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Beautiful scenery

13 days ago

Good overall Trail with little bit of everything, along the river, along a vertical bluff, then a little elevation, forest, a little stream, culminates into a picturesque valley view with a river running through it, and then back.

Nice flat paved trail along the river. It passes through a couple of parks. I think it'd be great for a family hike with young kids with a couple of built-in playground breaks.

Great trail! Diverse terrain and well marked.

Pretty boring. For some reason I thought that if I went hiking on an island, a large part of the trail would be along the river.


Very enjoyable.

One my faves close to home traffic not to overly traffic signs easy to read The Canyon Loop, Trail says it's 5.6 miles but my Apple Watch always tells me at 6.14 miles they are doing a lot of construction around there right now so it is pretty loud but not normally

Completed the full trail in early December. The scenery was great, but the two issues I have with this area is the poor signage and the number of people who bring their dogs that aren't on leashes. Every time I bring my dog hiking, she's on a leash. During our most recent trip to this trail we encountered two groups of people who didn't have their dogs on a leash, one of which tried to attack my dog. If you're considering doing this trail, be prepared to deal with careless dog owners and minimal signage marking the trail.

The distance of the full loop including the approach is 10 miles.

3 months ago

It was awesome until we came to a section where 3 trails met up. We followed the orange blaze because that’s what the map on here was showing but then the blazes disappeared. From there we ended up at a point with several different trails all unmarked and tried to use our best guess as to which one was the actual trail. It didn’t work and we ended up backtracking and then finally bushwhacking back to the road and taking that to the trailhead. Additionally, the trail needed some maintenance in terms of large trees across trails.

It took us at least 90 minutes to even find the trail. The GPS had us turning down roads that didn't exist, then rerouting us to gravel single lane roads that went nowhere. After circling the area once looking for a brown sign...we tried a gravel road we had turned around on once already and decided to just park the car and walk that road, which was CR 2124 that turned out to be the right road. There are no brown markers or any kind of signs till you get to the trail head The road up there is so washed out, don't try it unless you have a jeep. We didn't go far on the trail itself because it started heading downhill again and it was getting late. We backpacked this trail 20 years ago and it seemed in a lot better condition then....so were we....in a lot better condition. haha

Kiddo loved it!

Went on a Monday - did not see another person the whole day - the quietness was fantastic

Beautiful mix of scenery along the trail. Good amount of hills for a great workout and a great amount of flat terrain for a more relaxed walk.

Beautiful trail, although perhaps better for a bike or horse ride. Probably won’t hike it again just due to the sheer amount of times I had to step off the trail to make way for riders.

horseback riding
5 months ago

Our favorite

6 months ago

Great trail with a good mix of uphill and downhill. Beautiful view at the top. Hikers and mountain biker use both, most bikers give good warning that they are coming up behind you as the trail is narrow.

6 months ago

Easier to find trailhead in Bluffview Park rather than by the railroad. Nice hike but lots of bikers.

The hike was a lot of fun and there was a beautiful grove of sunflowers. My friend and I did manage to miss the trail because it starts on the road and then there is a hidden turn off about 4.5 miles into the hike. We ended up walking for probably another 3/4 mile before we realized we were no longer on the trail. On the way back we did find the trail and started to hike it. It was fairly overgrown and we quickly turned back the way we came because we were being eaten by mosquitoes. That being said we had a great time!

Not a highly trafficked trail. I did the full trail. First part of the trail which is also the short loop, is a little more traversed and not as overgrown. However the back part of the trail is overgrown and had a lot of fallen trees. I wore pants due to the other reviews mentioning ticks.I found two on me after the trail. Quite a bit of the trail follows a stream, so I would think in the spring after heavy rains some of the trail would be hard to pass as there would be a strong possibility of flash flooding in the area. So if hiking in the spring keep your eye on the weather. Saw quite a few hikers on the front half of the trail. I didn't run into anyone on the back half. It is only difficult because it is a wilderness trail. If you went off the trial it could be easy to get lost due to the overgrowth. I will say the over growth does actually make the trail a little more challenging and fun. However, it is still not overly challenging. Not many scenic views. There was a cave that is blocked off due to the endangered bats. Overall it was a good trail due to the seclusion and the forest being in its natural state.

New favorite local trail, right in our backyard !!!!!!!! Closest real trail to the house, 15 minutes away!!!!

Love this trail. I bike it as often as possible. St Charles County has fantastic parks.

Absolutely love this park and its trails. Great place to trail run, ride bikes, hike, enjoy the cool water and plenty of great shelters for family events. The Big Creek entrance at Shelter 1 is perfect for a great day with little kids. If we'd ever get some good snow, this would be a great place to cross country ski!

8 months ago

This trail was much longer than the sign says. It was nearly 6 miles. A lot of steep inclines Great workout!

Great single track running trail. Gradual up, lots of shade, beautiful overlook, moderate traffic

We went through shorter version of trail ( around 5 miles). At the beginning the trail was a little confusing . There are a lot of ticks there. It was not a scenic trail in comparison to other trails I went in Missouri.

Nice trail for solitude, but it is a trail I would not recommend for the casual hiker. Go prepared. The trail is hard to follow at times and very rugged at times. Lots of down trees and overgrown in several spots. You could easily get lost. If you pack, take water, there is almost no water. Hang your food to protect from pigs and bears.

NOTE: Road to trail head is heavily washed out in several spots.

trail running
8 months ago

great trail...first time running it. mostly single track and shaded, gradual hills. good for hiking and running. saw a deer, a horse, many bikers and runners.

Great trail that connects to the Oxen Mill trail and the Matson Hill trail - I hiked all three for about 9 miles total - this trail would be very popular with mountain bikers as there are lots of switchbacks on this trail.

too many trees laying on the path but all in all a good trail

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