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Amazing views, and easily accessible right off Route 93. We took our time for pictures and snack breakd and made a full day of it, 8:30-6ish, but more motivated climbers would be able to this in far less time. Do this hike!

This winter hike was intense. I'd consider myself in shape, but we had to take regular breaks to manage fatigue. It's steep and uphill the entire way. We wore microspikes but probably could have done snowshoes to avoid falling through the fresh snow. The snow had blown off the summit so it was like walking on a frozen pond to the summit. Beware that the winds at the top can really whip. We even saw another group of hikers put on ski googles before ascending above tree line.

****Careful this tracking is odd and include doing the franconia loop TWICE! Otherwise, this trail is great, and is similar to what we did back in late September 2017. The tracking is weird however, why do the loop twice? This hike is only 14 miles if you don't do it twice... What we did was start from mount flume, walk the ridge, and then back down the valley - probably around 22 miles

Nice hike, we did this in about 4-5 hours late September 2017. The trail was in good condition and easy to follow. The ridge part is great. This can be a longer day hike if you do a bigger loop including mount Flume (start with mount flume) and walking down the valley back to your car.

I hike Mt Washington once a year and love it. Always have a bag packed for all weather. I have been in ice storms during Oct!

Went in really late at 3 PM. Summit at 6 PM. Parking lot at 8PM. The wind at the top was very strong. Good views. Bring spikes.

Since I'm rating the trail itself and not the mountain I give it 3 stars for winter. Too many people without snowshoes have hiked this and destroyed the snowy terrain. It took an incredible amount of time to descend because people without even spikes went down on the edges and dumped loose snow all over this steep descent. Every step was a careful and slow placement on the way down so I didn't tumble for a few hundred feet. I'm sure it's better without snow. If you're winter hiking you need snowshoes or spikes if the trail has iced over.

All that said the summit is awesome and I would do this again. The views are just amazing and worth all that frustration.

Fairly easy hike with some pretty cool views of Mt. Washington!

Great hike! I got rained on hard out of no where on my way to the summit of lincoln, then as I’m coming down from lafayette I watched another storm pour on the same spot I was at earlier but miss me, it was so awesome to see and be that close to a storm but not get hit!

There’re are few views to beat the one from the summit.

Hiked in October 2017. The way up went by much faster than anticipated, great trail and very scenic. Weather couldn't have been more perfect. Of course very high winds at the top. The way down is when I struggled but that's just from my exhaustion and muscles! Took longer than anticipated but made it out as the sun was setting. On our way down we missed the turn for our trail and ended up walking quite a ways on the wrong trail and had to turn around. SO make sure you have your eyes peeled for trail signs/turns!! Bring layers - never know what the weather will be like especially at the summit. Absolutely beautiful views the whole time.

Very steep and rocky. Incredible view at the top. You could go trail running on it, but you would need quads of steel for the uphill. I suggest hiking or backpacking.

Awesome loop but be prepared for snow in June. best done when days are long and no chance of lightening.

I love the Bridle Path. Not very steep and a great way to access or exit the Franconia Ridge. Minus one star because the descent seems endless every time. Longest 3.4 mi trail around on the way out.

This is probably the easiest trail for Mt. Washington. Add Clay for a bonus.

Done this one a few times and it’s never boring.

5 months ago

As an out of shape hiker, this was a challenging hike that was pretty much uphill all the way. The first 2 miles were rough and required a bunch of breather breaks, but the waterfall and peekaboo views were beautiful. There was lots of stepping up onto larger rocks and a few rebars to hold onto. Going up I knew going down was going to suck. After you hit the leanto and compost toilet, it gets easier in that there are less rocks to climb up. It’s still mostly uphill but there are some nice easy flat parts. Whoever said it was a stroll after the first two miles is ridiculous unless you’re incredibly in shape, but it is considerably easier than the beginning. Views at the top were amazing 10/10 would do again. Going down was good until the last 2 miles. Tired legs, weak thighs, and large steps down onto not flat rocks made it rough. Going down the last 2 miles was the worst for me. There are a few slippery areas near the water that have moss on them so be careful. Overall, totally worth it for my first 4,000 footer! Took us 3.5 hours up and 2.5 down I think.

This was a worth while hike. Absolutely amazing views but it wrecked my body. The descent was the most challenging part. I did the whole trail in about 5 hours with short breaks. It was brutal on the body but would absolutely do again.

5 months ago

Loved it - the views above treeline are truly breath-taking. As others have commented, the trail is very exposed once you're out of the woods. There were gusts that made me extra cautious about foot placement and slipping. Had to turn back early (maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile from summit of Clay) because I had a gear failure and didn't want to chance it. I can't wait to come back and finish the entire trail; maybe even summit Washington. note: Make sure you bring warm gear - once out of the woods it is cold and windy.

We took the suggested route. Time to summit was 3:20ish, with a whole trip time of 7:25 (including an hour spent thawing and eating at the observatory). Like others have said, it’s a stair master of a hike. Weather was clear and very windy. Fortunately during our lunch, a ranger suggested we drop out of the exposed portion of the mountain asap due to the expected gusts. Hurricane winds greeted us as we descended (83 mph +/-). The Jewell trail did seem like the longer portion of the hike. We loved it.

Waterfall views were beautiful!!! Not as much foliage as I was hoping. On the way down encountered a brush fire across the way. All together an amazing hike with great views.

Love this trail. Straight up for the first 1.5 miles, then a nice stroll to the summit of Mooselauke. Beaver Brook Trail runs right next to some of the prettiest cascades in the Whites.

great hike. easy steady climb with no real steep sections until a short burst at the very end. was windy and foggy at top on the day i went but worth the climb.

Fairly easy hike, but made for a long day. Took about six hours of out and back. Great 360 degree views.

Weather, weather, wind. Thought we were going to get rained on, that didn't happen but it was a misty cloudy day at the top. Breathtaking views from the section between the summit and Lake of the Clouds. Worth a hike because it truly is a unique area. Happy trails!

Awesome views!

Awesome views!

I hiked up via Beaver Brook about a month ago. It was our first 4000 footer and it took us 9 hours total including an hour rest at the summit and a few other rests along the way. The Trail was steep and difficult but very rewarding with plenty of waterfalls, as well as rocky terrain, new growth forest that smells like Christmas and mossy forest that looks enchanted. The summit offers some rock wall shelters for wind protection which we totally advantage of. Beautiful views and varied flora.

Awesome but grueling hike you better be in shape for this one!!!

Breathtaking views! The rocks were so fun! Great day for it. People say this is a challenging hike but I thought it was easy! Really it was great and totally mellow.

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