parking lot is full, spots are available along the road.

Gorgeous scenery/views, opportunities to climb boulders, and several streams and some small waterfalls. It was awesome. People really need to stop leaving bags of dog poo around, though; there’s bags everywhere! It’s littering and definitely not ok. But other than that, a great trail! It’s tough though, lots of rocky, uphill terrain. Great workout!

One of the easier climbs I’ve done. The first ascent from the parking lot is probably the hardest part of the trail. I started at 6 and got done around 9:20. Saw a bunch of people on my way back down.

Very rocky and very exposed because of the logging. Went on an overcast Sunday so it wasn’t crowded, and it wasn’t too sunny. Definitely wouldn’t do this hike on a sunny day. Lots of cool rocks to look at throughout the trail. Nothing too special though. One nice view.

I went on this hike for the "waterfall" and I don't even get how that is considered a waterfall, I could make a better one in my backyard with a hose.

Believe the hype - on the gorgeous hike, the dirt road to get there, and the amount of people. It’s all true!

Be sure to bring a high clearance vehicle, hiking boots, and layers. The road up is slow and bumpy and gets super sketch when vehicles are parked along side it and you’re forced to drive on the little space that remains regardless of its condition.

The hiking trail has lots of water features and rock fields so you’ll need proper footwear. It also gets windy and cooler at the top so bring layers.

Be prepared for an incredible variety of views, wildflowers, and bears, oh my! We felt like we saw it all. The trail was friendly with lots of dogs and even more hikers. It took us about 2 hours up (including a slight diversion where the trail splits at the pass - going right will lead you down to Caribou lake but it is called Arapahoe Pass trail so we took that. We should have followed the sign for Caribou Pass and gone left, up to Dorothy Lake which we eventually figured out). We saw a family of ptarmigan at the pass. The views of the mountains will take your breath away! It was 1 hour, 40 minutes to get back down. Only about 10 minutes from the trailhead we spotted a black bear cub grazing up the mountain. One of my favorite hikes yet.

7/14. if you wanna do this, start early. I reached by 7.30 in the morning and the parking space was full and cars were already lined up along the road for atleast half a mile. so better reach early.

And the hike, OMG it's just amazing. lots and lots of wild flowers along the entire hike. so if you are interested in photography flowers, it's for you. The trail is well marked. The view does not disappoint you. The spot where tree line ends is just spectacular.

overall it took 3.5 hours uphill and just 2.5 hours downhill. be prepared to spend a good 7 hours on the trails and lake overall.

Above the tree line it is there are some loose rocks, so be careful. The lake is greenish blue adds to the amusement. Just walk past the lake for an amazing Mountain panoramic view.

Easy hike up Mount Muhly and recommend for everyone!

It was a great hike steep at first still wild flowers along the trail saw bunnies humming birds and chip minis only 8.5 miles tracked just over 1800 feet of elevation!

Not a bad trail, however there is definitely minimal to no shade for 75% of it. We did it in about 2.5 hours in 95-degree heat with no cloud cover. If you're bringing dogs on the trail, make sure to bring plenty of water for them as there are no water sources along the trail. Great views along the way and once you reach the top though!

2 days ago

Did the Fancy pass trail and finished the loop with Missouri lakes/pass. It is a fairly difficult hike with a pack but well worth it as the views and flowers are amazing. Also worth bringing a fishing rod as the brook trout up there are very beautiful. only thing is definitely bring bug spray as there are a good amount of mosquitoes around the lakes.

SO CROWDED/HEAVILY TRAFFICKED. Arrived at 8:30am on Friday 7.13. Upper lot was full and there were about 15 cars lined up along the road, so ~30 cars total. Once on the trail though, I was able to pass a few groups then was mostly alone. Definitely want to do this one in the AM because like others have said, coming down the volume of people had almost doubled.

Of course we're all there because the hike is amazing with lots of running brooks cutting across the trail, wildflowers, nice shade for the first half, and amazing views at the top. Was tough to trail run with so much loose granite towards the top, but I made due.

Beautiful morning hike. Loved the sun playing peak-a-boo through the trees. Water is really low right now so not a lot of water on the falls.

