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Great hike, amazing views, and a lot of fun scrambles on this trail.

2/2-2/4 Nice hike to the lean-to then another nice hike to times square but Couch took its toll on me... I'll be back for StAntoni and Panther when it 80-100 Deg warmer ; )

An interesting hike with great scenery. Good view of Marcy. A long hall and difficult to follow the trail in knee deep snow. Ended up off-trail twice and had to backtrack to find the proper route. Completed Cliff too, a 14-hour day. My headlamp batteries were dim by the time I arrived at the car.

This was my third time doing Tabletop. It was a nice hike in the winter with the packed snow

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Love this trail! Just did it in snow and you definitely need krampons or micro spikes. Snow shoes are not needed if the snow is packed down!

This is a fantastic winter hike. Through the flowed lands and up the Calamity Brook is fast and easy atop the packed snow. The scenery is really unique from the rest of the high peaks. Climbing up Redfield is definitely a challenge, but worth it — there are some nice views just beyond the summit. It took us about 10.5 hours to just do Redfield; with Cliff it would have been over 12. So a long day!

Took the Three Brothers up to the top. The trail was great and the views were amazing. I would suggest stopping along the way and enjoying the views from each of the brothers. They all offer different, but beautiful, views.

Challenging but great.

not the easiest with icy conditions , beautiful waterfalls on the way up to the main trail.

Awesome trail and views on 10/27

We did Phelps first and then Tabletop. Phelps is a solid hike, little steep toward the top, but the views from the top are a fantastic reward. Tabletop, as the name suggests, is pretty flat on top so the views are pretty obscured by the trees. You actually get a better view at a couple of points on the way up than you do at the top. The trail isn't really a trail-- you're walking up a run off channel for about 80% of the walk up from the turn off the main trail. It's super narrow in places, and a lot of it is steep rock that is the bed of the stream. Even in the fall there is still water running down it so it can be pretty slick and muddy in a lot of places. Also, the trail on the maps doesn't match up with what you actually follow, so even though it was clear that people had been through we were often questioning whether we'd managed to get off track. We would definitely do Phelps again, but Tabletop is a one and done.

If you have limited time to do hiking in the Adirondacks, pass the Santanonis.
Views: 2/5
Terrain: difficult with multiple bogs and mud (through it not around it!)
Total time: 8:10-7:40 RT 11.5 hours, should have been 10 however my friend and I spaced on the right turn off the road onto the DEC trail and had to loop around.

The DEC trail with blue markers is fairly easy to follow although difficult due to the wet terrain. The turn off to the herd path at the lean to is clearly marked. From there it is a moderately difficult ascent to herald square. At herald square to your right will be a trail and easy ascent to Panther ~25 minutes round trip. Also at herald square a rock with an

three amazing high peaks , loved Iroquois the best , took avalanche pass on the way back . 12 hour day .

Beware that no dogs are allowed and this restriction is strictly enforced. The parking is across the highway from the Roaring Brook access to Giant Mt. and is at the southerly of the two junctions of Rt. 73 and Ausable Rd. (not "Ausable Club Rd.") On a busy weekend, you will likely have to park on the highway. From the parking area, walk 1/2-mile up the road past a golf course. Just before reaching he large clubhouse, turn left and down between two tennis courts to the gate house and trail register.

This was a nice hike. Marcy dam area is very scenic. He hiked to Indian Falls first. Nice views from here. After went to Tabletop Mountain. Fairly easy hike. Limited spot for views but views you have are good. Finished up with Phelps Mountain. Great views from here. My phone died going up tabletop so my recording is incomplete. The trip was roughly 12 miles and took us 7 hours and 5 minutes. Enjoyed the day.

Amazing! Husband, our dog and I hiked with full gear from New Russia and spent the night at the campsite just east of Mary Louise Lake. Anyone hiking in to camp should know that the yellow sign about 400 feet prior to the Lake stating Privy will lead you to where the primitive campsite is. There are about four sites.

Awesome hike on a mid 80 degree fall day! Algonquin, Iroquious, and then Wright.

