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This trail is great. Very hilly though

Hiked the lighthouse trail(not to the actual lighthouse, that is at the end of the peninsula) which is roughly 2.5 miles. Easy hike, but nothing to write home about. Stay in trail, as hunters abound.

As a senior walker, this is a definite moderate trail since the rocks and roots are plentiful. It is a beautiful place to walk and my dog loved it. I can get lost in my own back yard so I confess I did get lost once lol.

1 month ago

Fun trail! It is well marked and it took us c. 2.5 hours to walk this trail.

Better trail than David English with great scenery and variety only marginally marred by extensive bike rutting and not enough foot traffic in several of the grassy crossings.

2 months ago

This trail is pretty good but not great. Firstly this is actually part of White Clay park and thus hase several different trails. As of writing this the trail was listed as lightly trafficked which is incorrect. This trail is a pretty popular mountain biking area. This is not a trail if you are looking for peace and solitude. There is an airport nearby and you can hear traffic and people on adjacent paths talking.

Many bikers are polite but I have heard bikers complaining about walkers on the path and some bikers seem to feel entitled and want you to move for them. Since this is primarily a bike path the trails can be very thin.

Not sure why this is not rated better. Less crowded than Big and Little Gunpowder near Route 1. Some tree fall here and there but otherwise well maintained. Nice variety of wooded habitats. Saw heaps of different fungi after the rainy summer. Yes, I-95 is “loud” for a portion of the loop section but the Little Gunpowder is still beautiful. I liked the trail better than the previous two I mentioned. Maybe because I didn’t see any other people the whole trip. Some steep areas in the profile but so worth it- felt like I found a hidden gem!

Awesome trail close by with many different types of scenery. Loved it!

Loved it!

So right off the batnn the trail isn't marked well. The sign that leads into the trail, which says nothing about it actually being the trail, has a wasp nest in it. There is no sign telling you which way the trail goes, so I went to the right. Bad move, because the trail ended after a minute of running. What's even more fun, there was a nasty wasp nest hiding in the bushes, and one managed to sting me right in the neck. This trail needs to at least be marjed better, and having two wasp nests is kind of frustrating. So... at least until I come back and go the other way, this trail is not recommended. If you do go on it, watch out for the wasps.

scenic. Us and dogs enjoyed. will return

Beautiful trail and fun for bike rides. Went hiking recently with my family and dog and found more than one tick on each of us.

An okay hike. Best part includes great views of the river. Worst is hiking near I-95 and the related noise. But, that does not last too long.

Really nicely marked trails. Fun run

4 months ago

Nice trail, shaded about 90% of the way. Could be better marked in spots. Flat most of the way, with a fair number of tree roots to navigate. Good trail for beginner mountain bikers.

4 months ago

Summer was initiated two days ago, so this was my first summer hike of 2018. I started out at ~6:15 am in pouring drizzle rain and ended in less drizzle but damp conditions. This was fine, no running was intended (at first). I mention the rain because it affected my GPS and navigation in this area, the whole way— be forewarned.

About the hike: I began on an old rail trail that is unmaintained; the wrong way from where I wanted to go. I simply picked up the wrong trail from the parking lot. Again, navigation was an issue. You have to walk from the parking area to your point of start. I had other plans for the morning so I ended up jogging on occasions to make up lost time (again, not my original plan). As the reviewer before me stated, the course takes you around the old mill. The markings are fading, and there is quite a bit of open field hiking with no markings, so I relied on GPS navigation. Obviously, I went off course several times. I bypassed the Land of Promise Trail near the end, but I didn’t want to shortchange on mileage, so I did an out-n-back on Mason-Dixon Trail at the finish.

All in all a great hike, except for the poor markings in some key places. I hope to return to do Land of Promise.

4 months ago

this is my go to trail. its easy enough to walk, but can be jogged on quite comfortably in most places.

Pretty solid trail

Only did the loop portion, it’s about 2.5 miles. My dog and I enjoyed the hike though you can hear the cars on 95 and I like a more quiet forest setting.

trail running
5 months ago

Great trail run! Just Challenging enough to help train for mountain trail run in Colorado. Beautiful views and lots of shaded trees. Trail gets dicey if you’re trying to run it while it’s raining or just after it has rained.

on Swamp Forest Trail

6 months ago

Quiet, easy hike around the property of Lum's Pond. We enjoyed the quick access from our campsite.

Good and easy trail. Took six eleven-year-old boys from J. Mills to Bel air Rd and back. The small water crossing was exciting,(not shown on the map, right after the first double back) I'd anticipate it to dry up in the coming months. Enough of a slope to let beginners get a small taste of what it's like.

This trail takes you around the old mill and by the Susquehanna River. It also takes you to a small man made waterfall that is truly beautiful.

8 months ago

This walk was easy but there are lots of rocks and roots on the trail. The path is mostly flat accept for a few hills. I recommend this path during the fall when the leaves change color.

This was a fun hike with some good scenery. I kinda did it in two loops by accident. After coming back to my truck I figured out the part I missed and hiked that too. My recommendation is to start hike to left of mansion. Just go under pipe crossing up stairs and bear left. Historic walk to white land of promise. I'm pretty sure you'll walk by big tree other people have mentioned. It's big! From there follow rock run yellow and you get to walk along nice creek for a little. When you come to man made dam cross road to Wilkinson and grab the orange blaze ( left) from there. After that your on the trail according to app. This way you'll come down ( later) ridge trail red and that's a pretty good ascent.

tons of trails to choose from! lots to explore here

trail running
10 months ago

Great run with a mix of rolling terrain to moderate climbs. Not marked well after mile 3 but overall a good trail.

10 months ago

It was a nice walk. It's listed as easy but is closer to moderate due to trail build (lots of roots and some rocks).

Easy to navagate n now n then some benches to rest on. Quiet but well traveled!

great trail. great workout.

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