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Stunning views. Lots of rock hopping so wear good shoes. Wish I’d had poles but still made it just fine.

I am a pretty good hiker but found this one a bit tough. I didn’t realize it was mostly rocks...ALL the way to the top. I found it moderate to hard. Great views once you get closer to the top. Having never been here before, i found it confusing in spots to know where the trail was. After crossing once of the bridges, there were several pathways....i figured it out. My bostie pup did ok for awhile but all the rocks really did a number on her knees and hips. Overall, never doing it again. Met some great people along the way though!

Not a great hike. No views at the top. Perfect hike for a rainy day. Lots of others were there to bag a 4000-footer. The trail feels like a rocky straight shot to the top, but at least it's short. I'm a slow hiker and it took me 4 hours.

I followed advice here and went clockwise. Avalon first, then Field, then Tom. Glad I did, there was a very steep bit on the way to Avalon that I wouldn't have wanted for my descent at the end of the day. Field and Tom were numbers 5 and 6 of my 4000-footers, so I'm not a total newbie hiker, but I am slow and this loop took me 8 hours including plenty of breaks and lunch. Best views of the day were on Avalon. Field had a nice little peekaboo view of the Mt. Washington resort. Tom had really no view at all and a slightly confusing summit. Brook crossings along the way were lovely. TONS of mushrooms everywhere.

bathrooms in the parking lot. nice flat path. awesome views. beautiful easy hike.

Wanted a non strenuous 4000 footer and this delivered! Appreciated the long flat parts and amazing views at the top. Did get kinda bored along the way at points ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Great Hike. 5.5hrs with East. Started off Tripoli, leaving a car on the other side at Greeley. Mount Osceola was a short time hike to the summit at about 1hr 45min. The summit was magnificent with dozens of peaks in view. Crossed over to East Osceola and down the chimney. I went around this section but a friend did it. Summit of East is just a rock pile but never the less, satisfying. Views can be found surrounding. East descent is steep and definetly a quad burner. We stopped at Greeley Pond after making it down which was a nice ending. Loved this hike.

IMPORTANT: The access road is closed for resurfacing as it will be until the spring of 2019 or later. It is still possible to hike but you will need to walk an additional 2 miles along the access road each way (for a total of 14.8 miles of hiking).

The first 2 miles of the hike (not including the access road) are mostly flat and have no net elevation gain, making for a fairly boring walk. The next 3 miles are steep with 3,500 feet of elevation gain.

The trail is in bad condition and is suffering from erosion in the steep sections.

The ridge climb is about half a mile and not very interesting. There is no scrambling, just a mildly steep walk across the ridge with mediocre views. The peak is wooded and you must climb the tower to get any views. Dogs are unable to climb the tower. The views from the tower are good, but not worth the climb in my opinion. I have done about 30-40 hikes in the past three years, most of them more difficult than this one, some of them easier, and some of them the same difficulty, and this is one of my least favorites.

You may enjoy this hike if you like hikes that are entirely wooded, but if not this trail is not for you.

Gorge brook is beautiful and offers a few great viewpoints on the way to the summit. The summit was slightly crowded, but had insane views of the surrounding landscape. The carriage trail was a real slog after the south summit, with a lot of loose rocks that slowed us down. The snapper trail was pretty nice. No real rock scrambles, just a steady climb up and down. Moderate seems about right, but I’m still pretty sore from this hike a day later.

I can see why this hike is a lot of peoples favorite, including mine. Went up falling waters and came down old bridle, Whole loop took me and my Dog 7 hours with long breaks at the peaks. up falling waters trail was moderate in difficulty, my dog a Brittany Spaniel had no problems as he is an experienced hiker. Falling waters really inclines near little haystack. Perfect sunny weather, amazing views at the top really rewards you.

Moderate for a 4,000 footer. Staircase is a killer. View was much better than reviews.

It was my favorite hike I have ever done. The view at the top is beautiful and the falls on the way up are amazing as well. The trail is busier than others I have done in the past but definitely not as trafficked as I was expecting it to be. We did the hike in about 5.5 hours roundtrip but we were definitely moving quickly. I definitely will be doing this hike again!

