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29 days ago

Hiked this one in December during the beginnings of a storm. Majority of the trail was unpacked snow roughly 10-12 inches in depth. Even with spikes the descent was tough, limited reward at the summit due to visibility. Great workout and a good story to tell nonetheless.

1 month ago

Damn, but that last mile was a killer.

This was my very first hike ever, and I didn't quite expect a 30°-45° ascent to get to the summit. But I did it, so I guess that makes me a hiker now.

It was beautiful, though, what with meandering streams and everything covered in snow. The weather was perfect, sunny and in the low 20s. Spikes are essential.

This shows up under Oregon hikes even tho it’s not in Oregon.

The gate was still closed because of earlier storm damage to get up to the trailhead so we had to walk the 1.3 miles from the road to the trailhead. Once we got to the trail it was beautiful, but a little too cold to make it to the summit today. We’ll definitely be back!

Traction needed!

At least spikes and snowshoes aren’t bad for a the descent but not necessary. Awesome short trail, gains about 2k in elevation over 1.5 miles so it can be tough if you’re not used to it but it’s nothing scary and the summit and hike back down is breezy and lovely!

Beautiful woods with a long, gradual approach in. Didn't summit today, made it about 2.5m in. Fresh snow, some ice, lots of animal tracks, few human tracks, and multiple (still unfrozen) stream crossings. Didn't need spikes or poles, but it was slower going and slippery in places.

I did this as a loop trail today. A bit confusing at the start, with NO trail markers. Starts off with logging roads so you follow those into the woods. At one point early on, the trail branches with red blazes on left (Shaw Trail - no sign) and the "Italian" trail to the right with green-red-green blazes. I took Italian trail so I could loop up to Tate (Big Ball) Mtn first. Followed green-red-green blazes up to Tate Mtn with nice views. Then kept going and came upon blue blazes which took me to Black Snout Mtn. Again NO signs or trail markers to note this. Decent ascent to Black Snout with beautiful views to south and east. Evidence of moose too and cool spiral trail to summit and a sign (SO excited to see a sign!) noting summit. Then loop back down the spiral trail a tad to head on wide trail to the north (or bushwack from a kinda trail to the north like I did) onto the wide trail which is presumably Black Spout Spur trail (again NO sign?!) Follow this north to High Ridge trail which takes you to summit Shaw Mtn. You will finally see signs soon... Beautiful views from here to the north and east and a tad bit of snow here today but not icy. Then back track on High Ridge trail down to sign that says "Turtleback Mtn. 1.5 miles". This will lead you to Shaw Trail where you eventually come to a fallen down tree with signs on it and an unmarked trail heading down the hill with red blazes. This is Shaw trail so head on down that... Again no sign, but I promise this will take you back to the parking lot you left from. Enjoy!

3 months ago

A great trail, pretty much steady uphill the whole way with a couple pretty steep areas. There’s not a wide view at the summit but you can see pretty far in a limited arc. Washington and the Southern Presidentials were snow-capped and looked great, and Tripyramid was pretty imposing about 5 miles away.

Bring spikes, you’ll need them. It got snowy maybe 3/4 mile up on Nov 25.

3 months ago

Nice trail overall not too much too see at the top but the 1 mile stretch straight up can be difficult if out of shape!! Spikes are a must , especially for coming down with the snow cover..!!

Good winter hike! The straight up for a mile was a bit killer, but we are still beginner hikers. Beautiful scenery hiking up the trail with the cozy snow covered pines.

3 months ago

Great 4 Seasons hike today 11/25/17. Just enough snow dusting and ice to fill in some of the rocket. Steady hike straight up, no switch backs. Just over 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down. Small view at the top.

3 months ago

What a great winter hike. Not too icy but still a slippery challenge. Pretty fast up and back. One sided view that is beautiful!

