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14 days ago

I went up a day after a storm. Was pretty easy for the first 2 miles, but after that, snow got way too deep. Should have brought along a pair of snow shoes. One of the better hikes close to NYC.

This was just a quick hike exploring around Diamond Notch Falls. The trail was icy in places and the falls were free flowing.

Hiked it on 11/10. It was 14 degrees and one of the first (light) snow falls of the year. Amazing hike, one of my favorite. Bruins Causeway between Wittenberg and Cornell was extremely unique

Hiked on 1/28.

The snow around the trail melted, but the trail itself was pure ice because of all the snow pack on the heavily used route. Microspikes recommended, otherwise easy hike

There’s no trail. It’s kind of a bushwack with herd paths emerging and disappearing along the way. Better in winter without the nettles. Steep for the Catskills and a short climb from 42 to the cannister. It’s not anyone’s favorite of the 35 because of the lack of views and stinging nettles in summer but I think it’s an underrated hike. There are a few nice waterfalls and a series of well preserved stone walls that I was told date to the early 1800s.

2 months ago

Incredibly icy, the recent rainstorm made everything freeze over and the beginning of the trail was flooded, had to cross on a fallen tree. Trail was fantastically well-marked, which came in handy when we ran out of daylight and needed to use a flashlight on the last half mile. Fantastic area, though the summit isn't above the tree line, so the view isn't as great as an alpine summit.

Hiked today 12/20/17 in the snow,very steep climb feels like it never ends,saw a black bear on the way down

2 months ago

Not a bad hike, but truly a trailless hike. It’s pretty much up starting at the parking lot. Overall there was some views

This is a straightforward, mostly uphill hike with few turns. It’s pretty much a straight shot from the trailhead to the top of table mountain. Not too difficult and some nice viewpoints along the way.

This was a decent hike for a bushwhack. With the leaves off the trees gave away some views on the way up. It gets steep on the way up.

4 months ago

An enjoyable hike. The red trail is kinda steep, but very manageable. The blue trails is an easy why down for the most part. You can get a pretty good view of the Catskill divide close to the top.

Hiked this back in March before the springtime thaw. Getting closer to the summit was extremely challenging as ice and snow came into view. Beautiful view at the summit.

4 months ago

Climbing slide from the Slide MTN parking area is long, boring, and very rocky. The best way to climb Slide MTN is from the other side coming from Cornell MTN, it has great scrambles and a much better hike. Plan 2 days (I've done it 1 day but it's a killer), start in Woodland Valley parking area and follow the red trail up Wittenberg all the way to Slide MTN.

This was a tough trail due to the steep ascent. lots of scrambling! It would be easy for a day hike when you’re only carrying a small pack.

we camped at about 3400 elevation however, and it was definitely difficult to scramble uphill/downhill with a full 50L pack w tent.

not a lot of look outs as trees are overgrown but its still a nice view. i’d say its worth it.

4 months ago

I did the red trail only, out and back. The best view is before you reach the summit. Just like the other previous hikers said there's not much into it.

Beautiful view from the top! Definitely intense but doable

4 months ago

Camping out @ 3500ft. . Three weeks ago we also did an overnight trek at the Indian Head Mountain Loop which All Trails rated as “hard”. Just wondering why Sugarloaf is rated as moderate when this is few notches harder.

the directions to the trail head lead you to giant ledge and panther mt summit not cornell and wottenburg,

Beautiful trail with waterfalls at beginning and some minor technical climbs. Would say it’s moderately difficult. The lookout is breathtaking. Summit ecosystem very nice as well. My top 10 of Catskills hikes.

Great day hike. Great mix of flat terrain and steep terrain. There’s only 1 great spot for a scenic overlook. It’s on the east side of the mountain. The sugarloaf summit sneaks up on you because it isn’t above the tree line and there isn’t a great place to look out.

I’d definitely do this again.

A very tough mountain to hike. An elevation onslaught as soon as you cross over the bridge. Descending is hell on he knees. Actually started cramping up on the descent. Only did Wittenberg this go around. Cooled out at the summit for about 45 minutes getting my mind ready for the return. Next time I soldier on to Cornell and Slide.

Tough scrambling and strenuous, don't take young kids and don't take a dog unless you can help lift him up the scrambles. Take about 3 liters of water per person, no water sources. That being said, it's gorgeous and the scrambling is fun if you are in shape enough.

This hike is no joke. Gain all 1,700 feet of elevation in the first mile and a half. I didn't come by any distinct herd paths on the ascent but the summit had a good one which led me easily to the cannister. 34 down, 1 to go.

It was a good workout and the Blue Hole at the bottom made my efforts worth while but there is no view unless you go on to the next summit. I was pretty disappointed to realize that after hiking 10 miles up vertical rock scrambles in 90 degree weather.

World class view at the top of Wittenberg. Solid day hike...if you can backpack it and hit multiple summits. Steep rock scrambles but a lot of fun. My favorite Catskill hike.

One of the better hikes I have done in the Catskills. Recently moved from Utah, and this trail was nearly as challenging as some hikes there. Very rewarding and a wonderful view.

The Alltrails app put us right at the trailhead. The weather was perfect for a rigorous hike. When the trail splits for other trials, we decided to stay with Sugarloaf Trail. This is where the moderate difficulty becomes extremely challenging. Fellow hikers, make sure you have the proper footgear and most of the other hikers had hiking poles; we did not have hiking poles. We hiked about 2 miles but the hand over hand ascension got the best of me and the thoughts of the return trip was undermining my hiking experience. I decided not to complete the last mile. I believe this trail should be rated as 'hard.'

5 months ago

This is not a very difficult hike, but the climb is steep and very wet in some areas. There really isn't a "summit" and the nice views are only in one spot, but the forest is dense and gorgeous. Our dog loved it and it was a nice workout for us.

Steady rocky slog to the top. Nice views on the left prior to summit.

Was able to make it to Slide as well for a day hike reaching all 3 peaks in about 10 hours with breaks, 14+ miles. Lots of rock scrambling, very fun and strenuous hike. Saw a bear after we got back in the car just after trailhead!

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