Pretty good hike. Went up Gorge Brook trail and Down Carriage Road. Would definitely recommend this because it gives u great views on the way up and down. It took a bit longer than we thought and we should have started earlier in the day as it was getting dark by the time we got out. It is definitely a moderate hike, and u should expect it to be steep for a good portion up and down. It is dog friendly and our dog had no trouble with it, other than being a little tired. A little disappointed because it was really foggy and we had no view. Good hike for a rainy day other than that.

You need to be ready for the distance other than that not too bad. Mostly small rocks on the trial. Steady climb. Pretty cool at the top.

I loved this trail. It was hard though & I maybe found it more difficult as my last hike was in March so I had muscle soreness for a few days after & bad knees due to a fall. Nothing serious, just tired legs during the last 2 Miles. Amazing views throughout, the waterfalls are stunning. A very busy trail & need to get there early for prime parking. We ended up parking at the shuttle car park off exit 34c, which was fine. Took us 6 hrs 20, I’m in pretty decent shape & not been hiking for a good few months. We went up the falls trail & back on the old bridal path.

Loved this trail, gorgeous views. Did this a couple weeks ago, it was a little muddy but that made for some fun.

Very easy up to the hut but after that it was a bit difficult to the peak. No view at the peak so if you're looking for a pretty semi difficult hike i would try something else.

I loved this trail. Probably my favorite 4,000 so far. It had everything. A little steepness. A little flat. The views were beautiful. Did Gorge Brook up and Carriage trail to Snapper down. So much fun. Lots of people passing me but that’s okay! So great. Loved it.

Gorge brook & the snapper are well maintained trails throughout and offered an enjoyable hike. Most steep sections are quickly balanced with flat stretches and the summit offers some great views. Bridges are sketchy, but held up to a 200lb hiker. We hiked in on a rainy day and had no trouble. We were able to finish the loop in just over 4 hours traveling at a moderate pace.

great hike. rated hard due to distance but nothing technical about climb. gradual elevation gains and only one steep section right before summit.great views. just did Bondcliff and was out/back from visitor center in just under eight hours including a few stops and 20-30 minutes at top.

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Challenging hike due to the elevation gain and terrain, but easy to follow trail. There aren't many clearings on the Tripoli Rd side of the main peak, but the view once you get there made it well worth it.

Hiked it in the rain today, couldn’t see more than ten feet in front of you up top. I honestly loved it, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, I didn’t find it challenging either. I frequently hike Monadnock and I think that’s a more challenging hike. We did get a bit lost and did 12 miles instead of the 8.5, but it only took us 6.5 hours

Went in the fall, so beautiful. Had soup up in the hut. Definitely recommend this hike!

This is a beautiful trail with some great variety in both terrain and sites. Avalon had great views. Tom and Field weren't as open on top, but there were still some nice views through the trees. In addition to the peaks, this trail offers a few easy water crossings, some rock scrambles, and several different forest environments. For me, the highlight was the wetter sections of forest, where there was a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, significant undergrowth, and a thick carpet of mosses, it was reminiscent of a temperate rain forest.

Did the hike on a rainy day, very slippery. My bernese mt dog handled her self but afraid other dogs might not enjoy it as much.

Nice hike! Lots of rocks and roots. Difficult, but worth the view on top!

7.5 hours, lots of nice hikers. Beautiful views. AMC hut on Bridal Trail a bonus.

Long, tough climb. Would be best to do on a dry day.

Fun hike! Usually wooded summits aren’t particularly exciting but the trail itself is so beautiful that I didn’t mind hiking into the middle of the woods to turn around and go back. The huts are always a treat, too. My favorite part was the blueberry bushes on the top between Zeacliff and the summit.

Total trip including breaks took me 5 hours and 35 mins. The first 2.8 to the hut is very flat and took me 1 hour on the way up and 35 mins on the way back (I ran). The trail from the hut to the cliff (1.2) is the most difficult part of the hike and took me 1 hour up and 45 min down. It flattens out again to the summit and that 1.6 took me 1 hour there and 45 min back.

I was skeptical about the easy rating but this really was an easy hike.

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