Hiked this trail 7/2018 and flowers were beautiful as well as the lakes at the end.

Super fun, casual hike close to Denver. You definitely gain some elevation, and the parking lot is small, but as a avid hiker we did it in about 2 hours.

Great for running, or for an intro to Colorado trails. Definitely evidence of higher traffic, but great on a weekday. Very close to a beautiful lake in Evergreen. Nice to have a creek running alongside the trails for the dogs to cool off in.

Went early to beat the heat, great views and good workout

Great hike basically right out of Silverthorne. This was early June, and we hit some snow about halfway up to the boulder field and ended up post-holing for a bit; we had skis on our back though (headed up to ski Silver Couloir) so didn't phase us. Beautiful views up top and a few mountain goats curiously greeted us near the top of the couloir. If you aren't used to boulder fields this hike can be difficult, though I wouldn't say it's especially so when compared to other similar trails. You also get a bit of a respite from the larger rocks and it mellows a bit once "cresting" the main steep section of the east face of the mountain. Ski down was terrific!

I’m not sure how these mountains are rated by difficulty, but I’d definitely consider it moderate. If you continue over the saddle to the other side, it gets a little more technical in terms of scrambling. Overall, really nice and calm hike. We started at 6am and had the entire mountain to ourselves until around 9:30. Still not a ton of people for such a prominent mountain in Summit County. Was expecting more hikers for sure. You get to walk through the eerie burn area, and can get a bird’s eye view of it from higher up. It’s insane how much burned and how quickly it was put out!

You know this hike is going to be great when people endure the final few miles of the drive in attempting to ruin the underbelly of your car. But the second mile of the hike up has amazing wildflowers and the top of the pass is a sight to behold. One of the best hikes I’ve done in Colorado!

10/10! The wildflowers were absolutely phenomenal, best this Colorado girl has ever seen! The hike had an epic trifecta of wildflowers, streams and alpine vistas with an undulating trail - not straight up or downhill. Just the right amount of challenge. The lakes were really nice too.

off road driving
6 days ago

Just came back from a road trip. I drove from south to north , 3 hours with few stops for breaks and photos. Amazing view! Pretty sure that driving from north to south could be more difficult, you will have two very steep hills. Didn't have any problems with my Bubba (Wrangler Sport, 2 doors, 35 tires, 2.5" lifted).

6 days ago

This hike offers just about everything, except a lake. We hiked Monday - about 6 cars at the parking lot at 7:45 am. Plenty of wilderness, few people.

The wildflowers threw a party, a big one! But the finale is near the end - near and above the treeline.

The first mile of the trail is nothing special and you'll hear I70, but it becomes white noise and eventually disappears. The beauty comes after, including a stream, meadows, trees and mountain views.

We tracked the trail to the saddle at about 3.2 miles one way. At about the 2.1 mile mark (11,400 ft), the trail splits. The more obvious trail is to the left (we didn't see one to the right). We went left. At about 2.5 miles (11,700), the trail peters out. We hiked to the right and picked up a trail and continued on to about 12,300. At that point, the trail ends and you hike to the saddle.

We continued on to Parnassus. Take your time. It's steep. Your knees will thank you if you use poles coming down. The summit offers a spectacular view - Grays, Torreys, Grizzly Peak, Sniktau, Herman Gulch and so much more. With the exception of Grays, you'll see the other 3 peaks on much of the hike.

7 days ago

Took our 6 kids up (ages 14 years to 14 mo). Amazing vistas, beautiful wildflowers.

beautiful and not too strenuous. easy 3.5 hours

1.9 miles to the lower lake, a few hundred feet of gain. Then you can journey on to the upper lake or summit Square Top Mountain (13,806’). The wildflowers were at peak this weekend! Beautiful and peaceful spot. Keep in mind that the trailhead parking is shared with people hiking Mt Bierstadt (Fourteener) so either get there super early, or go late afternoon to get a spot from someone coming off the peak.

off road driving
8 days ago

We came in from Mammoth gulch around 8 pm and came out at Hill top rd around 1am. Xj with 33’s and 4.5 inch long arm lift.

Great Hike, beautiful scenery. First part of loop is relatively light, trail up to lakes a little more challenging.

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