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14 hours ago

Nice mix of easier and challenging sections. Great views if you take the time to enjoy them. I got 7.35 miles the couple times I’ve run this trail.

No shade be prepared. Great trail that is wide enough to wall side by side. Not to strenuous, conducive for talking and actually site seeing. You don’t have to focus on your footing. Great option to take dogs, good distance even without the summits. I went clockwise, ran a bit and did the two summits in 2 hours flat.

22 hours ago

Beautiful hike. Low traffic. Not difficult. Is a must do.

Great trail, 13 km and we finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes. We went clock wise so the steepest part of the trail is when you’re descending near the end.

We did this hike over the weekend. In my opinion it's not that hard..... just really long. We clocked 13 miles total roundtrip. But most of it is flat, so it's not crazy taxing. The only real elevation gain is the very end when you climb the battleship. There are a few places where you have to do some rockclimbing. Nothing to where you need ropes, but if you aren't comfortable with 3-4 move bouldering, this hike will be scary for you. The top of battleship is worth the scramble! Gorgeous views of the superstition wilderness! I brought a gallon of water and finished it by the time we reached the car.

Great trail, saw 3 rattlesnakes

7 days ago

Saw a few lizards and a small snake along the trail, cool views and a good hike that’s not too strenuous but a good climb. We recorded 8.3 miles on the loop.

7 days ago

First time to AZ hiking, entered off road. Should have used GPS, struggled a little finding trailhead we came in on, was all good though. Awesome trail!

7 days ago

It’s a beautiful hike. I highly recommend hiking the north leg of the loop first. We did that and there were big boulders to climb on as the trail mostly followed a wash in that part. It was a very gradual incline that way as well. When we got to the high point of this loop, we were actually shocked at how much elevation we gained. The remaining part of the loop down was the most scenic and it was beneficial to be facing east the entire way down. The first part on the north side was very much closing you into the canyon and there weren’t a lot of views. The trail is beautiful though and it feels very unspoiled. The only hard part about it was the distance and would be hard because of the heat in the summer.

8 days ago

Modest elevation, good surface on trail, and lots of nice views. There is an entrance fee, but worth it.

Nice views with reasonable elevation, especially at the two summits. You can expand this hike by using adjacent trails. Restrooms and water at trail head.

I really loved this hike. Gorgeous views pretty much the whole way, and we only saw a handful of people. We did it clockwise and it started off with an incline but then was fairly steady with up and down inclines. I def think it would have been harder counter clock wise!

Just to be clear, this trail is marked as hard in this app but I would rate it as moderate. There are great views and the ruins are amazing. Beware of the three way trail sign because if you are not paying attention you will end up on another trail and not back to the Rogers trailhead

I loved this trail! I took Tortuga, Elephant Mountain, and Spur Cross Trails. Made it all the way to the top! Great views up there and a worthy challenge! I will come back again that's for sure!

Great trail, but, someone is not right about the miles. I used 3 different device's (at the same time) and got an average of 7.9 miles. GPS times 3. Steps useless. The map ???.
But a great hike no matter the distance....who's counting anyway??

10 days ago

In a nice, protected area. No man made distractions.
Trail well maintained and marked. Seemed to be popular with equestrian and bikers, but not congested in the least.
Note: there is an entrance fee to the park ($6 for my day pass)

10 days ago

Wonderful trail. Great for trail running, biking or hiking. No too difficult but you get a good workout! I started at the Overton TH to the GJ trail. Hiked north up GJ to catch the elevation. Nice views. Some homes. Some people. Not too many. Definitely will do again!

This was a hard hike for sure! The trail down to the mountain itself isn’t bad at all. Once you get to boulder canyon trail follow the tips and stay left so you don’t miss the turn for battleship, although I will say we never really found much of a trail. We made our way up without a path and once we got to the top we saw what looked like a trail. You have to climb a little to get to the actual top, it is not too bad though. We followed the cairns we found at the top down and somehow got lost again lol but finally made it down. Amazing views overall. It says 10.8 but we clocked 12 miles.

Fantastic trail run. Got to the top of Bell Pass and thought I was all done with uphill and started running too hard downhill and burned out, only to reach wind gate which took me uphill again. But that wasn't for long - good for me. The last 3 miles was all downhill and I let gravity do the work for me. Got a decent time of 2 hrs 35 minutes.

11 days ago

Beautiful scenery! I think I needed to be in a little better shape. But would want to go for it again.

Great hike up to the dam. Not a good hot weather hike in my opinion. Expect some large boulder climbing.

Training for a portion of the JMT and then half dome so went counterclockwise for the elevation. Beautiful trail and the weather couldn't have been better. Toward the end on Gateway trail it got very busy with walkers on the trail. Will make this a favorite of mine and a regular training hike. The trail is rocky but the views are spectacular!!

Long hike but I clocked it just under 7.5 miles. Gorgeous views for the most part. Ran into a herd of mule deer on Willow canyon trail. Glad I did the loop counter clockwise. Love this park! Trail had zero trash on it! Will return to attempt goat camp next time!

16 days ago

Road wasn't too bad...just long and slow but the views were unbelievable! The hike was beautiful with lots of interesting plants, natural features, and spectacular views. Ruins were a sight as well. Please respect the rules when visiting them and leave them as you found them. It was unfortunate to see all the footprint on the remaining fragile roof.

Great as always!

Came to Mesa with my Dad for Cubs spring training. We found this trail to be highly recommended for trail running by the park ranger. Absolutely stunning and beautiful views. Loose rocks on the northern side can make for some tricky footing and more walking than running. Highly recommended for trail running.

This hike was amazing with absolutely beautiful scenery, lots of red rock and stunning views.

Wonderful walk with amazing views. Some rocky footing, but not too bad. Enough up and down to keep it interesting.

Nice, easy trail

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