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We (my wife, 7 year old daughter and I) went up Ammonoosuc to the summit and down Jewell. Saturday was an absolutely perfect day. 4 hours up and maybe 30 minutes on the summit (being such a nice day, it was a mob scene) and 4 hours down. There were parts of Jewell coming down where the bolder scramble was really tough for my daughter but it was an absolutely great time. I did this trail with my mom and sister about 20 years ago and had not come up from the West since, despite probably 10 or 12 hikes up Mt Washington in between. It was the first summit for my wife and daughter and we’re all looking forward to more hikes in the Whites soon!

Moderate/rigorous loop—not much for switchbacks so fairly steep. No scrambles, but lots of bigger rocks so going up so felt like a stair-master. Very alpine, a lot of the trail smelled like Christmas trees. Beauuuutiful summit. Did Gorge Brook to summit and carriage road/red snapper trail down, about 4.5 hours total.

I would rate this trail as moderate compared to some of the other hikes in the area! Great views but packed at the top. Will definitely be going in the fall if I get a chance.

We hiked up the Crawford path to the summit and back. We ran into a trail crew on the way up, they were rebuilding the mid section of the trail ( great job folks thanks ). No views today due to the thick fog.

Very hard. If you think you’re not in shape enough, I would avoid. I’ve done numerous hikes in the Catskills and this was by far the hardest hike I’ve ever done. Beautiful views for miles when you get to the ridge, but you are still ascending on the ridge if you start with falling waters AND constantly in the sun if it’s a nice day. Wear a hat and sunscreen. On the way down we came across dog owners that had to carry their dog down- my advice would be if you’re questioning if your dog can do this hike, don’t bring the dog. The hut was pure relief, I ran out of water half way through the hike. They provide fresh drinking water, snacks etc. I feel very rewarded finishing this, something to look back on and be proud.

I’m tempted to downgrade this hike to 4 stars because of the endless throngs of hikers as we descended. The forest staff person counted 700 people ascending falling waters trail from 7 am to noon when we met him. As an unabashed peak bagger well into the 111 this was one my most favorite hiking days ever. It was slightly marred by our very slow descent bc of all of the hikers.
Blue bird sky, nice strenuous ascent up Bridle trail. The reward was incredible, with views on the way up, that’s a great treat. Leave early to get Lincoln and Lafayette before the masses. Little haystack is mobbed. Loved this hike.

Well this is not my so so favorite one, because this trial literally does not have a concept called flat land. The first 1.5 miles you keep climbing upwards, almost every step takes you a feet higher. Every view & outlook is really worth all the effort. We went on a beautiful sunny summer day and took around 4.15hrs for out & back. I am not sure if I want to do it again. The main purpose of doing this hike was to cover all the 4000’ ers of the Franconia State Park.
Recommendation- consume as much fluids as you can to avoid any muscle spasm. But you get water at the peak as there is a small cafe (U also get beer ;) )

Went up using the Webster-Cliffs trail to Webster-Jackson, then down the Crawford path when descending Mt. Pierce. We did it backwards from what many people were doing, and the more gradual descent on Crawford really helped save our knees.

Overall, gorgeous views on all three summits! Pierce in particular had a stunning overlook of Mt. Washington and the presidential range.

Great series of trails that are well-maintained and a fun variety of terrain. Took us a total of about eight hours (with a 45 minute lunch on Pierce and a stop at the Mizpah hut) so ensure you have a full day to commit to the trek. Also, the going was sketchy up some rocky scrambles, so if it's raining or wet it might be wise to pick another trail.

Definitely strenuous (so many rocks!) but the views can’t be beat. Just breathtaking views almost the entire way. Nice short hike.

Nice hike with rewarding views for not a ton of effort. Up gorge and down carriage to snapper. Trail a little confusing Around the Ravine Lodge. Lots of construction on access road. Blue bird Day.

Amazing trail, amazing views and amazing people. Looking forward to the next trip.

Great way to peak bag two four thousand footers. Hiking up Mt Pierce and over to Mount Jackson was steady uphill however as seasoned hikers we would rate it moderate. Coming down the Webster-Jackson trail was steep and rocky. May have seemed steeper because we were tired. It was a clear day so the views were spectacular!

My favorite day hike to date. After just finishing 455 miles of the AT my trail legs were still fresh so I was able to cruise through the loop in 4.5 hours, but without my trail legs this hike would have been a real challenge.

Amazing. But I’m not in shape and felt like death after. Intense. Really intense.

