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Beautiful, peaceful, views, shade, flowers, and wildlife.

Fairly easy trail with clean toilet facilities. the only moderate part of the trail was at the first leg of the hike for about half a mile.

14 days ago

Hiked in the rain and hail today ... this is my local trail and definitely a must .. well groomed and beautiful. Nice incline .. once finished I continued back on Weiler Ranch and took the Valley View trail ... all in all about 6 miles . Nothing like hiking in the rain ( I was prepared for it) .

Note that where alltrails has you start is at the top of the valley and there’s no real parking save a spot or two on the side of the road. However, it was a great hike and i enjoyed doing it! Very well maintained and pretty much had the trail to ourselves the whole time. As others mentioned it’s all in the shade so better to do when it’s warmer out. We also did it counterclockwise and the ascent seemed a little more gradual that way than had we done the opposite.

Great hike. Well shaded. There were more hikers and bikers than would have liked but there were long stretches where no one could be found. A lot of crisscrossing of other trails so make sure you are aware. All in all great hike.

good and easy for 4+ years old. lot is shades on the trail. Not suitable for strollers.

on Russian Ridge Trail

29 days ago

We did Ridge trail and looped down on Hawkeyes trail to Ancient Oak Trail to Charquin and then ended on Ridge back to the parking lot. Took us 1.75 hours

1 month ago

Loved it. Mostly exposed trails, beautiful and quiet. Can watch the sunrise. However, the trails were not marked very well so got lost on the way back to the parking lot.

A relatively easy hike with good view of the mountains and bay. The signposts can be confusing. Highly recommend taking a map with you.

Really beautiful easy hike

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. Our 11-yr old and 8-yr old did it with us. Uphill half the way. Mostly covered until you get to the top. Ocean views abound. Highly recommended

First half is uphill but very doable. Beautiful views and redwoods. I would rate this easy not moderate, as it is only 2 miles gentle up and remainder down.

Great shaded trail, easy for trail running. The swings along the trail are so cute! Went at noon on Saturday and 9a on Sunday and was able to find parking on Willowbrook Dr near Alpine Rd easily both times.

Half is a steep incline up hill, and other half is all downhill. Mostly shaded in the forest surrounded by beautiful red wood trees. Breathtaking views at the peak. There's an option to go horseback riding on this trail.

Excellent views. Mostly open space surrounded by rolling hills. Parts are shaded in the forest. Incline is nicely varied with alternating ups and downs. Signs along the trail could be better so that people don't get lost at forks.

Great hike! Beautiful! Remember if you park in the lot at the base it’s 6 dollar self pay.

not too difficult, cut short due to daylight, but nice

2 months ago

Amazing hike but dont use my map - tried to extend the hike with a few additional miles but ran into challenges. Never easy to get to hikes on the P'sula, TH has limited parking but there is a larger lot right around the corner. Trail in great condition even with the recent rain. Trail goes up right away but not too bad. The Redwoods are solid but not over the top (but wait) - get to the top and wide open views. The Heritage portion of the hike was one of the best I have seen in the Bay Area - very quiet and Redwoods looked great

Nice secluded trail, a little hard to find but a great quiet walk with some great shaded areas. Lots of fun checking out all the different mushrooms!

Awesome for families with kids

Great trail. As others may find, it’s a horse OK trail so there’s a fair amount of horse waste.


2 months ago

Great trail! Plenty of shade. Took on this trail during the winter so it was a bit cold. Would love to conquer this trail during the summer. Must be pleasant. Overall: easy trail. Kid friendly.

Holy cow. The views were gorgeous, the hike was tough without being exhausting, and while there’s quite a bit of human traffic in some areas there’s less if you go deeper. Best piece of advice IMO: do the whole thing stoned if you can. Sooo pretty. ;-) 9/10

3 months ago

Great easy hike. Easy to find with parking nearby. Probably the nicest bathroom facilities at a park than I’ve ever seen. Except for one incline at the start, I’d probably classify this as more of an Easy hike than a Moderate one. We only ran into a handful of people, but we also went on an overcast day after it had rained in the morning so weather may have kept people away. Saw several deer up close and pretty views. Good for a casual hike.

4 months ago

Hike took place on a warm weekday in late October. The trail was lightly traveled. I saw more California Quail than other fellow hikers. I started the hike at the entrance close by the nicely kept up visitor center near the parking lot. Note that the actual length of the Hazelnut Trail is 3.7 miles long. The end of the trail dumps out on to Weiler Ranch Trail. Weiler Ranch Trail is actually an old gravel farm road that after a pleasant enough level walk between two valleys leads you back to the parking lot and visitor center about one mile away. The Hazelnut Trail provides a good workout. It is all up and then down. At the start of the trail I ran into three wild turkeys and a buck deer that were having a standoff on the trail. The trail is wide and well maintained. There are trail makers along the way that indicate how far you have hiked. Very nice. You hike up to a enchanted eucalyptus forest that provides a good place to rest and smell the fragrant leaves and nuts of the trees. Funny, even though eucalyptus tress are non-native trees to California, they are in my mind are as much of the state’s landscape as our redwood trees, Monterey cypress, Joshua trees, and giant sequoias. How these trees were established here at a elevation of 900 feet (the trail starts at about 200 feet) where there are no roads or manmade structures is strange. Excellent views of Montara Mountain to the south and the glimpses of the Pacific Ocean and Mount Tamalpais to the west and north. The trail then leads to steep downward switchbacks to Weiler Ranch Trail. San Pedro Valley County Park offers excellent restrooms. I am glad my tax dollars are well spent!

Great hike. I went on a Sunday and only saw a handful of people when the trail meets up with another trail. Other than that I had the trail to myself. It was peaceful and beautiful. Mostly shaded with a few good steep areas to get the heart pumping.

Great trail among the trees! Will definitely come back and try the other trails!

5 months ago

This is a moderate trail that goes on a gentle incline mostly for 2 mi, then downhill switchbacks for 1.7 mi (starting from nature trail entrance). Then it meets up with Weiler Ranch Rd trail and it's a flat .75 mi or so back. There is a section of lush eucalyptus forest that's pretty cool. I like it because on a weekday, you'll rarely run into anyone. I've hiked this after work many times and haven't passed a single soul. So if you like solitude you'll get it (less so on weekends).

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