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great scenery!

great hike! we missed the turn off Jacobs crossing at first and went a ways on the wrong trail. the app helped us find our mistake, and it looked like the sign had fallen down, and while we were hiking some strapped it back up. we ended up at the cave during magic hour, and it was gorgeous. hiked down during sunset and finished as a night hike once we were on the flat section. it was a full moon so we were able to see well enough. so beautiful!

Are the any updates if the trailhead is open? Would love to do this hike. I went there about 2-3 weeks ago and it was closed! Such a bummer!

We hiked this trail on January 8th. We went 5 miles in, so ended up doing a 10 mile hike. The first mike was a little noisy, because of the highway, but once we got away from the road, it was beautiful. We were the only ones on the trail all day. We loved the saguaros and the boulders. We turned around at Camp Creek. We were surprised at how much water was in the creek. We would do this hike again. It was a new hike for us.

Tried to go yesterday and the trail head was closed. Is this due to the government shut down? Or conditions - website is not updated due to the government shutdown. We will be back though! Was very excited to finally do this hike!!!

My kids and I loved this hike and exploring the cave. Kids handled it just fine, ages 4, 7, and 8. Beautiful! Watch for the cairns as the trail gets a little hard to follow at some parts.

It was a good short hike with tons of scenic beauty especially after an amazing rain and even snow. Lost the trail coming down but not hard to follow going up. Use 58 trail trail towards Jacob’s crisscrossing

Fun trail once you get beyond the sound of the freeway. The boulders are interesting to explore around.

21 days ago

This trail offers a variety of activities. Within it's 10 miles of trail, you can hike, trail run, bike, and even do some basic bouldering. The views are spectacular! Whether it is the overlook of what lies south and south east, with glimmers of the high way. Or you can gaze to the north in awe of nature's beauty.

As described
Not easy to get to, unless you have a high clearance vehicle. Ice and snow made it difficult to summit. Right equipment a must, but know your limitations and be aware of surroundings.

The views are awesome

We hiked this around Christmas and found it to be a moderately difficult trail as rated. Tons of large saguaros. No toilets at the trailhead

Nice hike

great hike. when coming down find the white rock and go to the right.

Took 87 to 188. 4x4 is not entirely necessary for the ride to the trailhead but a vehicle with some clearance is ideal. From pavement to the trailhead is 10 miles down a fairly rugged, and scenic, dirt road.

The trail itself is very tame up until the last several hundred feet. It’s a steep scramble to the top from there and well worth it for the incredible summit views. Be prepared to use both hands to ascend the chimney section near the summit and use caution heading back down as there are many loose rocks. Roundtrip the hike took just under 3 hours moving time.

As another reviewer had mentioned, there are some cacti scattered throughout the rocks that would make for a few less-than-desirable handholds. That being said, I don’t believe gloves are necessary.

I will say if you are afraid of heights or exposure and are opposed to the idea of using your hands to climb then this may not be the hike for you.

I can’t imagine bringing my dog, so many rocks that I couldn’t look up or I’d trip. Arrived at trailhead at 9am. Pretty hike with little shade. Takes you behind some homes close to the foothills. Bring a lot of water, even in December we felt hot. Not planning to do this again anytime soon.

This was such a great hike through the wilderness . The screw chute wasn’t as bad as everyone described. Although I will say there are two parts where you have to hug the mountain and pull yourself up . Was not bad though. Take your time going up and down .
Beautiful views . The drive wasn’t as bad as everyone was painting it to be. I drove a truck no 4wd needed .

First off I highly recommend taking 87 to 188 unless you have large tires/4wd. I took 87 to Four peaks road which was extremely rugged and took an hour and 25 min to get to the parking lot. Anyways it was an easy hike to the saddle. The first part 1/2 of the scree chute is easy and not as steep; the last few hundred feet is very technical and will require 3 point touch lifting your whole body with no clear marked trail as you go up. Gloves are a MUST as there are cacti sitting on the mountain, I got pricked a couple times. The very last part of Flat Iron with the straight vertical up is this chute for 800 feet. I also recommend going up and down with plenty of sunlight left and leave the small kids at home for this summit!....don't forget the Four Peaks brew for the top ;)

Amazing and beautiful hike with magnificant views at the summit! The rocky asencion to the summit was intimidating to look at but it wasn't too bad scaling up nor down. Totally worth the effort for sure. Loved it!

Did this trail on 12/15/18.
This hike is incredible and well worth the abuse you get from the road on the drive up and back, lol!
Seriously, the views are amazing out the gate and just get better as you climb!
We had a party of 8, 2 decided to not climb the chute, but the rest of us did and were pleasantly surprised at how doable it is despite how daunting it looks!
Again, the view from the top did not disappoint and really exceeded my expectations.
Would encourage anyone who is good shape to try this. If you’re not, work up to it and come do this hike another time.

This was a nice relaxing trail and very beautiful. Be very careful because you have to go and come back to get back to where you parked or you will be stuck in Gold Canyon!

Gorgeous hike with an amazing sunset while I hiked back down! I don't agree with the person who said you cant take a small car down to the trail. I did it just fine. I've also taken my little car all the way down the 88 to Roosevelt Lake.

Hiked on Sunday 12/3 and could not summit due to icy and snowy conditions. Beautiful hike.

Quick easy hike. Beautiful views and the cave is a nice area to relax before heading back.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail today out and back. I was not able to record the hike in app because the app crashes when I try to record.
Anyhow very good trail and great views of the Superstitions. GPS on my phone measured the distance from the west trailhead to the east trailhead as 6 miles.

Nice easy trail that provides a decent elevation gain when you’re looking to get in a fairly quick hike just outside Fountain Hills.

Beautiful Hike but came to kind of a dead end and hard to follow Trail. Later found out that was as far as we could go without more advanced hiking skills and equipment! We were a tad frustrated, but didn’t risk our safety. Nice Workout Too!

1 month ago

very beautiful views but a lot of traffic noise.

I could not find the turn off from Peralta Canyon Trail to go up Weavers Needle. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful hike and I enjoyed it.

Rough terrain but would say this is a moderate hike. Last final push up to the cave was the most difficult. Cave does smell. But the views... awesome!

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