3 months ago

Started at the small parking area off 171 intending to ascend the Shaw Mtn Trail. However, there are so many spin-off paths in these woods, I got turned around and wound up summiting Big Ball (via bushwhacking) and from there heading up to Black Snout (on a real trail), and then over to Shaw and down the Shaw Mtn Trail. It's quite beautiful atop Black Snout and Shaw, and with 3" of snow with bear tracks! The hike down Shaw Mtn wasn't great; mainly the footing is challenging. Lots of tennis-ball sized rocks that roll underfoot leaves and make the route feel very "goaty". All in all, a great way to spend 7 miles and 4+ hours, but not my favorite hike ever. PS: my dog LOVED it. Soft snow up top to roll in and very good smells everywhere. One more thing: super-nice people on the trail. Not many, but all really friendly :)

3 months ago

Wasn’t prepared for snow on the ground, but it made it even better. Constant climb. Great workout.
1 hr 45 to summit, 1 hr 15 to come down.
If you start at Waterville Valley Ski Resort, try to park at Lot 1, that’s where trail head is located.
Tripoli Rd is closed during the winter months (starting in November) after the Ski Resort (going west). If you’re coming from I-93 exit 28 and then 49, getting here is not a problem. The other trailhead starting further west on Tripoli road is accessible via exit 31 with exception of winter (November til April) as Tripoli Rd is closed. Again: trailhead on Tripoli Rd NIT accessible in the winter.

What a hike!! The trail wasn't well marked but it was fairly obvious where we were supposed to walk. Usually I prefer loops but for this one, I would take Gorge Brook both ways if I go again. It follows a stream for a few miles which is nice and it has more nice views to stop at along the way than Snapper does.

Super hiking experience! It’s easy to find and close to food and lodging in nearby Lincoln, NH (Loon Mountain Ski Area). The trail head has my two favorite amenities: parking and restrooms. Dartmouth College has a new lodge that’s open to the public.

We took Gorge Brook up and Carriage Road down. I’d recommend that order. Gorge Brook is steeper and more rocky. Most of the trail up is along a small falling creek. You get a waterfall feature for several miles!

The top is over 4800 feet and above the tree line. Dress in layers and put more on before you pop out of the tree line and head for the top! Pack a good lunch and spend some time at the top.

First snow of the year. Top was snow covered, cold and icy. Maybe PM will be better. Missed the last bit of the summit.

Great hike up Snapper and Carriage road to the summit. Took Gorge Brook trail down. Hardly any people going up, lots heading down. Started at 10:30am, got back about 2:30. Good hike for beginners who want to experience getting above the tree line

longer than expected. well marked trail. wonderful view.

only did first 2 miles with family. my 3yr old daughter pushed as far as she could.
The first 2 miles were great hike. Trails well marked and groomed. definately a moderate difficulty. Pretty steep in parts. Cant wait to go back and finish it

Last hiked in 1990. Took a group of teen and younger kids. Good hike; they enjoyed it.

4 months ago

The trail was closed today! Please be warned. We headed over to Osceola but it was disappointing to not hike where we planned.

A great trail with main viewpoints on the way up.

This trail was online for a good foliage hike and rated as moderate. I would say maybe it is moderate for an avid hiker but not for an average person. My cousin and I hiked this, starting in Orford NH across from camp Moosilauke and her Fitbit ended up saying we hiked 8.4 miles! We went to north and south peak to see both views. I think we are in okay shape but this was strenuous for us and the websites we had looked at, made it sound easier than it actually was. I would just be cautious of your own capabilities with this one!

great loop and caught it on a great day. climbs steadily at a moderate grade. a bit rocky but no scrambling. Very cool summit ridge with outstanding 360 views. on this clear sunny day, could see much of the Whites to the north and east, and a clear view WNW over to Camels Hump, 75 miles away.

The parking area is very small and not labeled as trail parking. The first half mile has a couple forks in the trail and no clear indication of the right path to take. However they appear to loop back with one another anyway, and most of the trail after that is labeled well with red blazes. Can be a little slippery in October as leaves are blanketing the whole trail. Much of the trail follows a stream which sounds lovely. The ascent is very gradual the first 2 miles and overall isn't very rigorous.

5 months ago

Amazing views from both Shaw & Black Snout peaks. Good Moderate hike. Short steep part.

Incredibly rewarding trail. The loop keeps it interesting and the summit views cannot be beat. Full 360 views. Upper half of the mountain is rocky but like a jungle gym. Best 4K.

We came here on a rainy foggy day - the Moosilauke summit was very windy and we couldn't see anything beyond 200 feet.
On our way down we passed by South Peak where we caught some good views of the fall foliage after the sky cleared up.
It's a nice moderate hike and it took us about 4 moving hours to complete. There are a lot of rocks so if you're going there on a rainy day, I'd recommend you bring some trekking poles.

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