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22 days ago

The drive up is brutal. One can make it with an suv but better with a truck that has more clearance - we've done both and it still is a slow go due to very Rocky road. Once there, the lake is gorgeous. Quick little trail all the way around and a switchback in and out or use the stairs. It would be fun to snowmobile up here.

Steady increase in elevation, lots of switchbacks. Well worth the climb. the views the last 1/2 mile and lake is great. Did this hike with my 59 year old sister and Brother in law from Ohio n they crushed it.

1 month ago

The road to the parking lot at the top is very rough. Four-wheel drive is highly recommended. There is snow now, so i would suggest parking at the bottom and hiking the rest. Its challenging but its worth it!

beautiful but hard to access

Beautiful Fall day. Temps in mid 50’s, no bugs & huckleberry bushes a vibrant red!

We loved this trail, biked it, it was a nice challenge going up, and fun going down. The lake is beautiful.

Did the whole Jeep trail it was awesome Started at the base and exited on to the fire roads.

Worth the climb. It was steep and tiresome but the beauty of the lake was worth it. Bring bear spray & bug repellent & make loud noises every few minutes. We did not see a bear but the top was full of wild strawberries and the lake is a good watering hole. The drive to it was a bit desolate but there were some cars there when we arrived.

on Fairy Lake

2 months ago

We went to this hike today, and the experince was amazing. While the weather wasn't exactly favorable (we experienced light showers), the hike was altogether fun.

3 months ago

This is not the trail you want to go to. Luckily we were in a truck otherwise we wouldn't have made it to the trail head. Even still this trail was not for anything other that an ATV! Do yourself a favor and search for Packsaddle Lake Trail. You access from the North and both the road and trail into the lake are much better! This one should have some description to note that access is very difficult. Once we made it to the trail head we found out we could at least drive out another way heading west so that we didn't have to travel out on the same road (still rough but 10X better). The forest service has pushed up berms along the Eastern access road to help with water run off, but you will high center your vehicle of you don't have a good bit of clearance! Please be careful if using this trail and again search for the Packsaddle Lake trailhead that accesses from the North. It will make your trip much less stressful!

BEST hike ever!!!! So beautiful! For sure a do over and yearly activity we will do when we come to Montanta.

Nice little multi-purpose trail headed up to Fairy Lake if you are looking to nix the last two miles up to the lake due to road conditions. This trail certainly gets the job done in that case and is nice for adding a few more miles on to your day at Fairy Lake and up to Sacajawea Peak.

3 months ago

Lake was beautiful! Trail was not great at all. Our gps took us to the atv trail on the east side. Found out after our very dusty climb that there was better access to the lake on the north side. We ended up hiking closer to 3 miles.

The drive to the lake is very rough—probably not advisable unless your car/truck has high clearance and/or 4WD. The lake is very pretty, but can be crowded on the weekend. The flies were especially bad when we went.

3 months ago

Road is terrible but the lake is beautiful!

Lots of switchbacks , but the lake at the end is the payoff , great views along the way !

This trail is incorrectly marked on ‘AllTrails’. This is actually Fairy Creek Trail which does eventually take you to fairy lake. I would mark it as moderate due to it’s steady incline on the trek in. It was a great alternative for us as we did not want to continue up that horrible road to Sacagawea Peak trail head. It is an obvious atv trail based on the tracks however we saw only one other person on this trail and they were on foot which made for a very peaceful trek in to fairy lake. Once getting to the lake we then walked around the lake and made our way up to Sacagawea pass. All together our day was a 7 mile trip.

Not sure what causes all the excitement about this trail. It's nice and the first couple of miles are a good cardio workout, but it's not all that great. Strawberry Lake itself also is nice, but not in the same class as nearby Birch Lake and Crater Lake. On the plus side, there are plenty of huckleberry patches along the trail, although unfortunately most of them weren't ripe yet,

Classifying this trail as "hard" is also a bit questionable. Yes, there's a fairly unrelenting climb for the first 2 miles, but it's not ever excessively steep. My guess is that the (confusing) trail description is part of the problem, since the trail continues on to Strawberry Mtn from the lake, which, if you took that, would clearly make for a truly hard climb.

