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20 hours ago

We hiked the loop A or North loop to the crossover. Great day to hike. We saw two deers. Took some time to visit the civil war cemetery. Great loop hikes that will help you prepare for hikes outside of Florida.

mountain biking
12 days ago

loved it

Well marked trails.

20 days ago

The A Loop(Northern Loop) is probably the more traveled of the three loop hikes that start at Tucker Hill but yet,...you may not run into a single soul. The trail is rolling through mostly pine forest and is easy to follow. Hike it either ...clockwise or counter. I prefer clockwise. Along this trail you'll come across the infamous Peace Sign and an old diggings area(good place to take a break). Get an early start and you'll have a good chance of seeing wildlife. Today, lots of woodpeckers and deer. And...this time of year all the wildflowers are blooming. This is one of my favorites hikes.

2 months ago

Thank you brother Jim for the tracking polls they make the hills a whole lot nicer. The yellow trail goes into the orange trail. I didn’t do a loop someday I’ll have the time. Who drives on the forest roads I wonder?The Northtrail opens very shaded not a canopy but just lots of small Oaks. Then opens up in the Pines Pines in more Pines. You see lightning damage on the Pines. You see fire damage, a little tiny Pines very interesting not wet at all. I did see raccoon tracks in the sandy area is. Very interesting I love

I love this trail- great migrant birding and welcome shade in the hot months

Very enjoyable.

love this trail! easy access and well marked

nature trips
2 months ago

Been there blazing that trail it's a great trail that was back in Middle and high school. the Bayard conservative was SJRWM program for students to learn and leave a positive impact on natural environment around the area. I would recommend it for any and every one to take that hike and/or go out there and camp. they have two primitive camp sites on the trail.

It was a beautiful trail, well maintained but with the recent rains be prepared to get very wet. I would say 50% of trail you are ankle to knee deep. We will go back when it’s a little dryer.

saw manatees, otters, and birds...spoke with nice Floridians too who told us about manarays bolting out of the water on to their boat down in Tampa Bay....that'd be the day.....

Walked this trail with the family yesterday. Yellow blazes turned to orange early on so we followed those. Came out of the woods on Croom Rd. at the A-B crossing (6 miles East) instead of at the parking lot. Do yourself a favor and download the map, otherwise your 8 mile hike will turn into 15.

The trail is beautiful and dry(!). Not much wild life to see but the kids had a great time running down the hills. We'll definitely do the trail again, only with a downloaded map, since there is zero cell coverage.

One of my favorite local trails. Plenty of shade most of the way!

Very sandy...horrendous amount of lone star ticks...

mountain biking
5 months ago

Decently maintained trails crossed paths with two snakes.

5 months ago

nice trails and great campsite by the river. be sure to bring enough water as neither of the 2 pitcher pumps on the property work.

trail running
6 months ago

This has been thr best trail I have ran in all of Florida!
Easy to navigate. Mind the tree roots, and also the low branch around mile 2. End half of trail was mushy. There is a hiking trail that is an up and back cutting through the middle of the MTB that you could easily bail out. No mosquitos [midday] and I observed ZERO ticks, yay!
FYI, my Strava clocked me in at 6.3 miles! Not the 5.2 that is listed on alltrails. Im sure not a big deal for a biker, but running it made a difference.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Lots of Hard loose hills to climb, fast descents, not too dangerous

Very very very sandy. Other than that a nice trail but did pick up a few ticks on the way.


Hands down favorite place to go in Central Florida.

Beautiful hike and easy to follow. Completed 8 miles roughly but be aware the trail is flooded at various points(calf deep) and you should have waterproof boots unless you want soaked boots by the 2nd mile like myself. Still will go back :)

Lots of wet areas but great on a sunny cool day

Followed a nice out and back trail to the Red camping area. The AllTrails app only shows the White trail loop but there are several trail options in this area with two places to camp. We saw lots of wildlife once we were off the main trail.

Hiked to the camping area by the river to test out new gear. this was during a cold spell in november
camped over night and I had a great time. planning to go back next weekend on the 26th of January. I'm going to try for a few days this time. great trails and the river is beautiful here

This place is awesome! There are so many different trails to take, lakes to see, and hills to climb. We weren't able to do the exact trail that's posted because you can't park where the directions tell you to start the trail. Parking is off of Osowaw blvd/595 across from the church and you can access any of the trails from there!

9 months ago

Wow! This was an incredible trail with beautiful views from start to finish. I hike all over central Florida and this has been one of my absolute favorite trails so far. Incredible!

10 months ago

Beautiful hike and a amazing river side campground!


mountain biking
10 months ago

Lots of fun not for beginner.

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