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Very nice peaceful hike...except beware of two black guard dogs at about the half way point by a new build...pretty aggressive dogs...gotta admit I was afraid they were gonna attack us. But beautiful easy hike:)

6 days ago

Excellent trail for all ages, but can be a very muddy sloppy mess in wet weather here

Beautiful hike. Incline was a majority of the hike, would have been easier if I wasn't wearing an infant. We went on a Sunday and it was pretty crowded but still totally worth it. I would do this again but on a weekday.

If anyone finds a GoPro on this trail. I think I may have misplaced it out there. My number is 913-274-5686. It’s a long shot, but I just wanted to post something here just in case. Other than that, beautiful views and nice trek to the top.

7 days ago

Fun, easy, great views. Pretty simple hike but worth it.

Nice trail. Contrary to previous post, bikers should be respectful of hikers, not the other way around. According to forest service rules, Bikes yield to both Hikers and and Horseback riders. This is especially important due to hills and blind curves where bikes could collide with hikers and Horseback riders with disastrous results for all.

13 days ago

Nice, mostly-shaded hike from the parking lot up and around Spruce Mountain. Good views of the southern Rampart Range from the top. Pikes Peak and Almagre Mountain are partially visible from spots on the trail, as is a distant Mount Evans. Trail is easy enough that it doesn't really feel like 600' of vertical gain.

Beautiful view. Hiked up to the reservoir, and we had it to ourselves. Some snow and ice on the trail, but not to bad

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15 days ago

I've written a blog post about this hike @ www.break-trail.com
If you'd like to read it, follow this link: https://goo.gl/MbqHs2

This is close to our house and is rugged enough to be a good workout, but not brutal. Lots of very interesting rock formations. Can be very muddy in spots after snow or rain.

Love this whole area!

Little steep on the first couple of miles but then evens out to a slight down hill for the next 3 miles. Great path for a trail run on the down side.

My wife and I really enjoyed this one. Was only slightly steep on the way to the reservoir but pretty easy overall. Lot of great views along the way and the reservoir at the end is beautiful. No ice or mud on the trail and just a couple small puddles. Very little traffic for a Sunday, although it was Easter Sunday.

The view at the end was beautiful. Not my favorite type of hike as about a mile was on dirt roads, and the path was very narrow and rocky in other places. Glad I did it though as the view of Pikes Peak was gorgeous and very peaceful.

Not many views, but a nice trip.

Great hike. Will hike it in the other direction next time to switch it up.

beautiful but got lost turned from 5.8 hike to 11.48 miles but was fun

One of my favorite trails! It’s short and sweet, but packs a good punch because of the elevation gain. Beautiful views year round and never too crowded.

This was my first 14er summit and in winter/spring! Definitely do-able in a few hours and a nice workout! It's a good length if you want to get a 14er but aren't sure you can do a longer distance. The trail was pretty snow-less for the most part, a few patches (one on a steeper slope that made crossing a little nerve wracking) but I know the weather had been pretty nice the prior week. It gets REALLY windy at points so dress properly! I didn't need YakTraks or Microspikes but the part of the trail that is on a slope they could have been helpful because that was a bit scary to cross. The wind got stronger in the afternoon but overall it was decently easy to follow! You definitely have to keep an eye out for the cairns, most were large piles of rocks and we were able to follow them without a problem but it could be difficult after a fresh snow to find the trail in parts. The last like 800ft or so is a rock climb/scramble so be prepared for that! Most of that trail is pretty packed down but be careful so you don't post-hole! It follows the highway for a bit but I didn't find that bothersome and it's nice to grab a donut/get out of the wind once you reach the top! (Plus there's lots of people to take your picture when you get there!) Make sure you pay attention to when the toll road gates are open and close so you don't get stuck! Sometimes the gate at mile 13 is closed due to wind so you can't get up to Devil's Playground (mile 16) and the 1st gate is at the bottom of the hill so in winter you can't start hiking until after at least 9am so plan accordingly!

Enjoyable trail that has a little bit of a rough incline but is easily doable :)

28 days ago

Good trail for any level hiker! I’d definitely come back

28 days ago

Nice trail that leads to a beautiful lake. It’s steep in some places but a beautiful hike.

28 days ago

It's OK.

Out and back trail, some steep parts, great short hike!
Keep your eyes peeled for Big Cats but didn’t encounter any signs.

1 month ago

Really nice trail for novice hikers. Went clockwise to tackle the incline first, wooded with a few really nice views. After walking to the loop, the next couple miles were not easy due to rise in elevation, but not technical; lots of trail to work with. The descent was absolutely beautiful; really enjoyed the massive boulders, the woods closed in around you.

Just be aware this trail is dangerous at points steep rocky climb, with plenty of places to fall . So be careful take your time and enjoy the scenery!

1 month ago

Good hike. Snowed a few inches the night before which actually might have been a good thing, as it was pretty icy in some spots. We went clockwise and the 2nd half was really nice in the woods.

1 month ago

Drive to the trailhead was easy. Ice on a few areas of the trail. Used spikes; no problem! Beautiful hike this morning!

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