By the way, at the parking area, there are 2 possible trails, and it's not obvious which to take. It turns out that they both meet again very quickly, with the difference being that the left fork uses a bridge to cross the creek, whereas, if you choose the right fork, you have to make your way through the water.

4 months ago

Of all my hikes in West Glacier, East Glacier, and Flathead, this was my favorite! The hike itself takes you through the forest for the first 2/3 then along the mountain side for the final 1/3 to Strawberry Lake. Needless the say the surroundings and views are incredible.

Bring Bear/Bug spray) I have hiked this trail several times and have always enjoyed it. The trail is well marked and easy to follow and is mostly shaded by tree's until the last 1/4 mile towards the lake. Lots of switchbacks and a steady upward climb to 5500 ft. Strawberry Lake is a perfect place to rest and have lunch before you start your hike back down. More then likely you'll see bears or hear them along this trail, especially during mid-summer. Carry bear spray, hike in a group and talk to each other.

4 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Rough road but as long as you’re in a 4 wheel drive you should be just fine. We had two kids with us and it was a blast. The lake was fun for the kids to swim in and cool off. We will definitely be back!

Beautiful hike! Went with a group of friends and we are all not super fit, took us around 3 hours to complete the hike.

4 months ago

We couldn’t even make it to the hike! The trail to get to the hike requires an ATV or off road vehicle. We parked our SUV at the point where we could no longer drive the trail (about 1.9 miles from the beginning of the trail), and tried to hike in. It was fairly steep, and so many mosquitos that were constantly attacking, even though we had on bug spray. We didn’t even make it to the trail head! (We had 4 kids with us). I’ve been told there is another way to get in, but it doesn’t show on AllTrails. Unless you have an ATV, don’t try this.

4 months ago

The road to Fairy falls is TERRIBLE ( 7 miles of VERY rough gravel pitted road) but once you make it, Fairy lake it beautiful and worth it! Just keep driving until you cannot drive anymore! The road will dead end into a parking circle. The trail that takes you around the lake starts behind the restrooms. If you take the trail to the RIGHT of the restrooms, this is to Sacajawea peak ( 5+ miles up and back). Lake is stunning - a true gem. A wonderful easy walk around the lake but you will have to navigate fallen trees and muddy banks.

Not muddy or overgrown. Nice trail, lots of switchbacks. I needed to catch my breath a few times but the grade is not so steep that it hurts your knees coming down like some of the steeper trails. There was still quite a bit of snow around the lake. Not the prettiest lake but it was a great cardio session going up. No signs of bears. Saw several groups and families. Parking was a little crowded. Trail is mostly shaded. 2.5 miles uphill then a pretty much level last half mile to the lake once all the switchbacks are done.

Fun and easy hike! Snow is gone and there are lots of bugs, but it was a great evening hike and didn’t take long at all.

It was a nice trail. Beautiful views. But when we got close to the lake, I was far away from my husband, and then I hear my husband yelling for me "are you coming?". After that, I hear the bushes moving and a trampling noise through the bushes ahead of me. I saw my husband down the hill making rustling noises too. I realized that I heard a huffing of a bear. I did not see the bear. But it came down to the trail between my husband and I. I made sudden advances towards him. That is when my man headed down off the trail into the brush to get some distance from the bear. It was scared, this is the first time my hubby has an encounter like this. We are blesssed to be alive. He was too close to that bear. I love him so much and I want to be with my hubby for a long time.

decent hike but not great. the views are obstructed all the way up. the trail is littered with fallen trees and atv tracks. the snow was also pretty deep when I went last week. the lake at the top is pretty

Rough rode to travel up too the trail head, definitely want something that sits up higher than a car. We had just taken the road right after a rain shower and it was slick.

The trail was good, still quite a bit of snow towards the top but not bad to hike through! Gorgeous views once you get to the lake!


6/7/18 still had some snow along parts of the trail, but well packed down and fairly easy to trek across. Great views at the top.

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