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trail running
1 day ago

This has been thr best trail I have ran in all of Florida!
Easy to navigate. Mind the tree roots, and also the low branch around mile 2. End half of trail was mushy. There is a hiking trail that is an up and back cutting through the middle of the MTB that you could easily bail out. No mosquitos [midday] and I observed ZERO ticks, yay!
FYI, my Strava clocked me in at 6.3 miles! Not the 5.2 that is listed on alltrails. Im sure not a big deal for a biker, but running it made a difference.

mountain biking
12 days ago

Lots of Hard loose hills to climb, fast descents, not too dangerous

Very very very sandy. Other than that a nice trail but did pick up a few ticks on the way.


Hands down favorite place to go in Central Florida.

Beautiful hike and easy to follow. Completed 8 miles roughly but be aware the trail is flooded at various points(calf deep) and you should have waterproof boots unless you want soaked boots by the 2nd mile like myself. Still will go back :)

Lots of wet areas but great on a sunny cool day

Followed a nice out and back trail to the Red camping area. The AllTrails app only shows the White trail loop but there are several trail options in this area with two places to camp. We saw lots of wildlife once we were off the main trail.

Hiked to the camping area by the river to test out new gear. this was during a cold spell in november
camped over night and I had a great time. planning to go back next weekend on the 26th of January. I'm going to try for a few days this time. great trails and the river is beautiful here

This place is awesome! There are so many different trails to take, lakes to see, and hills to climb. We weren't able to do the exact trail that's posted because you can't park where the directions tell you to start the trail. Parking is off of Osowaw blvd/595 across from the church and you can access any of the trails from there!

3 months ago

Wow! This was an incredible trail with beautiful views from start to finish. I hike all over central Florida and this has been one of my absolute favorite trails so far. Incredible!

Beautiful hike and a amazing river side campground!


mountain biking
4 months ago

Lots of fun not for beginner.

Not for mtb

Hiked the north loop last week. Not a ton of traffic through the week which is nice. The weather was perfect and the trail was beautiful.

I visited this area on October 17th to do some birding, arriving at about 14:45 in the afternoon on a cool, breezy, and cloudy day with rainstorms threatening. Still saw 23 species of birds, many of them migrant songbirds, in about 3.5 hours walking only the eastern white trail and the return woodland road (part of the yellow trail). As a result of having such a good time on Tuesday, I decided to return early on the next day. Arrived at about 08:45 and spent almost 8 hours hiking the trails in the conservation area including almost the entire white trail (excluding the area used for hunting), most of the red trail, and a good bit of the yellow trail. Much of the area is inundated and that is why I was only able to hike about 75% of the red trail. The inundation is anywhere from muck to 2 to 3 inches deep. The good news is that I have waterproof hikers and pressed on regardless. Saw 42 species of birds on this second trip, which is a single day record for me. Had a great time and would recommend this area for birding. The trail map is excellent, which is par for the course for hiking trails in Florida. Other states efforts pale in comparison to what our state has done for it's hikers.

Pretty interesting. Nice wide trail.

9 months ago

I tried pieces of several trails. I walked on the bike trail, which really isnt allowed I found out later on. I just did a little piece of the South Trail North Trail, I think I prefer the Northtrail. There are definitely some slopes and you'll be going down and up. Very pretty I did see a deer!

The outbound on the FT is pleasant enough. The return is more slough through cattle pasture than trail hike.
Doing it in July (rainy season) provided additional adventure as in over the ankle water in sections of the FT and most of the pastureland. But then this is a wetlands section. Barb wire pasture boundaries, wild turkeys and cowpies a plenty add to the adventure and earn the moderate ranking. Worth doing? Yes. But not as pleasant as the nearby FT sections available from the Barr St trailhead.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Good trail lots of technical climbs and decent,jumps,tight turns loose sand in spots but had a great time not for beginners

horseback riding
11 months ago

with all the new fire trails its easy to get turned around oh and the fallen trees but was a good ride down to the river.i give it a thumbs up

Love the wildlife...deer, turkey, wild hogs and birds of every kind! Trails are fairly flat and marked well.

mountain biking
Sunday, April 02, 2017

Great trail. Not too sandy. Fun little downhills. A few hike a bikes. A couple laps took a couple hours. Good canopy cover throughout. Fun.

I really liked the wide open trails and very quiet. We only passed by one other person.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nice trail.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This is definitely a good long walk if you're in it for the mileage, but there's not a lot to look at. We did 10 miles of these trails and the highlight was hiking out to the campsites and eating lunch by the river. Everything else is just burn zones and pine trees with a few open fields mixed in. There's also not a lot of shade to be found so make sure to wear sun screen and a hat if you go when it's sunny.

The boardwalk is also closed right now due to potential damage from Hurricane Matthew which happened months ago, but I guess they haven't had a chance to go back out and inspect it. That was disappointing because that was part of the reason I wanted to do this trail, and they didn't mention any trail closures on their website either :\

I love this trail...of course it's for walking! It's beautiful to be out in nature and see nothing but trees...the scenery changes depending on your route. it's hard to find long trails near Jax. I've done this twice both times for over 2 hours. Highly recommend!

Monday, December 05, 2016

way too sandy not good for trail jogging. I didn't find it very scenic either. I did a 2 mile loop with my dog.

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