Excellent hike!! Started at the Heart Lake LOJ at 7:30 am. The trail started off fairly flat. Heavily worn up to where Marcy and Algonquin split. Follow the signs towards Algonquin and Wright. Wright was beautiful at the top with stellar views of Algonquin, the high peaks region by Keene, and Whiteface a little further off. Algonquin was definitely more of a challenge than Wright. Lots of steep rock to climb. We brought trekking poles but there are parts that are steep enough where hands were more useful. The top of Algonquin was beautiful with a complete view Marcy, Colden, and pretty much a majority of the high peaks region! IMPORTANT!!!! On the way to Iroquois there is a sign than says "foot trial left." DO NOT FOLLOW THIS IF YOU WANT TO GO UP IROQUOIS!! The foot trail will take you down to Avalanche Lake as it says in the description. The narrow path to the right will take you to Iroquois. The second mountain is Iroquois. You will have to go over a smaller peak, back down, and up the second peak will be Iroquois (elevation change not great enough for smaller peak to count as high peak). All in all it was a fantastic hike with time to relax and enjoy the views. Definitely a challenge and would recommend to others looking for a good full day of high peaks!

You really earn your money between mile 4 and 6. The day was very hot, we were on the trail from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a stop at the River on the way out to cool down. My wife and I are in good shape, and I was surprised it took us this long. The heat made this tough. Make your way to Upper first, by the sign that says 0.9. Then back down to the same sign, and up to Lower, 0.5. From there, you can get back down to the trail using a shortcut, just follow the sign at the top of Lower.

Excellent hike. The last mile to the top of Algonquin is very difficult. Great waterfalls on the way up. Very hard on the knees coming down.

Did the full loop on Saturday. Absolutely beautiful. Parked at Marcy field, hit the trail at 9 and was back to the Garden just after 3:30, which included about an hour of breaks. Mileage clocked at 12.3 miles. Trail off of Yard to JBL is not the easiest to follow at a point or two, so make sure to keep an eye on the markers.

It's a solid hike. Don't be fooled by how close it looks to Heart Lake, these two little mountains are not to write-off.

Do Tabletop first because Phelps is a tough little mountain and can really take it out of you. Doing Phelps first would burn out your legs too early in the day.

The first section out is a piece of cake. Once you head up each individual mountain trail you gain elevation quickly. There are views at both summits, but Phelps has better.

Took a little over 7 hrs, we were moving pretty quickly with no stops though.

Best hike yet. Amazing views the whole way.

Usually very muddy. Sure was when I hiked it. Plenty of water sources until you get on top of the range and go towards Couchy. Great view of Long Lake to the west and other high peaks to the east!

This is a fairly easy (for the 46ers) hike. Blake has splendid views, you just have to go a few hundred yards beyond the summit to get them - Don't miss out!!!

Despite what some reviews had said (including off alltrails), I would have to wholeheartedly agree with a gentleman that I had met in the Blake/Colvin col: The ascent/descent of Blake after Colvin isn't nearly as bad as people are making it out to be online. Perhaps it is more difficult on a muddier afternoon? It felt no different to me than the Sawteeth/Pyramid+Gothics col scramble.

I will say temps at elevation have now become a bit on the cooler side (esp. with the wind) felt much more so on descents.

This trail write up says there is no summit marker. There were 2 different spots for a possible Blake summit-both of which had minor identifiers. The first (possibly a false summit?) had a big "B" carved into 2 trees. Not necessarily believing this was the actual summit I continued a bit- first descending about 20 feet then back up. The 2nd possible summit had the trail distance signs near it (which the AMR tends to do on or near summits) and there was a cairn sitting on top of a boulder- This I would assume is the actual summit.

This was my second time hiking this trail. The views on top of Mount Colvin are nice as you can see the The Range from there. The views on Blake Peak were minimal.

Great, great hike with amazing views. I am already planning on coming back in the fall not only because a ton of people recommended it, it is easy to see that you will have some stunning views. Somewhat challenging in spots due to how wet and muddy everything was but well worth the effort. Fell into the creek on the way down but still had a great time.

Great hike. I would mark it as definitely difficult. Even though I consider myself fast and fit it's still took us more than 8 hours to do the whole thing with an hour break. My fit bit and an iPhone showed that this hike was 13 miles. Not 9.9 which added another hour and something. The hike is amazing. Very different. Beautiful and surprising. But a little muddy so grab extra socks if you get unfortunate like me and step into the mud. Would totally do it again but if you are inexperienced don't do it. It's hard and long.

One of the most beautiful hikes in the Adirondacks.

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