This was a fantastic hike for views up and down. We did the trail counterclockwise, which I think made for a great ending along the Gulfside/Jewell Trail, which actually sparkles in the sunlight. Ammonoosuc Ravine trail is pretty straight ascent and lots of big loose rock at the top. We stopped at Lakes of the Cloud hut (bring cash for coffee, lemonade or a home cooked meal). Then about a mile and a half more to the summit (where there are lots of food options and a ride down on the railway). We overpacked for a cold summit and brought our own food. Also, it feels a little odd to share your accomplished summit with folks who drove up and have to stand in a line to take your picture at the top. But overall a good challenge and some breath taking views.

I just looked this up because my teenage son is looking for a hike with friends and asked, "What is that family hike we have done like 100 times?" Forgot how to spell Lafayette. :)

Don't let "nerve wrecking" and "knife edge" scare you. This is nothing like a true knife edge. This is just hiking.

But it is mighty fine hiking. My favorite White Mountain hike. But go up Falling Waters as it is pretty steep for hiking down, especially if wet, and it is often wet. Go down Old Bridle Path.

Have fun!

expected more on the top but all in all was a good hike, would recommend.

Between the waterfalls and the ridge it was an easy to rate this 5 star...awesome. Check out my write up along with some other things to look out for.

Kinsman Ridge Trail to top of Cannon Mountain. Wow! A tough climb up and down. Very rocky and rooty, with sections of ledge. Trail was wet the day we hiked, which made for some skidding/sliding. Avoid this if you have bad knees. Trekking poles were useful on the way down. Trail is well marked. Lightly to moderately traveled, depending on your definitions and the time of day. Great view from the overlook, so be sure to stop there! Also great views from the Cannon Mountain tower. Very busy at the top due to the tramway. We did not proceed across the Cannon Balls and/or to the Kinsman peaks, just an out and back on Kinsman Ridge Trail to Cannon Mountain.

Challenging and quite epic along the Franconia Ridge.

Love this mountain! It's a bit of a Trek but its super easy ( Gorge Brook Trail). It was cloudy when I went so the views were limited but still gorgeous with lots of different terrain and vegetation. highly recommend this trail!

Great Workout. Not an easy hike by any means, but the payoff with the views all along the ridgeline are amazing, and make it all worth it.

We used this as a way to hike Mount Monroe and Washington. Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail followed a rushing river before climbing very steeply to lake of the clouds. The area is incredibly scenic and has wonderful views of Ammonoosuc Ravine. Mount Monroe had incredible views of the Southern Presidentials and Oaks Gulf. The trail then climbs along loose rock over the Bigelow Lawn and up the summit cone of Washington. The summit of civilized Washington and I didn’t bond well, since I prefer wilderness peaks. Not to mention the crowds of people who didn’t work for the views. Jewell Trail is definitely the best way to descend, you get a gradual descent along the Great Gulf and back to mid station.

This trail is an absolute beast. The large rocks during the entire ascent are pretty slippery. There’s one spot where a large sheered rock, at an upward angle, is part of the path and it was slick and challenging to maneuver, with a tree down near it. The weather prevented any meaningful views from the ridge and the summit unfortunately. One of the toughest hikes I’ve done. There is a tram to get down, if you want to avoid a pretty treacherous descent over the slippery rocks.

8 days ago

Was not an easy hike by any means. Accessed the Willey ridge trail from the Ethan Pond Trail. Like previous reviews the last scramble all 1.1 miles seemed to never end. If only we hadn’t been socked in the clouds today, then maybe the strenuous climb would have felt better. Despite my frustration with the challenge I feel accomplished and tried my best to enjoy the climb. This is a climb for those who are ready for a challenge!!

Hiked July 14, 2018 via Crawford path out and back to Mount Pierce (didn’t do loop with hut). Heard the hut is cool though and has food. Took us about 4 hours. 6.5 miles. Well kept trail - we saw a lot of people working on the path. Trail was a little wet/moist with some water and moss. Coming down was a little tricky on the rocks, especially when wet. Gibbs waterfall was worth checking out. Very pretty hike but didn’t get many views because cloudy. We saw a good amount of people on the trail. Parking lot right near trail right off the highway.

Took Snapper Trail to Carriage Road then descended Gorge Brook Trail. About 5 hours total hiking time. Great hike with impressive views. Would love to do again in winter.

I hiked up Jewell today just sort of the junction with gulf. Jewell is an easy trail to the timberline — it gets steeper towards gulf. Once you get above timberline - the views are incredible. I was hiking alone and early.

A quintessential northeast hike. Amazing views. One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done.

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